Perry Pascarella


How others have described him

    "Visionary in early reporting of socio-economic trends; able to bring the long view down to today's business."

    "Crusader in the campaign for the human spirit in organizations; one of the earliest voices in the participative management and quality movements."

     "Synthesizer who draws together ideas from diverse fields of knowledge. Brings a commitment and vision with broad perspective about life."

    "A motivating speaker – not a 'motivational' speaker." He builds excitement and commitment as he speaks from the heart about his experiences and observations.

His career

    He has been studying and commenting on leadership, worker motivation, and the future of business for 40 years. His writings have made him a nationally recognized authority on humanistic management and the role of business in society.

    Pascarella was managing editor of the team that created Industry Week magazine in 1970. He became well known for his exploration of new styles of leadership and ways of transforming organizations. He worked with such thought leaders as Peter Drucker, Tom Peters, and Frederick Herzberg. From 1986 to 1989 he served as editor-in-chief of Industry Week, leading the magazine to national prominence and record levels of readership.

    In 1989, he was named vice president for editorial and graphics operations of Penton Publishing Inc., publisher of 42 business and professional magazines. He oversaw the activities of more than 200 editors and 60 graphics persons, leading his company's movement into desktop publishing and launching a custom publishing profit center.

    Pascarella has earned several awards for his editorials and feature articles. In 1992, the American Business Press awarded him the G.D. Crain award for a distinguished career in journalism.

    For more than two years after entering early "retirement" in 1996, he wrote a monthly column for the American Management Association's Management Review in which he interviewed and commented on leading edge thinkers. Continuing to stay out in front in the publishing world, in 2001, he became a founding member of and author for BrownHerron Publishing – a new concept company that produces electronic-documents, selling them on the Internet in partnership with

His books

    Pascarella is the author of seven books:

    1. Technology – Fire in a Dark World
    2. Humanagement in the Future Corporation
    3. The New Achievers
    4. The Purpose-Driven Organization   
    5. The Ten Commandments of the Workplace   
    6. Leveraging People & Profit: The Hard Work of Soft Management
    7. Christ-Centered Leadership

What He Can Do For You

    Perry Pascarella can help your key people develop into whole persons and become more effective leaders by:

    • working with groups of key managers to discuss economic, social, and management trends
    • enabling leaders to serve their deepest values and balance their many roles and priorities
    • tapping into what people can and want to do rather than doing only what they are told to do.

Speech and Workshop Topics

    Building Worker Loyalty: 22 Do's and Don'ts

      In this era of corporate fluidity and worker mobility, how do you bring about innovation via people with whom you may not have worked before and with whom you may never work again? Company loyalty is dead, but how do you build loyalty to last through the duration of a group's working relationships?

    Spirituality in Business

      Spirituality was becoming a new frontier in management before 9/11/01. Now there is no escaping the fact that leaders will have to deal with spirituality, even religion, in their quest for organizational effectiveness. Fortunately, they will find that spirituality is The source of motivation.

    Empires of Emptiness: Where Are the Real Value Creators?

      Energy companies that produce no energy, phone companies that have no phones or transmission facilities, CEOs who generate fictitious profits – One might think that all companies are hollow shells and all leaders are dishonest and greedy. Yet a new wave of leaders are genuinely creating value.  These "altrupreneurs" manage the seemingly impossible task of balancing people and profit issues.

    From Success to Significance

      The old corporate ladder is no longer the yardstick for measuring success. Seasoned veterans as well as baby boomers and generation Xers are re-defining what it means to be successful. Learn how to move from merely surviving to thriving, from surviving to serving.

    Harnessing People's Dreams

      Increasingly, the assets of a business are its employees' minds and their creative ability. That means people have to be truly committed and involved. Management's biggest challenge, therefore, is to capture hearts as well as minds and bodies.

Christian topics

    Christ-Centered Leaders – Blending faith and work

      Can you be a faithful Christian and head up a business organization? In interviews with dozens of Christian CEOs and company owners in both giant and small firms, Pascarella has found that many embrace a Biblical worldview that permits them to blend their faith and their work. The timeless principles by which they live create just the kind of organization that today's workers and customers are demanding.

    The Misleading Ten Commandments of the Workplace

      We have been taught numerous myths that bar us from living our faith in the workplace. Among them: Thou shalt hang up thy beliefs at the plant gate; Thou shalt be cool and calculating; Thou shalt not be emotionally involved. These assumptions are not only wrong, today they are extremely counter-productive for both the individual and the organization.

Half-Day Workshop Topics

    Christ-Centered Leadership

      Leaders from one organization or across various organizations can work together to explore the challenge of being Christ-centered while engaging in the secular world. Discussion topics include: reuniting the sacred and the secular, responding to a high calling, serving all the company's stakeholders, and loving God's children one by one.

    The Ten Commandments of the Workplace— And how to break them every day

      Love, Action, Words – That's the sequence for witnessing at work. Discussions center on how not to live by the many false commandments we are taught about keeping our faith separate from our work. A time for sharing concerns and hearing helpful suggestions.

A unique opportunity --- Engage Your Team in Deep Thinking and Open Sharing

    Monthly, quarterly, or as often as you like, Pascarella will distill the message of an important new book on leadership or issues relating to today's organization, interview the author, and meet with your key managers to lead thought-provoking discussions. Recommended time: 2 hours – during or after working hours. On site or off site.



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