L. Reed Polk

Many people are going in the right direction ... they just turn around too soon.

- L. Reed Polk
L. Reed Polk

L. Reed Polk is a dynamic keynote speaker, consultant, meeting moderator... and intermingled with it all...a humorist as well! His compassion, understanding and sparkling sense of humor are the basis for customized engagements designed to create a positive influence on all who participate. Southern born and southern bred, Reed can delight listeners from California to the Carolinas with his distinctive one liners, affectionately dubbed, "Folk's Pearls".

After facing a major personal crisis, Reed totally changed the direction of his personal and professional life. With an open and loving style, he candidly shares his experiences and addresses life's purpose and perhaps the need for redefining it. Never leaving out, of course, what it takes to have the courage to act when a crossroad has been reached.

Throughout his adult life, Reed has had a platform for speaking...his presence, coupled with a wealth of experience, provides captivating, provocative, and valuable programs. His in-depth knowledge of "values conflict" were enhanced while connected with a helicopter base during the Vietnam War. Reed uses his maturity, style, and grace to bring substance, peace, and at least "one good laugh" to every meeting he attends!

Reed is a professional speaker and member of the National Speakers Association. In addition, for over a decade, he has worked within a university medical center where he assists the Chancellor, administrators, staff, and patients with the difficult decisions surrounding health care.



Reed Polk—Keynote Speaker, Humorist and Consultant

The Next to the Last Straw

Preventive maintenance of modern living

Running Into a Dead End While Escaping
Facing up to, not evading, life's potential

The Paradox of Simplicity
How to arrive at a sense of "mission possible"

Dream Your Painting...Then Paint Your Dream
How to avoid nightmares and enjoy freedom

Life—Too Short to be Little

The enlightening perspective that big can be beautiful on both a personal and corporate level

Crossroads. Doorways and Thresholds
Reed's widely acclaimed blueprint for effective decision making at life's most critical crossroads

Starting with Me

Getting what you want starts with a long, honest look at who you are.

The Fragrance of Laughter

A laugh...a chuckle...and a smile! Humor has its scent to remember and its fragrance to instantly initiate recall. Why is this true? Find out in a laughter-packed presentation filled with meaning.


From the perspective of participants...Reed Polk...

"Reed Polk provides rare insights into happiness and healthiness. His ideas are woven into a crisp, clear, presentation laced with humor. Intense listening characterizes his audiences."

Medical Center Administrator

"Good Show! and thanks for another 'rollicking evening with Reed'. You always seem to come up with the right combination of humor and 'message'."
Bank President

"Reed Polk is a wordsmith whose charismatic voice commands instant attention. His personal and professional power shines through his ideas and actions."

National Seminar Leader

"For seven years I have watched and listened to Reed Polk as he moderated a week-long seminar in Colorado for 150-170 beginning physicians and spouses. His opening and closing lectures set the desired tone for life-long learning. The litmus test for successful speakers is being asked back. I wouldn't consider doing otherwise."
Corporate Executive Pharmaceutical Corporation

"I will always remember your comments concerning cycle or choice and particularly what the mind believes, the mind eventually does. Your remarks definitely closed our
meeting on a high note."

Vice President Petroleum Corporation

"...speaking about The Fragrance of Laughter. The extra effort which you made to lift our vision beyond our workday concerns helped to make this meeting successful."
CEO Utilities Company

"You are such a composed and eloquent speaker. Your genuineness and concern for your fellow man shines through. Thank you...and keep up the good work."
President Photography Group


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