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Mentalist Issues Challenge:

"I Get It Right Or You Get $100"

Robert Ian's Business TheaterTMcombines astounding entertainment....inspiring motivation....and straightforward information you can use right away.

  • $500 Challenge... Imagine challenging Robert with the serial number on your dollar bill, and he gets it right. Or trying to stump him with your birth date, astrology sign or social security number, and he still gets it right. And if he doesn't, he'll pay (up to five people) $100 on the spot, no questions asked.
  • Amazing Magic...A borrowed $100 bill is autographed by its owner. The bill is burned to ashes and moments later is found completely restored inside a grapefruit.
  • Hilarious Hypnosis...Imagine seeing volunteers from your audience under good-natured hypnotic suggestion: singing like Elvis, talking like Martians or dancing the macarena. What if you could become Garth Brooks, Madonna, Jay Leno, Jesse "The Governor" Ventura, or even President of the United States! Clean, tasteful and a whole lot of fun. Highly recommended!
  • Keynote Speeches, Breakout Seminars and Awards Banquet Entertainment...
  • Expanding the Power of Your MindTM(magic and mindreading focusing on teamwork, leadership and managing change)
  • Identify, Master and Conquer ChangeTM(proven tools for managing today's changing business and technological landscape)
  • Incredible Stage Hypnosis Show TM(volunteers become famous politicians and entertainers)
  • Business TheaterTM Entertainment Plus A Message... At your request, Robert can weave into his show a powerful message on teamwork, leadership and managing change. In addition, each presentation can be customized with information about your organization including sales objectives, new product/service information, recognition of award recipients or a dramatic call to action.
  • Your Program Could Be FREE... To illustrate the importance of risk-taking, Robert places his check at risk. On stage, you seal his check in one of five identical envelopes. Four are chosen, and burned! If the final envelope does not contain his check, the program is free.
  • Risk-Free Guarantee...Each performance is backed by Robert's personal guarantee. On the day of the program, if you don't absolutely, positively agree his presentation was one of the best you've ever booked, you keep his check and pay nothing. If, however, the program is everything he promises, you agree to make payment in full on the day of the performance and honor the invoice for travel.
  • You'll Be A HERO... Imagine the positive response you'll receive for booking a program that is fun, never embarrassing, and always in good taste. You'll be a hero when your colleagues congratulate you for booking such an outstanding program.

About Robert Ian

Robert Ian is a Hypnotist, Mentalist and Author of the cassette learning system Expanding the Power of Your MindTM. He has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC and the FOX television networks. Robert has appeared on Sally Jessy Raphael, Rush Limbaugh and has been a guest on over 250 radio talk shows across America. He has delivered over 1500 shows, speeches and seminars worldwide for audiences of 10 to 4000 with clients from Amoco to Zenith. Earlier in his career, Robert delivered a command performance for the Olympic and World Figure Skating Champions. He has entertained major celebrities including Roy Clark, Bryan Adams, Styx, The Nylons and Lou Holtz who calls Robert "a first-class act". People Magazine calls him "amazing". You will too. Book Robert Ian today and make your event the best ever.

"Meeting Planners Agree: You'll Be A HERO When You Book Robert Ian For Your Next Meeting"


Political Hypnosis and Magic ShowTM political satire and hypnosis show

Volunteers from the audience become famous politicians like Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Newt Gingrich, Ross Perot and Rush Limbaugh

Expanding the Power of Your MindTMmagic and motivation: teamwork, leadership and risk-taking

Amazing show gets you involved and shows the "impossible" is achievable.

Managing Change: You are the MagicTMmagic and motivation: thinking outside the "box"

Amazing show helps you unlock the magic of today's changing business landscape.

Secrets of Suggestive SellingTMrelationship selling telling stories that solve problems

Hypnotist teaches salespeople the fine art of motivating and persuading other people to take action.

Identify, Master and Conquer ChangeTMcommunication and empowerment

Group and roundtable discussions highlight this interactive, in-depth seminar addressing today's critical business issues.

Incredible Stage Hypnosis ShowTMstage hypnosis show - 100% entertainment - no message

Volunteers from the audience become opera singers, race car drivers and famous celebrities like Elvis, Madonna and Michael Jackson.

The Magic of TomorrowTMmagic and mindreading -100% entertainment - no message

Money multiplies. $100 bills appear inside grapefruits. Predictions are made and verified. Unspoken thoughts are revealed.

Customized Programs: Each presentation can be customized with information about your organization including: a) sales objectives b)new product information c) recognition of award recipients or d) your convention or meeting theme.


"Wonderful, superb hilarious. It's rare you see men laugh so hard they cry I saw several wiping tears from their eyes. I laughed so long and hard, my face hurt"

Susan F. Peterson
Executive Director
Wisconsin Auto Collision Technicians Association

"Your performance stole the show! Your superb effort to tie our 'Mission Possible' theme into your presentation aligned perfectly with the message we aired throughout the meeting. It reinforced the fact that when you put your mind to something, anything is possible!"

Derek S. Stamper
Central Rents

"Robert, you are a first-class act 1 can honestly say you are one of the most skilled magicians / have seen. The fact that you were able to burn my $100 bill and have it reappear inside the grapefruit 1 was holding is truly incredible"

Lou Holtz
Former Head Football Coach
University of Notre Dame


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