Peter Caminiti


Angels of our Lord Jesus Christ saved and guided Dr. Caminiti and his family out of Europe during a grave threat on their lives. This event changed his life forever. While in Europe, Dr. Caminiti was developing a new product/service. Assuming the rest of the world functioned like the U.S., in that competition is a healthy thing, his efforts were not welcome and the threat ensured.

With no one to turn to for help, he cried out to Angels of our Lord Jesus Christ and they came. “Like all of us, I was searching for happiness, searching for peace and wondering why it was so hard to keep a POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE. I was constantly trying to improve myself from the outside in. Looking for the next thing to make me feel good. Those things only put a patch on how I felt. A temporary fix and then to the next thing to fill that void. I spent over 25 years searching for the very best natural healing methods available for my patients.

At the same time struggling with improving myself, assuming that how I felt on the inside had little to do with what was happening on the outside. with my relationships, work and friends. Was this event a coincidence, that I needed the healing more than my patients at that moment in time? I don’t believe so. “When this happened, I was transformed. To know that a sinner like myself, not worthy of anything in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ, loves me and my family unconditionally. Forgives me for all of my faults. Sends His Angels to save us. Ever since this incredible event, my life has not been the same. It has a new meaning entirely. Every breath that I take, every sunrise that I experience, every breeze that I feel across my face is such a wonderful experience and Blessing. I knew from the beginning, that this experience was not just for me. It couldn’t be.

The experience has only become stronger and more meaningful in my life and this happened over 15 years ago.” “So now if you will? Let me bring calm and peace of mind to your lives by inspiring you, motivating you, encouraging you, and showing you how we are all loved unconditionally by our Lord God and His Beloved Son Jesus Christ. We all have crosses to carry in our lives. If you will let me inspire you to come just even a little closer with your relationship with Him, just maybe with our prayers those crosses will be lighter to carry in all of our lives.” Dr. Caminiti brings you the True Source of staying positive, becoming strong from within, showing you how to shed your fears and insecurities and becoming that positive person you have always wanted to be, through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May Angels of our Lord Jesus Christ protect all of us while we sleep and while we are awake! God Bless all of you!

Benefits to the Audiences

Understanding the True Source of the Positive Mental Attitude and incorporating it in our lives

Being moved to the core toward God and His Beloved Son Jesus Christ

Communicating with Angels of our Lord God for constant Protection

Achieving the calm and peaceful mind and life that God wants us all to have

Understanding how to shed our insecurities and strengthen inner self through Christ

Knowing that we are all Loved unconditionally by our Lord God. No matter how bad we are, as long as we turn toward Him and humble ourselves and ask for forgiveness, He forgives us every time.



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