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Paul Glover is a professional speaker who engages audiences with his extensive knowledge of current workplace issues in the area of human resources and labor relations. His ability to deliver meaningful information in an entertaining fashion makes him an effective presenter for any business audience.

A labor leader until 1992 and a practicing labor/employment law attorney until 1995, Paul founded the Management Consulting firm of Glover & Associates in 1992. His unique background as a former union official gives him atypical insight into the world of work, allowing him to effectively assist companies and their employees in reaching acceptable resolutions to workplace issues. Using his unique ability to view the world of work from two equal, but often diametrically opposed points of view - management and labor - Paul has conducted effective presentations, workshops, and seminars on diversity, conflict resolution, negotiations, communications, organizational ethics, and other workplace and employee related issues, all of which focus on achieving measurable improvement in the workplace.

Paul has a Bachelor of Arts in English from DePaul University, a Masters in Labor Law from Chicago Kent Law School, and a Juris Doctorate from DePaul University College of Law. Paul currently teaches management issues, employment/labor law, and negotiations and communications at the University of St. Francis, the University of Phoenix, Lewis University, and the College of Lake County.




Why Can’t I Understand What They’re Saying?: Effectively Communicating in the Languages of the New Economy Workplace.

You Can Do It Alone, But Why Would You Want To?: Team Building for Increased Workplace Productivity.

You Don’t Have to Love ‘Em to Lead ‘Em!: Supervising/Motivating the Obstinate Workforce.

Why Diversity in the Workplace Doesn’t Work and What Your Company Has To Do To Make Sure It Does.

Lead, Follow, Or Get Out of the Way!: Leadership Skills for the Next Two and a Half Years.

Getting Outside “The Box” Others Have Put You In: Creative Problem Solving for the Puzzled Manager.

Surviving the Workquake© of the New Economy.

Hands Off!: Understanding and Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.

How to Get ‘Em, Keep ‘Em, or Get Rid of ‘Em: Hiring, Retaining, Disciplining, and Discharging the New Economy Workforce.

Goal Setting and Time Management for the Harassed Manager.

Business Ethics With a Twist: Practicing Business Ethics That Will Keep You Out of Jail, Let You Sleep at Night, and Still Allow You to Make a Profit!

Conflict Resolution in the Workplace: You can’t stop conflict - You can only manage it.

The Art of Negotiating in the 21st Century: You not in Kansas anymore!

Critical Thinking for Business Leaders: If You Can’t Then Nothing Else You Do Matters!

Public Speaking Activities:

  • I am a Certified Public Speaker and a Member of the National Speakers Association. During 2003 and 2004, I spoke on “Ethics in the Legal Profession” at the Law Schools of DePaul University, IIT Chicago-Kent University, Loyola University, the University of Illinois, and Washington University-St. Louis.
  • addressed four hundred members of the American Alliance Conference on “Union Ethics in the 21st Century.”
  • spoke to over 2,000 people at twenty-three organizations on “Surviving the Workquake of the New Economy Job Environment.”
  • participated on a Panel Presentation of “Ethics in the Practice of Law” as a part of Chicago-Kent Law School’s Law as a Profession Day.
  • will conduct a Workshop on Diversity in the Work Environment at the Conference Board’s 2004 Annual Diversity Workshop in November 2004.
  • I am also a speaker with the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce’s Speakers Bureau and a member of the Windy City Professional Speakers Toastmasters Club.


Writing Activities:

The book The Essentials of “Hard Bargaining”- to be delivered to the Publisher by January 2005.


What Audiences Say About Paul Glover

“Paul is a dynamic speaker! He presents with energy and enthusiasm, while displaying a mastery of the material that makes his presentation relevant to the entire audience. Those of the five hundred contractors attending our annual conference that heard Paul’s presentation rated Paul a nine out of a possible ten as a relevant and effective speaker and requested that he return as a speaker at our Conference next year. Paul will definitely be invited back!”
Greg Wittstock, President
Aquascape Designs, Inc.

“Paul’s candor, real world experience, and passionate presentation style helped our law students grasp the importance of ethics in the law profession. Paul has spoken at our “Law as a Profession Program” for the last two years and he will definitely be invited back next year.”
Harold J. Krent, Dean
Chicago Kent College of Law
Illinois Institute of Technology

“As the Chairman of the American Alliance Conference, it is my responsibility to provide the best speakers to address the labor leaders who come from all over the United States to attend our annual Conference. Paul certainly filled that requirement! His presentation held the one hundred twenty members in attendance enthralled. He spoke with a depth of conviction and knowledge that impressed everyone in the room, while giving them the valuable information that they needed to hear. Paul will certainly be invited back to address our members again.”
Riccardo Iaccarino, Chairman
American Alliance Conference

“Paul’s presentation on issues in the workplace was so informative and entertaining that I have recommended him as a presenter at the Illinois Association of Park and Recreation Association Annual Conference.”
Keith Williams, Superintendent
Palatine Park District

“I hired Paul as our keynote speaker. He was outstanding. Some of the comments were “Best speaker so far”, “Paul gave us practical and useful information”, and “Paul is right on target”. We enjoyed his presentation so much that we have already contracted him to return as a keynote speaker on another topic.”
Nancy Wajler, Manager
DuPage Executive Network


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