Richard Marker




      Hubris or Humility: Four Laws of Philanthropy

        For: donors, grantmaking foundations
        Philanthropy provides a great opportunity: to give wisely in ways that make a difference. What should the attitude of the giver be? What are the greatest challenges, stumbling blocks, and pitfalls for the donor? What are ways in which the experience of giving can achieve the greatest benefit -and the best emotional rewards for both giver and grantee?

      The New Vision of Philanthropy

        For: general audiences, fundraising organizations
        In the past, our most generous and affluent leaders viewed themselves as pillars of the "establishment". A growing number of important and visible philanthropists now view themselves as change agents. They are leading the way in efforts to build a stronger and better community. This presentation examines their motives and approaches, and the implications for the future.

      Foundations, Philanthropists and Funders An introduction

        For: fundraisers and not-for-profit organizations
        The emergence of private and family foundations, donor advised funds, and highly involved philanthropists has created both challenges and opportunities for the not-for-profit sector. This seminar, by someone who has worked on both sides of the table, will interpret and demystify this growing cohort. It examines how decisions are made, how to [and how not to] approach funders, and explores the benefits and disadvantages of foundation grants.

      How to be a philanthropist on $5 a week

        For: general audiences
        Whether you give $5 or $5million, you can, and should, think like a philanthropist. Learn how your charitable giving can make a difference, reflect your values, and affirm your priorities. This seminar teaches techniques and approaches which will make you a wiser and more strategic donor whatever your age or income level.

      Strategic Philanthropy - Demystified

        For: philanthropists, grantmaking organizations
        Strategic planning, strategic marketing, strategic philanthropy - all reflect the need for organizations to be more focused, directed, and systematic in how they go about their business. All too often, strategic planning is presented as a series of formulas and exercises. This seminar posits that strategy reflects a way of thinking and demonstrates how different approaches can lead to new and alternative ways of doing business. It can help clarify what is your true core mission, how to determine effective ways of implementing that mission, and more effective ways of responding to and serving your various constituencies

    Social Commentary

      The ATM and the Search for Community

        For: General audiences
        The common wisdom is that a problem of contemporary life is the loss of community, and that most Americans are in search of meaningful and transcendent communities. The presentation challenges that assumption, based on the behavior patterns and observed preferences. For better or worse, it appears that the most successful institutions are those which provide connection and not community. It addresses how individuals can understand and address gaps in their own experiences and how organizations can become better listeners to ever changing constituencies.

      Creating a culture of growth and satisfaction

        For: primarily for the not-for-profit sector; applicable in other settings
        Human capital is most valuable in the not-for profit sector, yet this sector is most often characterized by rapid turnover, burnout, and disillusionment. Compensation, while important, only goes so far. This seminar will focus on a variety of techniques to create a more satisfied work-force, a productive work-environment, and a culture of commitment.

      How to choose a meaningful career

        For: general audiences
        Are you starting your career? Thinking of changing careers? Does it appear that people in the notfor-profit realm are making more of a difference than you are? Or do people making more money seem to have more fun than you? Learn how to maximize your own opportunities and explode the most common myths about various choices...and to decide what is right for you.

Audience Feedback on Richard Marker

    You were engaging, interesting, and inspirational everything we look for and need in a presenter. [Baltimore]

    We were honored to have had you as our first invited speaker in our new building. We hope you will honor and inspire us many more times in the years to come. [Washington]

    We have had many programs over the years... I must say that this ranked as the most exciting both educationally and intellectually. [New York]

    Your words at the dinner were extremely thoughtful and your leadership of the focus group session extraordinarily professional. [Jerusalem]

    I want to thank you for the inspiring lecture you gave.., and to let you know that [weJ are still challenging ourselves over the issues you put forth. [Vancouver]

    Your presentation was stimulating and effective in getting all of us to look ... in a different way. I just received the evaluation results and yoursession was at the top of the ratings. [Vancouver]

    Thank you for your powerful and thought-provoking talk. Everyone was impressed by your erudition. [New York]



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