Phil Parker


Meet Phil Parker.....

A successful businessman with proven entrepreneurial strengths and extensive international experience, Phil Parker is a time-tested veteran of Corporate America.

Living in Europe as the Managing Director of European Operations for a technology company, Phil has first hand knowledge of the global economy. He understands the business, cultural and ethnic challenges facing businesses today as they seek international expansion.

His experiences in Operations Management, Franchise Development, Sales and Sales Training bring a wealth of personal experiences and stories. Phil delivers a message that encourages listeners to seek balance in their lives creating greater productivity in their work environment.

Phil’s heart-to-heart personable style connects with audiences on all levels. He has faced life’s experiences head on and shares the richness of these experiences with wit and wisdom.

Phil Parker

  • Hundreds of organizations have engaged Phil Parker as their featured or keynote speaker.
  • Phil's ability to effectively collect and present information garnered over 35 years of professional business experience leaves his audience with new ideas they can implement immediately.
  • Radio stations across the country are seeking his expert advice for their interview programs.
  • Phil has presented and worked in many countries giving him an international perspective that is essential in today's workplace.
  • He is respected for his ability to develop his presentation focused on his clients' themes and challenges.
  • Radio stations across the country are seeking his expert advice for their interview programs.

About Phil Parker

He's been hired, fired, acquired, merged, purged, downsized, rightsized, but never capsized.

He served his country as a Naval Officer, socialized at the White House and has been called a “world class” photographer. He was a Golden Gloves boxing champion, a collegiate wrestler and golfer, and has coached soccer, basketball and Little League baseball.

Phil is an energizing speaker and author who, through his experiences, shares with his audiences how to discover the possibilities within them. He is skilled in the area of self-survival and exploring the possibilities in the face of adversity. Held up at gunpoint at a young age, unexpectedly ejected from a jet plane over the South China Sea, and serving his country as a naval officer, was his training ground for what laid ahead in his corporate career. It gave him the gift of perspective. He’s been hired, fired, acquired; merged, purged, downsized, rightsized but never capsized. As a result, he has some unexpected answers to many of life’s challenges. As a speaker, he shares his insights on how to put risk in perspective, embrace change and comfortably step outside the familiar. His book, Kiss Yourself Hello! A Journey from a Life of Business creates an environment that gives individuals an opportunity to begin to evaluate where they are in their personal and professional lives. His message encourages people to take necessary action.™

Phil is a member of the National Speakers Association and the Georgia Speakers Association. He served as a business consultant and fundraiser for the Atlanta Paralympic Organizing Committee. Phil lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife Bonnie.


"Unbelievable story! We were on the edge of our seats. Your insights on risk versus opportunity were excellent."
- - Mitch Abel
Vice President
Digital Express Corporation

"Your message was about challenge, hope, and self-confidence. Spellbinding from the beginning, you held the audience's attention with ease."
- - John C. Rader
Director, Industry & Educational Services
Southern Motor Carriers

"Everyone now has a better understanding of how attitude affects productivity."
- - Larry Barber
Regional Manager

"Loved your style. Your genuineness and spontaneity connected with the entire audience."
- - Liane Levetan
County Executive
DeKalb County, Georgia

"Few in the world blend a diverse business experience spanning three decades with a powerful and professional speaking style as does Phil Parker."
- - Stephen M. Gower, CSP
The Gower Group, Inc


So you want to hire Phil? Good choice!

Picture this! Every chair is occupied. The audience is focused on the speaker. Except for the speaker's voice, it is so quiet you can hear the silence. Suddenly, the room is filled with spontaneous laughter! Then comes the applause. It goes on and on, and ends with a standing ovation.

His presentations are focused on his clients' needs and challenges. Topics include:

  • Kiss Yourself Hello!
    Based on Phil's best-selling book, this presentation will fill your mind with purpose, passion, courage, commitment, enthusiasm and humor. It will open the panoramic vista of your world.
    If your life is not going in the direction you would like, you will learn how to initiate life course change. It won't be a 180o turn, just a simple re-routing.
    You will discover the meaning of
  • Change is Inevitable, Except from a Vending Machine
    It's not change that bothers us as individuals, but rather how quickly it occurs. Personal change and growth are the most difficult tasks of all. Learn to identify the need for change and have both the courage and desire to pursue it. See how the changes of today give birth to the opportunities of tomorrow.
  • Life's a Business, So Let's Get Busy
    What are you doing with the business of your life? Life is a business, and it's your business. You are in charge!
    Speaking to the heart of every participant, Phil's timeless message stresses the importance of living your life, your way. It's about balance. The key to productivity at work is the integration of career with family, recreation, good health, and spiritual well-being.
  • The Missing Link: The Human Side of Human Capital
    Phil believes the missing link in a profitable company is the successful management of human capital. This former CEO speaks frankly about employee/employer loyalty, intellectual property, and workplace satisfaction.
  • Raising the B.A.R.
    What's holding you back from achieving the results you deserve? Is it Risk? Change? or failure to "take necessary action?" Maybe all of the above!
    Phil shares how to raise your B. A. R.

And, he writes, too!

Kiss Yourself Hello! is the humorous, inspiring, and entertaining story of Phil's journey "From A Life of Business to The Business of Life".

It will fill your mind with purpose, passion, courage, commitment, enthusiasm and humor. It will open up the panoramic vista of your world. If your life is not going in the direction you would like, initiate a course change. You don't have to make a one hundred and eighty degree turn, just some simple re-routing. Re-visit your past, study the present, build your dreams and create your future. There is a trail leading to wherever you want to go. Find it and give yourself permission to begin the trip. Taking responsibility for your life is a full time job. You can only take charge of YOU! Begin to live YOUR life, Your way. YOU CAN DO IT!


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