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Financial Leadership
Converging Science & Art to Drive Business Strategy

Why Pamela Robinson is an expert in Financial Leadership.

    As Executive Coach/CEO of Financial Voyages, LLC , Pamela Robinson specialzes in financial leadershlp and creates value by "developing leaders with strong financial and communications skills." She brings over a decade of practical business finance and leadershlp development experience in the public and private sector. Through one-on-one coaching, seminars and consulting services, she helps companies and government entities effectively control costs, manage risks or lead projects from start to finish. Pamela has designed and delivered programs on business finance and leadership topics on-line and to audiences and groups in three continents. She is a Certified Coach Facilitator, Seminar Leader and listed in Who is Who in Professional Speaking. Pamela holds an MBA in International Business and Finance.

Client Services:

  • Executive/Team Coaching
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Speeches
  • Consulting Services

Do You Want To: (Check all that apply)

    Create More Balance Between Your Personal and Professional Goals?
    Create a Organizational Climate of Innovation that Promotes Authentic Leadership?
    Transform Financial Professionals into Business Advisors?
    Take Your Organization/Business Unit to the Next Level of Performance?
    Improve Program/Project Management Effectiveness?
    Achieve Observable and Measurable Results?

Score: High Concern (5-6)       Medium Concern (3-4)      Low Concern (1-2)

As your organization sails ahead through economic changes, your experience in calm waters and raging seas presents risks and opportunities. How well you navigate and deliver valueadded products and services greatly depends on how knowledgeable, astute and flexible your business/finance team is in helping your managers and executives make operational and strategic decisions to move your organization forward. Financial leadership is essential to your organization's fortitude and sustainability.

What is Financial Leadership?

    Financial leadership is "the mastery of key technical skills and the ability to effectively translate the language of finance." The objective is to drive business strategy that consistently adds real value to your constituents. Financial leadership requires a clear understanding of the direction of the organization, redefining the role of financial professionals to perform as business advisors, and developing leaders with strong financial and communications skills.

Why is Financial Leadership Important?

    Financial leadership is important because 1) it creates a greater impact on program and project results; 2) it promotes sound decision making by increasing the involvement of real talent across the organization; 3) it honors authentic leadership and promotes the alignment of personal and professional goals; 4) it promotes value creation through the use of financial and non-financial performance measures; and 5) it fosters business process improvement to deliver better results.

Our Coach-Based Programs To Help You Succeed

  • "Financial Leadership Executive/Team Coaching Programs"
  • "Controlling Costs Through Effective Cost Analysis & Program Evaluation"
  • "Mitigating Business Risks Through Shared Knowledge"
  • "Masterful Project Management: Leading Projects from Start to Finish"

Who Should Participate? Our portfolio of services are ideal for:

  • CFO Departments, Finance Operations, Controller Functions, Auditing Functions
  • Financial Professionals and Auditors Performing as Business Advisors
  • New and Seasoned Mid-Level Managers with Financial Responsibilities
  • Financial Planners and Investment Professionals
  • Members of Leading Financial Associations
  • Entrepreneurs Focused on Long-Term Growth


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