Rebecca A. Nagy

Inspirational Speaker * Author 
 Workshop Leader * Meditation Coach

Revitalizing the Spirit of Your Organization

We are living in a time like no other. We are being asked to think in new ways, to devise innovative solutions to unexpected situations that arise in all areas of our lives and work. We are also encountering stressors we have never had to deal with before. The fast-paced, high-demand, information-driven society we live in calls for accessing a capacity to pull strength from deep within our cores – to find the richness of the spirit – the soul, if you will, that lies at the very center of our being.

Rebecca Nagy has a strong message that is sure to change the very substance and way you — and your most valuable asset, your co-workers and associates — view the world around them.

Drawing on years of experience in the corporate arena, combined with the success of overcoming a crippling spinal injury, Rebecca found confirmation in her belief in the transforming power of the body/mind/spirit connection. Integrating this multi-tiered approach, Rebecca will lead your organization on an engaging journey of discovery, designed to empower your teams – from the inside – out. You will realize:
  • A resurging wealth of passion and creativity that will get you through the most demanding schedules with increased productivity.
  • The ability to build teams that shift from the old paradigm of competition to the emerging focus towards collaboration, ethics and values.
  • A renewed corporate spirit and awareness that laughter truly IS the best medicine

Keynotes & Topics:

Instant Calm: Energy Management

Using insight from Pavlov, the wisdom of Einstein, and the music of Mozart, Instant Calm™ is a technique kept in the top drawer of every savvy executive’s toolbox! 

The Final Frontier: Your Unlimited Mind

Exploring the deepest recesses of your mind’s power with the latest techniques and technologies to train the brain for realizing unlimited potential … unlimited possibilities.

Quantum Leaps: Letting Go & Loving It

Learning that problems and roadblocks are opportunities for growth and taking a leap of faith can open a world of new possibilities and exciting new directions.

Take Your Soul Back to Work

Leading you through the process of rediscovering your authenticity and conscience for lasting success and greater retention, creativity, and profits.

A Passion for the Impossible

Learning that what seems insurmountable is merely a matter of finding the spirit within you to make charge and overcome what lies ahead. Based on a powerful personal story and techniques.

The Power of Your Word

Learning the power of your word and taking the courageous path of following your moral compass and living with integrity in making life and business decisions.

The Intuitive Edge

Sharing a system for tapping into that intuitive wisdom that everyone possesses through a process of simple techniques and sure-fire tools that can be used immediately.


Rebecca Nagy is a a fresh voice on the inspirational motivational speaking circuit. If you are looking for a speaker that is bursting with enthusiasm and humor with an energetic speaking style, then she is the speaker for your next event! Rebecca Nagy has inspired individuals and groups across a wide variety of backgrounds and industries for over 20 years, from the pulpit to the platform. She embodies a unique ability to entertain, inform and involve audiences. It’s an experience that is hard to describe – you need to feel it!

Rebecca’s own experience with overcoming a spinal injury confirmed her belief in the authentic and transforming power of the body/mind/spirit connection. She discovered that living with a disability was one of the greatest blessings she could have. Talking with hundreds of people, she has shared her inspiring story of realizing it’s not how you look – it’s how you connect with your spirit! As a result, Rebecca followed her own “passion for the impossible”, leaving her twenty year career in the fashion business to teach meditation and become a professional speaker and meditation teacher.

Today, she integrates business acumen with the power of recapturing your spirit towards shifting the old paradigm of competition to the emerging trend of collaboration, to both individuals and organizations throughout the country.

What they say about Rebecca Nagy:

It takes someone really special to introduce new ideas and practice to me! Well, someone really special has made me an advocate! Rebecca Nagy is so competent, worthy, and skilled in helping others with this exciting, yet calming, program. You will meet the New and Improved You through her eyes! You (and I) need this program!”
Ty Boyd, CSP, CPAE, Executive Learning Systems

Your session was a huge success! People loved the opportunity to focus on themselves! I’m practicing my new meditation skills. Again, thank you for making our conference a success!”
Jill Olmstead, VP, HR, Wachovia

What a great presentation! So many commented how interesting and helpful your program was for them. That’s just what we wanted them to come away with!  These are people I KNOW could use your approach to creative problem solving and inner relaxation … On behalf of my fellow program committee members and our board, thank you so much for making our evening both educational and enjoyable! You're awesome!”
Tobi W. Colbert, Program Director, NACE

Clients & Conferences:

Rebecca Nagy has spoken for these groups and many more:


Beacon Partners
Carolinas Medical Center
Center for Positive Living
Community Culinary School of Charlotte
High Point Chamber of Commerce
IREM –Institute of Real Estate Mgmt.
Johnson & Wales
Life Spectrums Conference
Mecklenburg County Women’s Commission

Microsoft, Inc.
National Speakers Assn.
National Convention
 Presbyterian Hospital
Southeastern Conferences
The Great Lakes Retreats
The Holistic Nurses Associations
The Southern Women’s Shows



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