Paul E. Clayton

Paul E. Clayton is known nationally for his work in motivation training for business professionals, teachers,  government workers and support staff.

Paul spent nine years teaching secondary school English in NJ. He developed and headed a Motivation  and  Jobsearch Program at the Employment and Training Center, Camden County, NJ. He later became Executive Director of the Private Industry Counsel of Camden County. Mr. Clayton has been lauded for his non-traditional  approach to motivation. Different types of professionals and non-professionals around the country utilize his process. He has done extensive work developing training programs for city, county and state governments. He  is presently president of P.E. Clayton and Associates which has its office in Key West, FL. Paul has trained over 100,000 clients in the last ten years. He has lectured in over forty-five states. Paul's book, Developinq the Power Within has just been published. He presently working on his new book, The Mind As A Computer.

Paul's comedy style of workshops and as a main speaker has made his  lectures informative and fun. His topics range from motivating staff, customer service to strategic planning.

Mr. Clayton espouses the idea that skills training are not the best ways to help people do good  jobs. We must change attitudes.

· Topic/Seminar Titles ·

Organizations for the Next Century

    Learn the ten principles of making your Company I Agency I Organization effectively meeting its mission  and goals for the future. This workshop is for the whole staff, from the receptionist to the director. It teaches you how to look at your organization in a different way. Taking you out of the traditional model of  working by crises and directive to working to be pro-active and objective. Make your organization a mission driven and a community model. Staff will have fun as they learn new ways of looking at the  organization and  working together on case studies, strategic planning and evaluations. This is a two-day workshop that can be modified to a one-day workshop.

Creating Self Directed Work Teams

    Learn what many companies have learned. Teams are more effective then management by directive. This seminar will take  you through step by step on what is necessary for you and your organization to change how your workers function in the work place. You will learn the techniques of how successful teams operate, and how to  train your  staff to function more effectively. This workshop is a two-day or modified one-day workshop.

Strategies for Becoming and Effective Manager

    As a manager, your effectiveness can be measured by your ability to maximize your staff's productivity and   capabilities. At this workshop you will learn how to renew staff's enthusiasm, minimize burnout and have staff take ownership in organizational policies. This one I two-day workshop also teaches managers how to  manage fun and informative meetings and pep sessions. This seminar is entertaining and informative.

Motivating Yourself to Excellence

    Most people use between nine to fifteen percent of their actual abilities. This causes them frustration and overload in  what they do. This seminar will give you the tools to develop the power and energy within to grow and enjoy the world around you. This seminar is for people who want to go beyond coping. You will learn to accomplish  more by doing less. Learn how you form your operating system and how to tune it up. Also learn that you control your feelings and how to make them positive. This is one of our most requested seminars. It can be a one,  two or three day workshop. This seminar is fun and informative.

Dynamic Strategies for Communication

    Have you ever asked for directions and had no idea about what they told you? Your family and friends and customers  may  have the same problems, with you. They shake their head yes but don't get it. Communication is the key to relationships at work, at home, anywhere. This workshop gives you the techniques you need in order to get others  to understand you. Learn the three ways that people communicate and how to deal with people when they are not listening or are upset. Learn techniques that get people to understand you. Learn how many  times you have to  say the same thing over to get people to remember what you say and much more.

Overcoming and Staying Away from Burnout

    This workshop is for all staff. One of the biggest problems facing any industry is staff burnout. This workshop  has  been used around the country with great success. Staff will be given tips and techniques on how successful people in business and in athletics are able to stay motivated. They will be given steps that can help redirect  their lives. This is an entertaining and informative workshop.

Astonishing Customer Service

    When is the last time your customers said, "I am impressed with your service"? Over 60% of your sales come from repeat  customers. Can your service withstand the competition? Do customers enjoy coming to your place of business? Do your employees go out their way to serve the customer? Astonishing Customer Service is a  workshop for the  business that wants to have customers advertise for you. This workshop will present ways that make your business friendly and customers wanting to come back with fiends.

Public Speaking the Easy Way

    This course is for those who want to feel conformable in front of audiences. This is not your usual course that you get  an  A in and still feel uncomfortable about speaking. This workshop teaches you how to feel conformable and confident and offers presentation techniques that make the best speakers. Lots of participation and  overcoming fear.

Staff Retreat

    This is a one or two day workshop that helps the staff feel good about themselves and renews their energy and  enthusiasm for their jobs. This day/s renews the staff's sense of team without talking about it. It gives the staff a fun and inspirational day/s. Groups up to 60 persons.

Train the Trainer

    This workshop is for both seasoned and new trainers. You will learn benchmarks of exceptional training programs.  Trainers will learn techniques that will get participants excited before they come to the workshop. Trainers will learn techniques that help motivate participants to want to learn more and to remember what they have  learned. In addition trainers will learn new multi-media programs and techniques. They will also learn how to make workshops fun and exciting and renew your energy for being a trainer.


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