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Shortcuts to Yes™ are the fast and predictable paths around sales roadblocks. These strategies, tools, and training programs ensure that your selling teams exceed their goals. Paul will help you identify the kinks and obstructions in your sales pipeline, remove them, and get business flowing.

Paul Johnson is principal of Panache and Systems LLC, the sales and marketing consulting firm that delivers Shortcuts to Yes™ to help companies accelerate their growth.

Paul sells more than a speech. He sells results.

Paul makes his presentations more powerful with pre- and post-event consulting. Each engagement is tailored to resolve the specific, unique business challenges of the client, and Paul's results show it. That's why he's been able to double and triple revenues at some companies in as little as 12 to 18 months.

"In just the first full month after rolling out your program at our national sales meeting, our contracts are already up 22%!" Broniec Associates; Gerry Conheady, President

"Companies that want to capitalize on their strengths should be working with you. In our 12-year history, we’ve never been in such demand, or as profitable." Applied Systems Intelligence, Inc.; Douglas M. Hosmer, VP of Business Development

"Your approach has allowed me to get 1,000 people all pulling in the same direction." Nortel Networks; Beth Barrow, Manager - Global Documentation Process

"Our salespeople left here with everything they needed right under their arms." Automatic Data Processing; Jeff Fields, VP of Sales

"You gave us the credibility we needed to capture 17 new customers worth over $900,000 in recurring annual revenue in only 3 months. Incredible!" Akzo Nobel Coatings Inc.: Bill Orr, Manager, Market Communications

While Paul's programs are guaranteed to be energetic and interactive, his audiences find them especially relevant when he is invited to include a pre-meeting survey of sales team members as part of the package.

These Programs are best for Corporate audiences:

Letting Your Customer Sell You
Wondering how to easily turn reluctant buyers into loyal customers? Wondering how to multiply your solo sales successes into an unstoppable army of enthusiastic advocates that close sales for you? Compelling letters from customers will give you the credibility boost you need to get prospects to “Yes!” You’ll take away many of the 120 proven tips from Let Your Customer Sell You, the definitive guide to getting and using powerful testimonial letters. Learn from the expert how to mine past successes to win new business.

Seven Self-Inflicted Wounds That Kill Sales Proposals
Wondering why the hard work on your sales proposals isn’t appreciated by prospects? Wondering why communications stop after your proposal presentation? When deals get “stuck” in the pipeline, your proposal could be to blame. Learn secrets of proposal preparation, presentation, and follow-through you’ll never find in books or tapes. You’ll take away proven ways to improve your proposal and win more business.

This Program is a planning session workshop for 6-8 sales and marketing executives:

The Sales CommunicationsTM Workshop
A deal in the pipeline is like water in a garden hose that can't flow out the end if any part of the hose is kinked. The Sales Communications Map™ produced by your sales management in this private sales workshop is a powerfully simple visual aid that salespeople will use to understand why their buyer isn't buying. Salespeople will be able to use the Map to self-diagnose the kinks in their sales pipeline and solve their own sales problems. From prospecting to closing, these sales workshops systematically and immediately remove excuses for poor sales.

These Programs are best for Association audiences:

Everyone Has a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
Do your prospects treat you like a common commodity, forcing you to continually fight intense pricing pressure? Do you find that prospects avoid talking to you, and then tune you out before you can explain your benefits? If your message isn’t resonating, it’s time to change your tune to one that’s music to your prospect’s ears. You’ll learn how to talk about your product or service in a way that prospects will care about; they’ll be begging you to tell them more. You’ll take away a proven approach that makes it easy for prospects to remember what you offer, and compel them to take action NOW.

Cash In on Customer Service
Would you like to drastically lower your cost of new account acquisition without having to spend more money to do it? Would you like to leverage the investment you’ve already made in your customer service programs to win more new customers, more new business, today? If your company delivers good customer service, you can easily win more business than you do now. You’ll take home a simple framework and a fistful of proven ways to convert the goodwill you’ve worked so hard to generate into something tangible – cold, hard cash! Learn how to turn your customer service efforts into a money making machine that generates more new sales for your company.

Why Your Strategy Isn’t Working
Does your organization sometimes fail to achieve objectives and deliver results, despite the strategic planning you’ve done? Does your team recognize and remove obstacles that prevent great plans from reaching effective implementation? New research reveals why some strategies don’t work. Attend this presentation to be privy to the latest findings on why strategies fail and what you can do about it. This interactive session includes a discussion of solutions relevant to each individual audience. You’ll gain the hard-hitting insights you need to ensure that your critical objectives are achieved.

About Paul

Paul Johnson is principal of Panache and Systems LLC, the sales and marketing consulting firm that delivers Shortcuts to YesTM to help companies accelerate their growth.

Since 1979, Paul has been helping companies, and the people who work for them, to see the good in their strengths, gain positive decisions, and increase earnings. He’s succeeded in many roles including Sales Representative, National Sales Director, National Accounts Manager, and Product Marketing Manager. Paul has never worked for a market leader, and knows how to get attention, get access, and get a positive decision when your company doesn’t have a leading brand.

While Paul’s clients include ADP, Siebel Systems, and Nortel Networks, Paul targets small to mid-size companies where he has been able to double and triple revenues in 12 to 18 months, and he has the letters to prove it. Paul is author of Let Your Customer Sell You, a guide to using testimonial letters to win business. Paul is an expert at using proof sources during the selling experience, and he’s been developing and using the sales techniques featured in his seminars and workshops since 1984.

Paul believes that more people will say “Yes!” to you when you learn to market your strengths and bring who you are to what you do. By connecting what you do to who you are, you really can have fun and make money. Work wasn’t intended to be a four-letter word.

Paul’s advice has appeared in publications including the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Atlanta Business Chronicle, Sales and Marketing Management Magazine, and Selling Power Magazine’s Sales Management newsletter.

Paul volunteers his time for organizations that include the National Speakers Association, NSA Georgia, and Sales and Marketing Executives International. Paul co-founded the Technology Marketing Association in Atlanta, and provides marketing advice to budding entrepreneurs through Georgia Institute of Technology’s Startup Café program.



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