Randall Munson, CSP


Experience the Magic of an Extraordinary Speaker

    Imagine an exciting speaker who's also an experienced business executive, an insightful teacher and a gifted entertainer.

    Randall Munson is all of these, delivering a refreshing blend of inspiration and practicality, sparkling with warmth, humor, and magic. His messages have a powerful impact on audiences and organizations.

    Randall's electric presentations have propelled him into the Speaker Excellence Hall of Fame and captured nine Gold Medals in the International Speaker Olympics. Yet his dynamic style is grounded in the real-world experience of his two decades with IBM.

    Creativity, humor, and the ability to change are central to the success of every organization, in every culture. That's why IBM and many other Fortune 500 clients, spread across six continents, have resonated to the power of Randall's messages. He has shared his ideas from stages at The White House and Walt Disney World and has been the double-header presenter with such international figures as IBM CEO Lou Gerstner and Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres

    Whether he's speaking in Paris, Beijing, Sao Paulo, or Tokyo, Randall's warmth and humanity require no translation at all.

Experience the Magic of an Extraordinary Presentation

    Success Through Creativity!™ - How to Increase Your Creativity and Enhance Your Success

      A powerhouse presentation that blasts through blocks, overturns conventional approaches, and sweeps away the cobwebs. Randall Munson utilizes the tools of humor, games, and logic, paired with magical effects that illustrate the ideas and lock them into the listener's mind. Participants will gain a fresh approach to problem-solving and a renewed confidence in their own creative capabilities.

    The Serious Business of Humor!™ - Let Laughter Energize You and Your Event

      An underlying serious message in a presentation that's packed with hilarious stories and one-liners. Randall Munson invites listeners to loosen up and laugh, as they experience a shift in perspective on the importance of humor. Participants will come away enlivened and inspired, with usable ideas about how to incorporate humor into their lives and workplace.

    Turn Change Into Dollars!™ - How to Deal with Change Effectively and Profitably

      Through a skillful blend of compassion, humor, and logic, Randall Munson shifts his listeners' perspective on change. Using magical effects to illustrate his concepts, he opens people's minds to the power and profitability inherent in making changes. Participants will take away a new sense of empowerment, along with practical techniques for thriving on change.

    Ah ha!™ - Make the Complex Comprehensible with a Clear, Entertaining, Customized Program

      Randall Munson shares his unique ability to comprehend, organize, and communicate complex and abstract ideas in a manner that's understandable and enjoyable. He relates the information directly to the lives of the audience. Wielding magic, visual props, memorable metaphors, and his ever-active sense of humor, he brings life to the information, locking the concepts into the listeners' minds.

Experience the Magic Shared Around the World

Satisfied Clients

    Aetna Life & Casualty
    American Chamber of Commerce, Singapore
    Amway Co. Ltd., China
    Bank of China, China
    Blue Shield
    Burger King
    California Department of Developmental Services
    Colgate-Palmolive, Peru
    COMMON International
    DataTeam, Norway
    Eastman Kodak
    Farmers Insurance Group
    FedEx Corp.
    Fike Corp.
    Fiserv, Asia Pacific
    Group Health, Inc.
    GTE Corp.
    GUIDE International Executive Forum
    IBM, Africa
    IBM, Australia
    IBM, Brazil
    IBM, China
    IBM, Colombia

    IBM France
    IBM, Italy
    IBM, Japan
    IBM, North America
    IBM, Spain
    Information Processing Association, Israel
    Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    Mayo Clinic
    Minnesota Vikings Football Club
    National Association of Independent Insurers
    New Zealand Telecom, New Zealand
    Ogilvy & Mather
    Pan Pacific, Taiwan
    Prudential Insurance Company
    RJR Nabisco
    ShowCase Corp.
    SSA Pacific
    Texas Society of CPAs
    U S West
    Vanda Systems, Hong Kong
    Wall Street Journal
    Westinghouse Electric Corp.
    White House, Washington DC

Rave Reviews

    I was so impressed with Randall Munson's performances in Europe that I invited him to address our international conference along with the Israeli Foreign Minister. Delegates from all over the world participated us event. Randall delivered outstanding presentations, once again! - Amiram Shore, Conference Chairman, IPA Tel-Aviv, Israel

    Randall Munson's presentation was the highlight of the conference. If it had been the only session it would have been worth the conference fee. - Ellen Jenkins, The Capitol Group, Brea CA, USA

    You are a powerful imaginative speaker that will have an impact on my customers. An extraordinary speaker.
    IBM Marketing Manager - Beijing, China

    Through his creative energies, the attendees were inspired, motivated, energized, and intellectually stimulated. This was apparent by the standing ovation he received upon completion of his keynote. Randall was the high point of the conference. - Cindy Mechura, Program Director, St.Louis MO, USA

    Thank you for your outstanding presentation at Walt Disney World. You captured and held the interest of the entire audience with your skillful blend of audience interaction, magic, and wit. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and gained insights that will be valuable for themselves and their business for years to come. - Lorraine Rieff, Meeting Planner, Chicago IL, USA

    Our delegates named Randall Munson the Best Speaker of the Year and voted his "Success Through  Creativity" presentation the Best Session of the Conference. - Sharon Rampley, Conference Manager, Sidney, Australia

    Your dynamic presentation was rated # 1 out of over 1,000 sessions in our week-long conference attended by over 4,500 professionals! - Suzanna Grueser, COMMON International, Los Angeles CA, USA

    Randall was THE BEST speaker of all during the conference! - Frank Johansen, IBM , Oslo, Norway

    Randall Munson's 1-hour presentation made the entire 2-day conference worthwhile! - Executive, RJR Nabisco, Raleigh NC, USA

    If you are looking for an exceptional speaker who has inspired and guided businesses all over the world, we highly recommend Randall Munson. - Larry Williams, President, GUIDE International, Chicago, IL, USA



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