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will Entertain with political humor; Inform how to achieve your legislative and regulatory agenda using effective grassroots advocacy and PACs; and Motivate your group with patriotism.

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Politics Is Too Important to Leave to the Politicians
On election day 2000, voters will affect ALL THREE branches of government. Voters will 1) elect to the Presidency either George Bush or Al Gore who will replace as many as four Supreme Court Justices, enlarging the court's narrow conservative majority or creating a liberal majority; 2) decide if the Republicans lose, hold or increase their slim majority in the House of Representatives; 3) elect state legislators who will use the 2000 census to re-draw state and federal election district boundaries. An insider's look into Washington and the benefits of citizen participation; a GREAT election year meeting program.

The Difference Between Elected Officials and the Boy Scouts Is the Boy Scouts Have Adult Leadership
Using examples of average citizens successfully achieving their legislative goals, this progam motivates and empowers your group to use all the tools of participatory government, including PACs, to achieve your legislative/regulatory agenda. This program has a patriotic close that raises goose bumps of pride and makes your audience EAGER to participate in self-government.

Highlights of Pat's 25 years in Washington, DC:

  • A journalist covering Congress, the federal agencies and the White House
  • Press Secretary to 3 members of Congress
  • Frequent guest on the The Larry King Show
  • News consultant to ABC Television's Good Morning AmericaS Senate campaign
  • US staffer and advisor to 4 presidential campaigns

Testimonials regarding Pat's ability to combine his 25 years of Washington, DC experience with his delightfully disrespectful Irish wit:

"Political humor funnier than Mark Russell but with a message and without a piano..."
Tom Dobbins, Director of Government Programs American Consulting Engineers Council

"You delivered your 'We the People' message with energy, humor, warmth and intelligence."
Sue Wolk, Meetings Director, National Court Reporters Association

"If it happens in Washington, DC Pat Haggerty understands it and can explain it."
Larry King, CNN's Larry King Live

"You made my members realize their votes, PAC contributions, letters and phone calls will make a difference in our legislative agenda." Alex Sanchez, Executive Director, Florida Bankers Association


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