Raja T. Nasr, BBA, MA, EdD, LHD, FIBA, FRSAr.


Linguistic Expert Regarding Culture, Diversity, & Middle East
Motivates and teaches Communication Secrets with Humor

    1. He is a Lebanese citizen and a citizen of the United States.
    2. He did his undergraduate education at the American University of Beirut in Business and Economics.
    3. He did his post-graduate education at the University of Michigan: M.A. in English Language and Ed.D. In Linguistics, English and Education.
    4. He did a further one year at the University of Michigan in Educational Administration.
    5. For over thirty years he was a Professor of Education and Linguistics.
    6. He has Iecwred In universities all over the world. Among them are: Wayne State University (Detroit) and the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) in the United States, The University of Reading in the United Kingdom, The University of Gent in Belgium, The University of Jordan in Amman and in Lebanon, Beirut University College, American University of Beirut, and the   Lebanese University.
    7. He has trained teachers of English and Arabic in 20 countries in the Middle East, North and East Africa, Europe, Great Britain and the U.S.A.
    8. He was Dean of the Faculty and Vice-President for Academic Affairs at Beirut University College for 2 years (1968-70).
    9. He was Director of the Center for English Language Research and Teaching at the American University of Beirut for a period of two years (1964-66).
    10. He is the author of close to 50 books and over 40 artIcles in the field of language teaching and learning.
    11. He has excellent relations with Ministries of Education in the Arab world and with the British Council In London and abroad.
    12. He was Chairman of the Division of Applied Language Studies at Beirut University College for a number of years where he had a staff of 53 professors, teachers and assistants.
    13. He was a Consultant In Language and Education for the Government of Dubai (1987- 1989).
    14. He has been Invited to be English Language Consultant and Teacher Trainer at the University of the Seventeenth of August In Samarand, Indonesia.
    15. He is a member of several international professional associations (education and linguistics) and vice-president in three of them.
    16. He is the recipient of several awards and citations including:
      1. Medal of Education (First Class) Government of Jordan, 1972
      2. Silver Medal of Achievement (First Five Hundred) Dartmouth, England, 1982
      3. Gold Medal of Congress Cambridge, England, 1985 (Gold Bar, 1989)
      4. Medal of Education (First Class) Government of Lebanon, 1987
    17. He has given well over 400 speeches and addresses to international congresses, Church groups, clubs, and associations; he has given numerous commencement addresses; and he has preached in a number of churches in the Middle East, Great Britain and the U.S.A.




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