Robert J. Danzig


Bob Danzig is a highly successful corporate executive, an author and one of the nation's most sought after motivational speakers.

About Bob Danzig:

After growing up in five foster homes his corporate career began as a teenage office boy at the Albany (N.Y.) Times Union. Nineteen years later he was named publisher of that newspaper. During his later 20 year term as nationwide head of the 6,000 employee Hearst newspapers, the group had a renaissance of talent, technology, reputation — and cash flow grew 100 fold. Bob stepped down early to share his insights with audiences and readers. All of his speaking fees and book royalties are donated to charity. His greatest satisfaction is sharing ideas which stimulate the wisdom within you.


Bob Danzig shows you the difference between management and leadership. His finely crafted and convincingly delivered talks will inspire and motivate.


Insights to enhance the morale/spirit/commitment of your organization's colleagues to your 'Noble Purpose'. Vested in Bob's own experience in dramatically changing the destiny of The Hearst Newspaper's profit performance, professional reputation and talent retention. The pillars of that performance are anchored in memorable stories—all reinforcing the larger message that well-managed organizations function—high spirit organizations EXCEL.


In this, his most requested talk, Bob Danzig has identified nine inherent leadership powers that don't need to be learned—they simply need to be applied if one is to lead others.

"Leadership is a hot topic in Corporate America today—Bob Danzig nails it in The Leader Within You. He's found the right formula to explain and 'make real' an important yet difficult-to-explain topic."—Rick Wagoner, Chairman of General Motors

"As a professional colleague of Bob Danzig for more than 20 years, I've always marveled at the magical way he seems to inspire and motivate the six thousand Hearst Newspaper employees who call him boss. It is magic, in a sense, but Bob credits his success as coming from what he calls "The Leader Within You", an untapped quality we all possess in his view."—John Mack Carter, President of Hearst Magazine Enterprises, former editor of Good Housekeeping magazine

"Bob Danzig is one of those magic people who, when he enters a room, he fills it. And when he begins to speak, he owns it."—Paul La Camera, V.P. General Manager, WCVB -TV, Boston, Mass


This session will help you have more successful conversations, reduce shyness, better deal with mistakes, handle risks, tell a story, prepare and give a presentation and/or speech, and better give and take criticism. Each of these are areas which tend to limit confidence. Awareness of the tools create a mental lending library to turn to for future enhancements.

The Confidence Academy is a highly-focused single presentation based on the conviction that successful organizations are confident places—and—confident places have their foundations in confident people. The Confidence Academy guides participants in accessing the “tools” to enhance confidence and tap the inherent capabilities within us all. From the mailroom to the boardroom, The Confidence Academy illuminates the powers of Confident Leaders.


In this interactive workshop session of one hour the spotlight is shined on those characteristics which breed excellence in any organization. Stories surround each major point and makes the insights more memorable.Those Softer Values include: Mindset, Motivation, Attitudes, Nurturing, Self-Esteem.

“Bob Danzig made it from office boy to corporate vice president. [He] helpfully reminds us that the most important stop on that journey is actually the first one—the one that begins inside each of us.”—Louis D. Boccardi, president and CEO of Associated Press


Bob describes a journey of appreciation for the potential in everyone. His stories affirm the singular ways in which people have touched his life.

"Your speech was a big hit, engaging us, entertaining us, and moving us. Your recognition of several Sunrise Associates and the incorporation of their accomplishments into your themes was especially well done and showed careful research."—Richard Chandler, Chairman/CEO Sunrise Medical Inc., Carlsbad, California


Those unforgettable people that make a difference in our lives are the threads that create our life's "tapestry." Bob shares his experiences which help listeners appreciate how giving to others shows us our own special gifts.

"When you examine the impact of his speech ... it is much greater than your initial impression ... Bob is an engaging and insightful storyteller."—Abbie Boylhart, Program Manager

A Forum for Leadership Learning

This forum for leadership learning is a day-long interactive program committed to offering participants the opportunity to reflect on effective leadership practices and ways to enhance their individual leadership toolkits.

More than ever, organizations rely on confident leaders to guide them towards their vision and goals. Each of us has individual powers waiting to be tapped. The Leadership Forum helps develop awareness about these powers in order to construct a roadmap for growth. We will begin by focusing on your own leadership, and then, together with your colleagues, on the dynamic spirit and destiny of your organization.


• Walter Anderson, Editor, Parade Magazine
"Bob Danzig is a compelling, masterful storyteller with a message to match."

• Linda Owens Whitlaw, University of South Carolina
Bob Danzig's is "one of the best sessions I've attended in more than 25 years of going to conventions."

• Mary L. Martin, Associate Director, American Press Institute
"Your wonderful anecdotes, skillful delivery and warm relating to the audience held them spell bound."

• Tom Milton, Mercy College, Dobbs Ferry, New York
"I cannot remember the last time I was so deeply moved by a speaker."


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