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Olivia Benson Helps Organizations & Individuals Make Sense of Work and Careers

Help your business and your employees achieve greater productivity and profitability
and stay there!...

Who is Olivia Benson?

    Olivia Benson is an attorney, a professional speaker and a business strategist who helps people to create a new vision of work for the future.
    Affectionately known as the "work doctor", she has been creating results through her counseling, keynotes and seminars throughout South Florida and across the U.S. for 10 years.

Why should you hire Olivia?

    Olivia understands the wing challenges of the workplace in the 21st century. Her vision, experience and cation skills 'help to bridge the gap between the vision of shareholdersand executives and the seemingly opposed expectations of their employees.
    Olivia dares to challenge the conventional practice of demanding more and more from your employees without giving back.

80 hour work weeks? High turnover? Low morale? Lack of spirit? Olivia proves that there's a belier way! Her customized, thought provoking presentations show attendees and participants how to:

  • improve their bottom line by improving quality of life, setting priorities and renewing spirit in the workplace;
  • win the corporate "rat race"without running, burning out or resorting to dirty tricks;
  • achieve complete congruency and maintain balance by using their innate talents;
  • anticipate, embrace and benefit from the inevitable changes in the workplace and marketplace;
  • make the best work and career decisions even if they're not the easiest or most popular paths to follow;
  • use internal motivators to accomplish personal and professional goals and become more productive.

Olivia's most requested programs:

Be sure to call about customized presentations. Olivia will research, develop and present a workshop or keynote which addresses the issues you are facing.


Workshops (half-day or full day)

Discovering Your Purpose, Passion and Stop the World I Want to Get Off! Personal Style

    Ideal for people examining and re-examining the course of their work life, it is hands-on and interactive, involving a bit of soul-searching. Participants leave with a written action plan to take back to their organization.

Formulating a Mission Statement for Success

    Created to help individuals and organizations to actualize their mission statement into a living, three-dimensional organ. Rediscover your place in the marketplace. Understand your career path. Know your significance at work.

Work Choices for Life

    Designed for men arid women at every level within your organization who are searching for answers to the challenges faced in balancing all the aspects of our complex lives.


Stop the World I want to Get Off!!

    This message uses humor to highlight the madness of frantic modem-day life, and boils the solution down to two words.

Preparing for Change in the Work Environment of the Future

    This powerful presentation addresses the simple realities of modern day life. Discover the secret to dealing with change and benefitting from it.

The Holistic Approach to Work

    Band-Aid solutions don't work when the real challenge is deeper than most care to admit! Our choices must reflect individual complexities as well as those in our environment. This passionate, inspiring presentation heals corporate issues by finding solutions to dilemmas from the inside out.

Testimonials from Clients & Participants:

"Ms. Benson's presentation ... gave me clarity on where this work stuff all fits in." J.Haber, Plantation, FL

"Ms Benson's knowledge of the topic was outstanding. The information was invaluable." D. Payne, Miami-Dade County Public Schools

"Memorable, professional, detailed and organized. I would recommend her without reservation. She is without a doubt, top in her field." E. Bain, President, Miami Shores Business and Professional Women's Club

"This woman knows her stuff!! Could not have been any better." M.Frederick, Kingston, Jamaica

"...strategies were direct, concrete, showed how to implement the necessary steps and the types of results to be expected." B. Ferguson, Commissioner, Miami-Dade County

"...professional, interesting and informative. We will continue to recommend her services." T. Takahashi, Florida Atlantic University

"Ms. Benson's presentation was excellent and thought provoking. Her use of different tools to stimulate interest was excellent." B.B.Y., Florida Memorial College

"In this age of talking heads who really have nothing to say, it's refreshing to listen to Olivia Benson and watch her in action. Her authentic passion and skills of persuasion are inspirational and transforming." B. Norris, President, Norris Communications


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