Richard Monette

Keynote Presentations

  1. Leading with Purpose. Whether in the game of life, the game of business, or the game of sport, we all are players. Through this keynote presentation, Richard Monette highlights the incredible wealth of knowledge we can learn by looking at the way we play and how we can improve our performance as individuals and teams.
  2. Beyond Golf: Improve your score in golf, business and life.This keynote presentation is ideal before a corporate golf tournament or for corporate teams who face the challenges of golf with inspiration and determination. Golf is presented as the perfect arena where corporate performers can face new challenges and incorporate new knowledge, skills and perspectives.
  3. In his keynote presentation, Peak Performance in Negotiations, Richard Monette joins new perspectives, ancient wisdom and pragmatic strategies leading to enhanced negotiating skills as well as a higher level of confidence in the participants ability to thrive in today's ever-changing market place.

As our society continues its transition to the information age, we are faced with unprecedented change. More than ever before, in order to perform and be fulfilled we must challenge our ideas and innovate in our processes and actions.

In his keynote presentations, Richard Monette offers new perspectives and strategies on enhancing leadership and performance skills as well as developing confidence in our ability to thrive in today's changing world.

Five Great Reasons to Choose Richard Monette's Keynotes:

  1. A truly unique and highly marketable keynote presentation: Richard is one of the only speaker in the world who utilizes the metaphor of golf (the most popular game in the corporate world) to deliver a highly entertaining and powerful performance message at corporate golf tournament (the most common "corporate event" in the world).
  2. A solid track record and a fresh and original message: In a career spanning over 20 years as a business strategist, corporate performance coach, sports psychology consultant to professional athletes and Olympians, author, and public speaker, Richard has created a universal framework for performance, particularly applicable to a wide range of organizations.
  3. Professional reputation: Richard is a highly respected and experienced speaker. He is a consummate professional at all times.
  4. References: We can provide you with dozens of unsolicited reference letters from past clients.
  5. Custom programs: Richard is willing to customize his program in terms of length and message to fit your needs.



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