Rick Grosso

Rick Grosso is the maker of Sales Superstars!

* You will leave inspired, motivated and ready to succeed.
* You will learn the secrets of the masterful presentation.
* You will become the best direct sales closer ever.
* You will increase your income, profits, sales and closing ratios with Rick's proven selling and management strategies.

Rick Grosso is an expert in sales psychology and training and has acted as consultant for major companies around the world. He is a highly successful motivational speaker for sales organizations in this country and throughout the world. His audiocassettes and videos on closing a sale are widely used in dealer training throughout the direct sales industry.

Rick Grosso seminars provide the finest quality and most comprehensive sales management training for the 'Direct to the Consumer' sales field in the world. Direct selling is unique and requires an approach that is different then institution selling. Rick is committed to providing this specialized training and materials to direct sales organizations to help them increase their productivity. In the past 10 years Rick Grosso has helped improve the sales performance of more than 10,000 professionals around the world. It's no wonder that more than 80% of Rick's business today is for existing clients who call him back again and again. Results beget results.

Rick Grosso is acknowledged as an expert in sales psychology, sales force motivation, and profit-enhancing selling techniques. Rick Grosso's proven sales methods are guaranteed to help you and your businesses achieve new heights of success.


Rick Grosso Presentation Topics

Rick's acclaimed expertise in buying and selling psychology combines with his life long success and experience on the 'Streets of Direct Sales' to provide the proven content of his inspiring presentations. Rick has a gift for presenting ideas in an interactive, and immersive manner that inspires and motivates direct sales professionals like no other can. Using facts, examples, stories and humor Rick professionally entertains as he teaches your sales force to strive for success. Rick's established ability to reach an audience parallels his amazing sales-closing skills making him a first-class choice for any Direct Sales seminar or meeting. Book Rick Grosso today and realize the sales success of your dreams.

Available Topics Include:

* Closing More Sales At higher Margins
* Building A Better Attitude
* Non-Confrontational Selling
* Psychology Of Closing
* Setting and Meeting Realistic Goals
* Selling The Differences
* The Best Close is a Masterful Presentation
* How Enthusiasm Sells
* Handling Objections
* Trial Closing
* Driving Your Own Desire
* Finance Closing
* Discipline For Every Day
* Post Closing

All programs fully customizable!

Rick Grosso Public Seminars:

Yes I am a Closer *Acclaimed!
This one day public seminar arms you with the methods you need to effectively complete every sales process. From lead to close Rick's proven methods and inspirational character will give your sales staff the right knowledge and the right attitude to close every time.

Ready Aim Goal *The most Motivational Sales Training experience ever!
A highly inspirational motivational 1-day seminar that discusses goal setting and self-esteem. The number one proven attribute of success is esteem and confidence. Nothing can inspire direct sales people like Rick Grosso's animated, informative and entertaining presentations! Participants leave truly believing they have the capability to close every sale.

Management Symposium *A management Don't-Miss!
Tailored specifically for owners and managers of Direct Sales companies, this 1 to 2 day seminar and workshop teaches how to 'head-on' the biggest challenge of business, people. Rick's examples and stories instill the skills management needs to effectively interact with people drawing peak performance from every employee. Learn the most effective methods for Hiring and maintaining loyalty, longevity, creativity and productivity. Put an end to turn over and build the most powerful team ever!

Closing Camp *Highly Acclaimed Recommended Training!
An intensive 3-day training seminar that guarantees sales improvement beyond expectations. This immersive program places participants into an interactive, highly competitive environment providing them training in Rick's proven sales methodology and exposing them to it's practice.


Everybody loves Rick Grosso...

Audiences throughout the world have turned Rick Grosso's high-energy information into immediate improved sales results, period! The proof is in the pudding. Read a few of the letters Rick receives from administrators of organizations he has spoke for or provided training services to. Wow!

"Just a happy note to let you know how FANTASTIC our sales force is performing since attending your recent 'Closer's Camp' here ins Baltimore. the first full week our of the blocks, we wrote 42 sales orders for a total dollar amount of $232,414, a record week! We finished November with one of our strongest month ever, and there are no signs of any let down. the spirit and enthusiasm you created within our sales force is the attitude we have been striving to achieve for three years. How you achieved such a a great feat in three short days, I'm not sure, but kudos for your achievement. Let me also compliment you for the professional manner in which you conducted both yourself and the seminar. You are a real pro, and the excelenc3e you demanded coupled with your motivating and teaching skills have made us a better organization."
Mark F. Bender MD

"I would like to thank you, Rick, for a job well done. When you arrived on September 6, our company was facing a serious crisis. The salesmen were demotivated, prejudging, not demoing and not selling. The change that took place as a result of your four days of training speaks for it's self in the results. the day after you left, which was Saturday, we had eleven leads, nine demos and seven sales! We're Back! We look forward to having you back. You really were an inspiration in getting our 'troops' pumped up to sell!"
Joe Zisman, PA

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the exiting sales and motivational training that you provided for our company. The sales techniques that you shared with our group are 'Meat and Potatoes' information that can be put to use in any In Home Sales Presentation. One can certainly tell that you must have made many sales calls yourself to posses such and intimate working knowledge of successful closing methods. I would highly recommend your training to any company that sells anything using In Home Sales Calls, particularly on a one call close (as long as their not in my market district!) Your unique blend of enthusiasm, humor, and solid sales technique are a must for anyone who strives to be more!!!"
Randy Reece, VT


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