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Creating Leadership Legacies

Its's important to know how to Do ...

It's essential to know how to Be!


Whether the challenge was successfully surviving combat in Southeast Asia, or directing the sales and marketing efforts of a $100 million company, Richard Campanaro has developed and utilized effective leadership skills throughout his entire life.
Upon his honorable discharge from the US Army as a decorated veteran of the Vietnam war, Richard returned to his family and began building an executive leadership career with his talents utilizing his ability to inspire, motivate, and trans­form people to achieve established goals and strategic plans. At the young age of 29 he was chosen to lead and direct the efforts of over 150 sales and marketing personnel at a leading consumer products company, responsible and account­able for over $100 million in sales annually.
Following his successful corporate career, Richard launched a new business building on the same principles of leadership that served him well in his previous positions. He quickly grew the business to over $15 million in annual sales, employing 40 people. Richard's reputation as a high energy, "street smart" entrepreneur, became a model for the industry. His company became a very sought after organization for merger.
Today Richard Campanaro is recognized as a renowned international speaker with powerful skills in motivating, managing, and inspiring people to take immediate action to accomplish what they previously thought was impossible.
Richard's humor, high energy, action oriented, charismatic, believable and high impact presentations, enable people to achieve greater levels of performance and productivity with increased personal fulfillment.
Richard Campanaro ignites people to discover the power of purpose!


Improving the "bottom line" through the "front line".
Would you like to increase your revenue and profit while not increasing your cost? Do you need to "fire up" your employees to see the mission, vision, and purpose of your company? Do you need to improve the quality of communication, social relationships, customer service, conflict elimination, sales, and decision-making ability?
Richard Campanaro will answer these questions and more! His presentation will be memorable, action-oriented, inspiring, and transformational. The expert on "people skills" will share the very powerful message of how "human regard" is the most important ingredient to achieving success!

• Discover how your teams can develop rapport with each other to eliminate conflict, negativity, poor communication, and enjoy a level of
harmony which allows for greater team and individual performance.
• Learn how to communicate to upper management so that you will obtain the resources you need to achieve greater levels of productivity.
• Tap into the 4 keys of adapting to all types of people and build personal chemistry and rapport.
• Create "win/win" relationships, which are effective in team building, sales, customer service, conflict resolution, and all negotiations.
• Sharpen listening skills so that you are in tuned to what matters most.
• Reduce the pain, cost, and time consuming drain of employee turnover.


You know how to do... Now learn how to be!
Do you need to develop rapport and relationships with people very quickly? Would your business or personal life improve by acquiring more persuasion skills? Would it help your effectiveness to behave in a way that will improve your compatibility with people? Could you or your organization benefit by adapting to change? How would you or your organization benefit by becoming more convincing in all forms of communication?
Confident leaders make confident followers. This presentation will raise the level of confidence in your organization, and your people will be empowered to achieve a performance level comparable to their ultimate potential.

• Learn the 4 easy steps to developing more power with people.
• Uncover the 6 secrets to becoming more charismatic.
• Practice the "15 second Quick Start Rapport System" to achieve greater results and effectiveness with people at all levels.
• Maximize your ability to get more of what you want.
• Take your intentions and expectations to realizations.
• Share the "secrets" of the world's most effective leaders, and how they motivate people to achieve more in less time.

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"Rave Reviews"

"Dick has excellent insight in human behavior. He offered very sound advice into dealing with managerial issues successfully".
Helen Hayeic/Earthlink

"Information presented was very informative and interesting. Dick is funny, entertaining, exudes caring, and strong values".
Mike Carter/Santa Clara County Government

"It is very apparent that Dick is passionate about his topics. He personalizes it and puts so much energy into his session; you can't help but enjoy it and learn. He's awesome!"
Janet Eddy/Educaid

"Dick was fantastic! held my attention. I hated it when it ended."

Jay Stukey/California Department of Corrections

"Dick was wonderful-Wow! What a dynamic speaker. Gave me great ideas to help my team grow".
Janice Paine/Family Healthcare Network

"Dick is an incredible presenter. Well informed, dynamic, interesting, highly motivating, and obviously loves what he does".
Fred Jaypole/Ford Motor Company

"Dick is an excellent speaker. Very motivating. Never a dull moment. Time just flew by. Down to earth person. Dick's sessions are very energized. Excellent"!

Claud ia Punnington/U.S. Postal Service

"Dick is Brilliant!"
Agnes Rygiel/Prudential Securities

"One of the most effective, charismatic, speakers I have had the opportunity to see. He is riveting!"

Val Bingham/Los Angeles Times Newspaper

"Dick was the most inspiring speaker I've ever seen. I've been to 45 plus presentations, and Dick was the absolute best. He keeps you always interested and teaches you a ton in a short time".
Roger Cain/City of Victoria 6.6., Human Resource Department


Partial Client List

• Lucent
• Hyatt Hotels
• Compaq
• American Title
• State of California

• Bank of America
• Coachella Valley School Dlstrlct
• Blue Cross
• Ford Motor Company
• Kaiser Permanente


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