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After serving several tours of duty in the military, Rich McDonough gained confidence in his own abilities through the expertise and specialty trainings he received, he was honorably discharged just short of his 21st birthday, but remained in the ready reserves.

He then spent several years as a bounty hunter, searching for bail bond jumpers. Here gaining substantial experience, finding individuals who jumped bond on both civil and or criminal charges and bringing them back to stand trial.

Afterwards he became an insurance inspector, claims adjuster, and insurance fraud investigator. His employer background included a National Insurance Inspection Agency, A law firm and independent claims firm, and three large multiple line insurance companies.

He also gained a reputation for success in developing the true facts, and causes in questionably ruled homicides, suspicious and or accidental death cases. All of which insurance companies placed there confidence in his experience and ability to get them off the hook, if these deaths were in anyway premeditated or not in line with coverage provisions.

His success in working in these various fields of investigation lead him to form his own insurance investigation company, known as the Bureau of Insurance Investigation. As well, later developing and forming the Fraud & Theft Recovery Bureau.

A short while later, he opened his own private detective firm, known as “Shamus Private Detective Agency,” operating out of Cincinnati, Ohio where he has been actively in operation, for a total investigative period exceeding 35 years.

While he still handles an insignificant amount of suspicious death cases, he has specialized in domestic case situations, involving cheating and infidelity for the last twenty - plus years.

He has written several books on cheating, and developed the only known on-line probability screening test known as that of The Cheaters Profile.

The concept of the Cheaters Profile and probability screening is to act, as an alternative to an elaborate initial in-house consultation with a qualified detective, a specialist in domestic investigations, all done on line. In a yes/no check off on line test of approximately 191 questions, graded soon as it is completed.

Upon your final question being checked, an immediate on line test grade is made available to you, right then and there. This grade is of course based on the answers you have checked, with regard to your mate and the results correlated with our proprietary-grading system based on our knowledge and experience in this field.

The focus is on you, providing as much information as you can about your mates habits, and life style from the privacy of your own home, to more accurately complete the profile.

As a result of a 1989 murder investigation that his agency was responsible for solving, they received the Ohio Association of Detectives Award for Best Detective of the year.

McDonough, has been the subject of numerous newspaper and magazine articles, as well as guest speaker on several talk shows, over the years.



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