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"My job is to make you, your organization,
and your guests the stars."

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Mentalist and Corporate Entertainer Rex Sikes, is the
"World's First Motivational Mind Reader".

What does it mean that Rex Sikes is the World's First Motivational Mind Reader?

It means Rex provides enlightening entertainment that audiences both benefit from and love. He combines decades of experience as a Motivational Speaker and Mentor helping individuals and corporations make lasting positive changes with his unique abilities as a psychic and a performer. There is no other speaker in the world like Rex Sikes. And that means you get the very best!

Rex can show you what you can do when you maintain a positive mental attitude with his entertaining and inspiring demonstrations of Mind Reading and ESP.

Rex defines a Mentalist as "one who realizes the powers of one’s own mind to make positive changes." Rex will show you what you can do when you put your mind to work. He’ll demonstrate the powers of the mind to inspire your group to become more productive and maintain a positive attitude both on the job and in everyday life.

By revealing non-verbal communication techniques, he will help your employees and co-workers learn ways to develop rapport with clients, and to better understand their needs. His methods work well with family, friends, even strangers. Your guests will get valuable insights on how to connect rapidly with others, easily increase sales, improve customer service, and get along better in the work place and at home – all a positive impact on your bottom line!

People say of Rex "There is no one else like him." "He is truly one of a kind." "You live up to your name Amazing Rex." "An event planner's dream." "Sharp, funny, intriguing, astonishing, captivating, exciting, professional, incredible, awesome, and outstanding" are words used over and over again in an attempt to describe Rex Sikes' unique brand of entertainment.

Rex has appeared for virtually every type of corporate function or event, in companies large and small, from award banquets and conventions, to sales meetings and trade shows, in the U.S. and around the world.

Business audiences love the Amazing Rex's corporate motivational message. Many companies worldwide hire Rex to present his unique mind-boggling demonstrations one day, and the next day they have him conduct a seminar or workshop.

Psychic Entertainer reads minds of audience members
He presents his amazing “Theatre of the Mind” show at public functions, fundraisers and in theatres. He appears at high-end private affairs and parties and in all media. He’s a hit on the college circuit as well.

He’s appeared before millions as an actor in television and film, travels as a keynote and endnote speaker, and leads professional development seminars world-wide. One thing is certain; he's always entertaining. Perhaps, you have already seen him on national television or heard him on the radio.

Join Psychic Entertainer Rex Sikes as he invites you into his world. A world where anything is possible. A world between your mind and his mind. A world of thoughts and connections. A world where you too may experience the impossible.

So take that step into Rex Sikes’ amazing “Theatre of the Mind.”

© Copyright Rex Sikes 2002 -2007 all rights reserved in all media

Here’s is just a taste of what you can expect when you book Rex Sikes:

* Rex demonstrates the powers of the mind to inspire your group to to become more productive and maintain a positive attitude both on the job and in everyday life. By demonstrating non-verbal communication techniques, he can helps your employees or co-workers learn ways to develop rapport with clients to better understand their needs, as well as the needs of friends, family and even strangers. Your guests will get valuable insights to help employees to connect with others rapidly, easily sell more, offer improved customer service and get along better in the work place and at home. – a positive impact on your bottom line!

* His mystifying feats involve 100 % audience participation to grab and keep your guests attention! You don't want them leaving right after your meeting, do you? *100% audience participation - when everyone is involved they have more fun *The show’s good-natured humor – along with the audience’s laughter – help bring your special guests together as a team.

* The show is clean. CEOs and company administrators don't need to worry about inappropriate or embarrassing material. They can relax, knowing that they are in the hands of a professional.

* Rex custom tailors his presentation to fit your special message or theme.

* Rex can perform his special presentation almost anywhere – so your event is hassle free. Easy to book, easy to go put on. That helps you!!!

A Small Taste Of What People Are Saying About Rex Sikes Amazing Mind Reading Show:

“How in the hell do you do that... i am very impressed.” Robert Deniro, Actor

"Thank you for your participation in the MSN 8 Dome Tour in New York, NY. Given the unique environment and difficult audience, you were absolutely amazing. I know Microsoft was extremely happy with your astonishing performance and our crew was talking about you for weeks afterwards. >From a talent booking perspective, I greatly appreciate your professional attitude. I look forwards to utilizing your unique talents in the future for my other clients." Andy MacIntyre, Manager, Entertainment Marketing, GMR Marketing, Inc. New Berlin, WI

"Your show blew us away and we haven't stopped talking about it to all of our friends. I still don't understand how you did it all. You are a true talent. I believe that you have something very special and I thank you for sharing it with all of us. Thank you again." Brian Krause, Actor, "Leo" on Charmed, Los Angeles, CA

“We hired Rex as a motivational speaker for our luncheon. His presentation was outstanding. Want to say “thanks Rex you did a great job! Thanks for being a great entertainer. You kept everyone in their seats for the entire show!!! That never happened before.” Robert Banner, Program Chair - AMA, Northwestern Mutual, Milwaukee, WI

"Rex's show was so amazing! I am a skeptic, yet I was completely convinced that he truly has power over other people's thoughts, and he can know exactly what you are thinking. His show was entertaining from the very beginning until the last second. I was captivated and it seemed no time had passed at all. He was the best part of the party! Everyone should have Rex entertain at their events...he had everyone drop-jawed." Debi Derryberry, Actor, Voice of "Jimmy Neutron", Los Angeles, CA

"Rex's show has been the most entertaining performance we have booked to date. The performance was invigorating, leaving even the toughest skeptics amazed. Rex's ability to get the whole audience involved in the performance was an integral part of it's success. The feedback was outstanding!!! Many of the employees are still talking about it and how they can not believe the things he knew about them. I received more positive comments on this performance than anything else I have ever booked!" Mary Wizgard, Store Manager, Crossroads County Market, Wausau, WI

“Rex... you are amazing!” Al Franken, Comedian, Commentator, Author

“WOW!! How else can we explain it? Rex mesmerized us all. from the opening to his finale it was amazing and unbelievable! Staff is still talking about Rex’s mystifying performance. Thank you for an exciting and outstanding show at our company’s recognition dinner. Your talent will be remembered by all!” Tricia Fast, Human Resource Dept., Clarinda Regional Health Center, Clarinda, IA

"You are truly one of a kind! No one does what you do. I can't believe you read my mind." Kin Shriner, Actor, "Scott Baldwin" on General Hospital, currently on Another World. NYC, NY

"Your show is awesome. I love every minute of it. Everyone has a great time. I’ve seen you two times now and I have no idea how you do it. You are amazing I look forward to having you back again next year!!! Mike King, Director, Two Bit Productions, Los Angeles, CA

“I liked seeing your show again. Outstanding” Judith Sobel, Logistics Team Leader, GE Healthcare


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