Peggy Grall


Transitioning People
Through Organizational Change

Peggy delights her audience with humour and insight-provoking stories about real people and companies with real challenges, sharing how they cope and succeed!

All presentation topics can be given in a keynote, workshop or retreat format. Peggy believes that the best way to ensure the success of a new initiative, merger or culture - change, is to equip the leaders to lead and fiercely support the people in transition.

Peggy provides custom, well researched presentations to audiences with an informed and engaging style. Corporate and association audiences say her no-nonsense delivery style is a great fit for today’s change-shy audiences.


Crisis Leadership / Communication Workshops & Keynotes

Now What Do We Say?

What do you do when an organizational crisis hits, employees and stakeholders get nervous and the media begins to circle? The only way to survive an intense event is to prepare for it, and communicating effectively during a crisis is the true test of an organization’s clarity and relevance in the marketplace.

Organization leaders and front-line managers can be a point of stability and hope to their staff, clientele and the community at large, if they can create and deliver transparent, timely and topical communications. This session explores the Content, Clarity and Commitment of great crisis communication plans.

In this fast-paced, interactive session the audience will learn:

* What people hear and don’t hear during a crisis
* How to speak so staff, customers and the media will listen
* How to create and capitalize on ‘War Room’ techniques

Now What Do We Do?

Crisis happens! When terrorist threats, environmental disasters or pandemics slam an organization, employees get nervous and the leadership often beats a retreat to the safety of their offices. And, when the adversary is a loss of integrity among the leadership, corporate mal-practice or customer abandonment, the whole organization rumbles.

What’s a leader to do when calamity and crisis loom? The first order of crisis preparedness is proactive preparation. Building resilience and a capacity to stay focused on business continuity and remaining steady in the boardroom are the first order of the leadership team.

In this presentation Peggy reveals the psychological, social and practical keys to ‘crisis-proofing’ your workforce. She will share the personal and professional steps leaders need to take to ensure they are ready for whatever comes.

Leader’s Summit™

Transitioning People through Organizational Change

The Leader’s Summit™ in a comprehensive learning program that provides leadership teams
with the tools to strategically plan and artfully navigate organizational change initiatives.

The objectives of the Leader’s Summit™ are to:
Create an in-depth understanding of the people issues and business processes that support and drive successful organizational change,
Assist leaders to ready their organization for significant change,
Help leader’s maintain their own sense of integrity and stability during uncertainty,
Educate leader’s on what individuals and organizations really need to buy-into and support a change project,
Give leaders information and insight into how to best mediate their own change-style strengths and challenges.

Transition Poker™ Workshop - Where Change Theory Meets Real Play

The exciting and interactive Transition Poker™ Workshop teaches foundational concepts and provides tools for any group to master the power of the 6 Success Factors for leading organizational change successfully.

The Transition Poker™ Workshop is composed of:

* JCI People Change Process - a solid foundation as to how people move through change and how leaders can motivate, model and monitor change success.
* The 6 Success Factors for leading change - understanding the importance of each success factor and how to compensate for missing elements when leading a change initiative.
* The experiential, real-play of the Transition Poker™ game engages players to use the 6 Success Factors and choose strategies that will enable a successful change initiative, bet on their potential success and defend their choices to colleagues.
* The Change Style Index - understanding your Personal Change Style can help you decide what you need to be successful during a time of change and how you use your style and the styles of your team members to successfully lead organizational change.
* The Change Map - a tool your change leaders can use to create and document the specific action steps necessary for your group to bring change success into your organization.


Before bringing her expertise to the corporate world, Peggy was a Psychotherapist in private counseling practice. She uses her considerable clinical experience with individual and group Psychology to inform her presentations, coaching and training.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology & Anthropology, from the University of Guelph and has been granted Certification as a business Coach and Consultant and an Employee Relations & HR Professional. As well, she is Certified to administer and interpret the DISC and the PCSI, Personal Profile Analysis tools that she uses with her coaching clients and business teams.

In addition to being a professional coach and trainer, Peggy is an accomplished writer. Her new book, Just Change It: the Fast Track Guide to Personal and Professional Renewal was released to strong reviews. She is the past-Editor of Psychologica, a magazine of The Association of Mental Health Professionals. She also provides her clients with Change Bytes ™– a complimentary monthly E-Zine full of great ideas for managing change and resolving conflict.

Peggy was nominated for Business Person of the Year in 2003 as well as for the 2005 Athena Award, an honor given to ‘women of achievement’ in business. The Toronto Star calls Peggy, “smart and funny… tonic for the transition-challenged”, and the Globe & Mail claims Peggy as Canada’s “change expert”.


What People Are Saying

"Peggy was extensively involved in working with our staff and coaching them through extraordinary challenges... through her interactive ability, we were able to address our challenges and see our team grow."
Staples/Business Depot

"Wow, it was a great event and I was so pleased with the feedback I received from the Board members specially the nay-sayers. I really appreciated your leadership throughout the 2 days and for helping us come out with decisions rather then floundering in "CHAOS" until the next retreat."
President, OACCPP

"[Peggy Grall's] presentation on change management was great; what an excellent idea
given that change is so prominent in healthcare these days!"
Participant, OHA Health Information Conference



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