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Latest Book: Corporate Learning Strategies (2006)

The Crossroads of Learning and Change

Anytime you reach a crossroad, it demands both decision and action. It is at that flashpoint of change where learning can be embraced or ignored. One road leads to an upward spiral, while the other does not. It is essential to navigate that crossroad effectively and that is where my work contributes its greatest value. It is possible to accelerate through the curve of change and create significant value through learning.

Most executives interacting with me say "Yes I'm at that crossroad! ... But how do I move forward from here?" I find that executives:

* Already know that change is necessary and is happening with or without their approval
* Are seeing their organizations spend significant dollars on poorly managed change efforts
* Know the standard employee resistance to one more change event all too well - hearing them say "What's next?"
* Are increasingly frustrated with the lack of long term results from change efforts
* Face mounting pressure from employees resisting anything new

Does that sound like you? If so, you might be interested to know that there is another way to move through planned change when

* Learning and Development are used as initiators of change instead of just response mechanisms
* People are engaged in the learning process not just the outcome
* Resistance is embraced as opportunity
* Change becomes the springboard to a new future

If you find commonality between these phrases and your experience, it may be time for us to talk. This year you can join others who have accelerated performance through positive employee engagement in change initiatives.

Common speaking topics and outcomes include:

Building Bridges Between People and Strategy: From Risk2Return!

* How to link people to strategy
* The nature of employee exchange in both process and product

Corporate Training is a Liability!

* Why training is a fix-it mentality
* Transform training into an asset

Why do Strategic Plans Implode?

* Five key forces in effective strategic learning plan
* How to integrate not implode

Most systems fail to grow your business! Why is that?

* Ten reality checks to business systems (from sales to service)
* What is wrong with rewards


Nathan Greeno is a National Consultant, Speaker and Award Winning Author. He is an Expert on Organizational Learning and Human Performance. His work and advice are often sourced by major news hubs including MSNBC, AOL and MSN.

His specialty is bridging the gaps between training, learning and organizational strategy – creating both a business and personal return on investment.

Nathan has worked with leading organizations such as Mobil Oil, Pfizer, New Jersey Natural Gas, Delta Air Lines and The Wackenhut Corporation. He has served on boards with representatives from McDonald’s Hamburger University, GM University, Motorola University, Delta U and Disney University via the American Council on Education. Finally, he served as a strategic consultant to over 80 organizations seeking to roll out learning strategies that included corporate and educational partnerships for employee learning. He is an active speaker, author and executive coach, focusing on how organizations gain strategic transformation through investment in people.

His most recent book, Corporate Learning Strategies (2006), received the accolade of being named The American Society of Training and Development’s Spotlight Book for 2006.

His educational credentials include a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Roberts Wesleyan College; a master’s degree in educational administration and organizational behavior from Michigan State University; extensive post graduate work totaling over 40 doctoral credits in social psychology and organizational development at Bowling Green State University; and a doctoral degree (honoris causa) in commercial science from John Dewey University, awarded to him for his significant advancement of the business learning field.

Testimonial Sampling

"Your new book engagingly and compellingly incorporates learner motivation into successful outcomes - we are making sure our leadership team at Delta Ai Lines is fully on board."--Ted Lehne, Manager, Delta U and Corporate Training Support

"As an executive coach, Nathan has proven to be an invaluable asset in helping me to discover and focus on real issues in managing our organizational development."
--Shawn Taylor, General Manager, Toledo Beach Yacht Sales

"Nathan's strategic process consultation accelerated our two-year goals into one year. The results are in and we have cut our development and roll-out cycle time in half while at the same time exceeding our goals!"--Robert MacDonald, Ph.D., Executive Director, USDoE Grant

"Your recent article on Training vs. Learning brings home the idea that trainees are active participants in the learning process. This is so applicable that I would like reprints for my company's training seminar!"
--Lauren Tribby Pruett, President, Language Matters, Inc.

"Nathan Greeno's knowledge and his assistance in defining our core market helped us grow our online program. This has a positive impact on the College's bottom line." --Merle Harris, Ed.D. President COSC


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