Phyllis J. Sweeney


"Encouragement Gives You the Direction For the Courage to Cope"

She is a Lifetime Encouragement Specialist. She has been called "Dr. Encouragement." Her personal life experiences award her a degree surpassing any degree because of the authenticity with which she lives her life.

About Phyllis:

Phyllis was raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. Her family consisted of beloved Mom, Dad, Brothers Jim and Don, dog Tippy, horse Champion, cats Tuffy and Tiger and lambs Pam and Penny. The value of "trying" versus "can't" as long as it didn't hurt her or others was taught by her mother. This began Encouragement Factor, a natural fit for her. Being the family, neighborhood and school "Encouragement Cheerleader" as a child, teenager and throughout life had and is a magnificent blessing for her.

Having four terrific (not perfect) children -- two boys and two girls -- is another blessing. On October 6, 1975 crisis, trauma and tragedy occurred. Phyllis' daughter Courtney Brook, then six months old, died a completely unexpected death. This crisis turned Phyllis' life upside down and inside out.

Encouragement Factor was, is and will continue to be one of Phyllis' natural born strengths as God is her solid rock, foundation and source

Each person is created with a unique personality. Personalities are a vital aspect of each person. With the discovery and value of who you are and living a strengthful responsive life one is Encouraged to live and be alive rather than only exist and survive.

Phyllis is a certified Grief Counselor, Senior Advisor and Personality Coach. She is also an Advanced Group Facilitator, Consultant, Speaker and Writer.

Phyllis' Professional Affiliations include:

* Carondolet Management Institute/American Academy of Bereavement
* Certified Senior Advisor
* National Speaker Association, San Diego, CA
* Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce, Ambassador Chairperson
* Fallbrook Fire Safety Council
* National Association of Female Executives
* Fallbrook Citizens Crime Prevention/Neighborhood Rehab Advisory Team
* Former Co-Trainer, Good Grief Crisis Intervention Team, Department of Education, Riverside, CA

Phyllis has been and is a Professional Volunteer. Her past affiliations include:

* PTA President, Fallbrook La Paloma, Fallbrook Maie Ellis, Fallbrook Potter Jr. High School
* President for two church women's groups
* Fallbrook Youth Baseball
* Fallbrook Soccer League Board Member and Coach
* Fallbrook Boy's and Girl's Club, Girl's Basketball Coach
* Fallbrook Pop Warner, Cheer Coach


Attention: General Public and Corporate America --Phyllis is the Messenger of Encouragement!
Want encouragement benefits that make a difference in the work environment?
Phyllis is the answer. The reason why? She is:

* An interactive keynote speaker
* An interactive seminar presenter
* An interactive facilitator

With Phyllis:

* 1, 2, and/or 3 hours of Fun and Laughter Spa Sessions
* 1, 2, and/or 3 Hours of Relief Debrief Spa Sessions

Every presentation, seminar and workshop is custom designed and may be presented by Phyllis as a keynote speaker for every opportunity.

The following are just a few of Phyllis' encouragement classes, conferences, groups, seminars and workshops:

* "America's Life Seasonings and Spices" original vs. the copy personalities seminars and workshops
* America Respects Manners" classes, dinner and seminars purposing accountability and responsibility as a way of life.
* "America's Balancing Act" classes, encouragement groups and seminars providing inward, outward and onward balance pivotal for authenticity, transparency, trust, truth, reaping benefits emotionally, financially, mentally, physically, socially, spiritually advantageous at work, school, church and home.
* "America Loves Animals" classes, encouragement groups, conferences and seminars presenting awareness, education, fun and support.
* "America Enjoys Lollipops" playful classes and seminars "Licking On Lollipops Lasts Inviting Pleasure of Playfulness Spontaneously" for the benefits of merriment.
* "America's Miracle of Me Transforms to the Miracle of We" in society, as a community, seminars and workshops.
* "America Celebrates Birthdays" encouraging entire company teams to enjoy the four B's of birthdays, beauty, bliss, and bounty birthday party seminars.
* Storyteller Phyllis sows sees recalling "America's Distinct Way" seminars and workshops.


I am most thankful for Phyllis who saved my life, after both my grandparents died. I felt lost and unneeded, for they had depended on me for many years as their caregiver. I though to be needed in life was the answer. It wasn't. To be appropriately needed is only one part of living life. Phyllis guides me in the direction of living life through her Encouragement. I received the "Gem of Encouragement That Begins to Glow Within My Soul" through the journey of my Personality Profile. Phyllis has and does continue to counsel and coach me.
I am able to understand who I was and better understand through the Personality Profile the truth of who I am today. It is a blessing to love myself appropriately. The gentle, consistent guidance of Phyllis' Encouragement helps me, to live out of my strengths instead of my weaknesses is an ongoing process of the Personality Profile. To "uncover and discover the true treasure of ME" gives me "Winds of Courage" through the breeze of her glowing, knowing, "Golden Encouragement."
This lifts me to a place where I want to live and appreciate life with all its circumstances and challenges. Through Phyllis' Encouragement why don't you learn to live life through the discover of the "True View of You." The personality Profile enlivens and enriches you to love thyself as I am presently doing.
Lorene B.

Phyllis, thank you so much for all of your help and support over the past year. You have been invaluable in providing a much needed resource at a time of such need and confusion during this time in my life. I have kept a file folder in my file cabinet entitled "Comfort" which contains the handouts from the support group you held at Encouragement Factor. Just knowing it's there makes me feel better! At a time when I needed support you filled a much needed void which is lacking from the divorce arena. You have brought kindness, understanding and acceptance into my life. Both you and Lorene have life experiences,, respect and compassion which you bring to all those lives you touch.
I hope for you continued success in the Encouragement Factor resource. Every community would benefit from the unique gift of love, understanding and support you provide for those in need. We are truly blessed to have you here in Fallbrook. I am much stronger now, in part to your help and I am forever grateful. Respectfully Yours,
Barbara S.

Phyllis Sweeney was and has been a great help to me after the death of my husband of 40 years. She reached out to me and everyone in the support group. She always had an open ear or a shoulder to cry on. She is a very optimistic person and full of life. I am so thankful for Phyllis and the Encouragement Factor.
Gigi W.


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