Rick Shapiro, A.L.O.

Rick, an authority on humor and laughter, has been working in the field for over 30 years:

Professional Clown:   Rick was a featured clown for Ringling Bros. Circus.

Comedy Professional: Rick has performed and produced comedy acts for nightclubs, television, and film. His ability to understand humor and its theatrical applications make him a much sought-after comedy coach and writer.

Corporate President: As president of a nationwide special events production company, Rick utilized humor in sales presentations, shows, and teambuilding events for leading  corporations, and honed his special gift for  building morale in the face of any corporate situation.

Corporate Consultant: Rick shares his humor and special events expertise to help improve corporate morale and productivity.

 Rick has a unique gift in finding humor in the face of adversity and turning it into a positive experience. One instance of this occurred while Rick was  serving in Vietnam. During the horrors of wartime, he often used his humor to perform for U.S. G.I.s and Vietnamese orphans to improve their morale.

Rick is a member of and contributor to:

  • The American Association of Therapeutic Humor
  • The Humor and Health Journal
  • The National Speakers Association

The following formats have all been
successful and popular with business, convention,
and community group audiences

Rick's presentation, Humor—The Necessity of Life, offers practical methods to reduce stress while improving health and productivity. As with all of Rick's programs, this can  be tailored to meet any client's specific needs. Participants will:

  • Rediscover their sense of humor.
  • Learn to enhance their ability to be more productive as part of a team.
  • Discover methods to increase sales productivity with humor.
  • Acquire skills to lighten the tone of traditionally stale business meetings. 

Rick's workshops are designed to be hands-on, sparking enthusiastic audience interaction. As with  Rick's seminars, participants will:

  • Learn to tap into their sense of humor.
  • Become a more effective team player.
  • Receive insight on how to employ humor to increase sales productivity.
  • Work on methods to improve the atmosphere of staid business meetings.

Rick's comedy background and refreshing delivery make him a powerful public speaker.

The theme that Rick's audiences have found most inspiring has been how humor got him through the horrors of war and the various personal and professional difficulties that  everyone encounters at some point in their lives.

Businesses often face changes that affect employee morale and productivity. Rick's expertise can help employees accept new corporate cultures and realities with a  positive  outlook for the future.

Special Events: Special events are increasingly important in business. They can deliver an important  message, such as introducing a new product or helping  improve company morale.

Such events permit employees to share in the company's success, thus fostering a climate of pride.

 Rick can design unique special events that are memorable experiences for any business's employees and/or clients.

According to client specifications and needs, Rick will create programs to ensure that serious messages are delivered in a memorable way.

Why Humor Therapy?

Everyone deals with certain tension and pressure. Problems arise from work, family, health, personal relationships, and job security.

Humor Therapy is a new  alternative for coping with stress. Learning to find humor in situations and laughing freely with others is a powerful tool for reducing anxiety.

Modern research has proven that laughter strengthens the immune system, relieves pain, inspires creativity, and boosts morale. Studies conducted in medical schools and   health-related corporations around the world support the positive effects of humor.


Stress is one problem that affects each person, and therefore is a topic of great interest to everyone. Research has proven that significant  health  benefits can be achieved when large doses of laughter become a part of daily life.

Humor refreshes and  awakens your  audience and makes your event more memorable. Additionally, humor can deliver serious messages that will have more impact and be retained longer than if they were communicated in a staid setting.

The most  successful meeting planners will tell you that humor dramatically improves the overall effectiveness of traditional meetings and conventions.

Exciting Programs for:

Corporations Associations Banquets
Business Meetings Training Sessions
Health Care Organizations Conventions
Educational Forums Motivational Programs
Breakout Sessions Safety Programs


Discover ways in which to deal with the common stressful situations in their lives.
Learn how to improve morale at work and at home.
Awaken their sense of well-being through humor.
Realize new ways to reach maximum productivity.

Programs will be custom designed to meet the particular needs of each group. Every presentation includes large amounts of visual comedy and audience  participation. Those who attend will not forget Rick's presentations nor the educational and inspirational message that humor is the necessity of life!


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