Rand Golletz


Focus, discipline and momentum
for tough-minded leaders

About Rand Golletz:

For more than 30 years, Rand Golletz has been obsessed with helping organizations — and the people in them — consistently achieve outstanding results. He understands success because he's created success as

• Senior Vice-President and Chief Marketing and Sales officer of a Fortune 100 company
• CEO and COO of two companies with hundreds of $millions in revenue
• Director and strategy practice leader of a "Big 5" consulting firm

Rand also shares his thoughts on leadership success in Blueprint for Success, which he co-authored with Ken Blanchard, Stephen Covey and others.

About Rand Golletz Performance Systems
Rand Golletz, Managing Partner

Rand Golletz Performance Systems is a leadership development, executive coaching and consulting firm that works with senior corporate leaders and business owners to provide them with the focus, discipline and momentum to define and create success. It works with executives on a wide range of issues, including:

• interpersonal effectiveness
• brand-building
• sales management
• strategy creation and implementation
• team effectiveness and execution


Rand's most popular presentation, "Redefining Type A — Success Secrets of Tough-Minded Leaders," covers the three principal (and often overlooked) priorities for senior leaders. It is available as a keynote or a seminar/workshop crafted individually to each specific audience.

Other programs include:

* Team Dynamics
* Lunch and Learn Seminars and Workshops

You and your audience deserve to have it all: insight, experience and real-world solutions that are drawn from Rand's own career successes and experiences — and with Rand Golletz that's exactly what you'll get.

Why Rand Golletz? Solution-Filled Presentations that Motivate and Educate

The entire process of selecting the right speaker for your organization’s next big event can be exciting and interesting… with a little frustration and fear at the same time. To make sure you find the perfect speaker, you need to first determine what type of speaker you’re looking for…

A Speaker Who Listens? Rand Golletz sees every presentation as an exciting opportunity to create a program specific to your industry, goals, and needs. To do that, he listens closely to each meeting planner to learn exactly what works best for them. Rand brings expertise, credentials, and intelligence to focus not only on the “message,” but also on the delivery style that works best for your audience.

A Speaker Who Delivers What He Promises? Are you looking for a speaker who delivers a powerful message that your audience will remember long after the event is over? If so, Rand Golletz is definitely the RIGHT choice for you. Rand’s credentials and experience speak for themselves, and his willingness to work with each client to create a one-of-a-kind presentation is how Rand is able to deliver presentations that offer both style and substance.

A Speaker Who Combines Intelligence and Experience? Rand’s hard-earned insight acquired from years spent “in the trenches” enables him to quickly establish rapport and respect with his audiences. He’s approachable as a colleague, boss, mentor, and guru, and his no-nonsense style makes even the most seasoned professional sit up and take notice.

What they say about Rand:

“In the past, I have worked with coaches for whom leadership was an abstract concept. I found their advice to be far less insightful than Rand’s. Because he’s been a CEO, Rand has consistently demonstrated the ability to understand and internalize the issues I face, relate them to similar situations in his career and help me to develop a clear agenda for making aggressive progress against my business and development goals.”
Sal Fondaco, CFO




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