Rita Milios, MSW, LISW


I encourage a holistic worldview where personal empowerment, community service, and business success are mutually attainable goals.

About Rita Milios:

Rita Milios, MSW, LISW, is a psychotherapist and author of more than two dozen books, audio and video tapes on topics of mind/body wellness, personal transformation and creative thinking. Rita’s unique “mind-tools” training programs have been used by hundreds of executives, educators, writers and other creative people seeking to transform themselves, their work, and their lives for good.


Programs and Workshops


The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore: Reframing the Beliefs that are Holding You Back (changing limiting beliefs, self-talk; mental exercises for positive mindset)

Positive Self-Imaging: See it So You Can Be It (using affirmations and visualizations for personal success)

Who Are You and Where Are You Going? (self-analysis; life purpose analysis; 5 questions to change your life)

I Had a Goal But I Forgot Where I Left It: Creating a New Vision for Your Future (setting goals for future growth, personally & professionally)

Get Real! Roadblocks and Bridges to Real Relationships. (typical but self-defeating interpersonal styles; how to change, become more authentic)

Emotional Literacy: Learning to Be Real (self awareness, managing feelings, positive communications, conflict resolution etc.)



Wellness / Lifestyle Inventory: Five Steps to Optimal Health and Functioning (inventory; five “life tasks” that lead to wellness)

Stress, Work and You: Is Your Job Making You Sick? What Can You Do About It?
(research studies linking workplace stress & illness; positive health alternatives)

Renewing, Relaxing, Re-energizing from the Inside Out ( relaxation, breathing exercises; meditations, visualizations for use anywhere, any time)

SPIRITUALITY (Self-Transformation)

Walking the Path: Where Are You Growing To? (stages of the Self Transformation Process; evolution of consciousness; stumbling blocks, setbacks, rewards and gifts of the spiritual path.)

Finding Your Destiny, Living Your Dreams: Discovering Your Purpose in Life (step-by-step process to discover life purpose, work toward it)

Tools for Transformation (how to use “mind tools” of intuition, meditation, affirmations, visualization, dreams, intention and mental focus for self growth - from book of same title)

Lighten Up - The Road of Life is Full of Potholes But You Don’t Have to Step in Every One (a lighter approach to addressing self-growth issues - taking yourself less seriously, fun “growth games”, guidance from “cosmic comics”, etc.)


Spirit at Work: Catching the Soul Train (why is spirituality a new business “trend”? how can elements of spirituality - not religion - make the workplace a better and more productive place?)

Mind over What Matters: How to Think and Behave More Intelligently Without Being a Jerk (enhanced thinking & learning: using cognition, meta-cognition, originality, intuition & creativity, plus how to be flexible, sensitive and empathic vs. impulsive and controlling with your ideas)

Transformed Workers, Transformed Workplace: Why it Makes Sense and How You Can Do It (why separation of work and home life does not work; why helping people become better persons results in better workers; specific strategies for the transformation of work through the transformation of the people who do the work)

Educational Workshops for Teachers and Students

Teacher Workshops

Emotional Literacy: Ushering in a New Era in Education: “EQ” not IQ is the best
indicator of success in children, adding up to 200 or more points to SAT scores, say
psychologists who predict that “emotional intelligence” is the next “holy grail” in

Workshops for Students

Writing/Authorship Workshops:

Rita has a variety of writing workshops geared to students from grades 4- 12.
The Elements of the Story shows students how to create better stories. Teaching
professional short story techniques in a way that kids can understand, this workshop is
sure to promote better writing by students.


Clinical Workshops by Rita Milios

1.Journal Journeys Using Journaling as a Therapeutic Tool
2.. Great Groups! How to Create and Facilitate Time-Limited, Symptom-Focused Psychotherapy Groups
3. Guided Imagery: Basic Therapeutic Techniques (2 hr. - part 1 of a 2 part series)
4.Shadow Play: Identifying Clients’ Shadow Parts and Schemas
5.Bringing Clients’ Shadow Parts and Schemas into the Light
6.Depression as “Ego-cide”: Helping Clients Find Meaning and Purpose in Depression
7.Brain/Mind Basics for Counseling Professionals
8.Mind Matters: New Understandings in Mind Science and Their Implications for Clinical Practice
9.Dream On! Dreams in the Era After Freud and Jung
10. Relaxation Round-Up: Techniques to Reduce Stress and Encourage Balanced Living


What Clients are Saying ...

Rita is an inspiration and a guiding light! I would highly recommend her.
D.Winslow, Academic Dean Community College
After your session, participants were all a-buzz about what they learned and how they would use their new knowledge. I will certainly recommend you to others!
B. Spotts, Regional Association Advisor
Excellent trainer with the ability to instantly communicate with her audience!
L. Whitehead, Director Counseling Center


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