Mona Moon

Mona Moon

Life Management Skills, Strategies and Solutions

"It's not lack of information that keeps us from being all we can be, it's lack of application." - Mona Moon

In a fast-paced, information age, how do you get your people to ...

  • achieve exceptional results in performance and productivity
  • embrace and take charge of change instead of resisting it
  • develop more effective communication skills
  • increase their levels of insight and awareness
  • focus on solutions instead of problems
  • manage stress more productively
  • take responsibility for themselves and their results.

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International Speaker, Trainer, Consultant
"How-to's" presented with Humor, Heart and Hope

Focusing on life management skills, Mona Moon offers unique insights for Liking ownership of one's life. She has encouraged more than 200,000 people in 50 states and 14 countries to increase their personal and professional power and their productivity. Audience members learn how to redirect their energy for more success, less stress and more balanced lives,
With more than 30 years experience as an award-winning educator, international speaker, leader, and businesswoman. Mona understands that today's audiences need more than "motivation"-- they need positive, innovative and practical "how-to's".,. skills, strategies and solutions they can use immediately to achieve better results.
Mona doesn't just create a speech, she empowers people to create positive changes in their behavior,
Her highly interactive style involves and inspires audiences to action. She punctuates all her presentations with humor, heart and hope, providing real-world examples and stories that people can relate to/ remember and apply to their own situations.
Participants leave her presentations energized, informed, and inspired to make significant changes in their lives and perform at their best!


Speaking Topics

The Resiliency Factor: How to Stretch in Life without Breaking.
How do you survive and even thrive amidst change and crisis? The key is resiliency! In this insightful presentation you will learn how to take charge of change and avoid "burnout” "blowout" and "bailout". •Determine your own R.Q- (Resilience Quotient) • Explore the 10 Traits of Resiliency • Discover practical tools for incorporating these trails into your daily life

Maximizing Your Performance: How to Achieve Exceptional Results!
Is your life just a series of "to-do" lists? Or an exciting journey toward predetermined and worthwhile goals? Discover the techniques that peak performers use to create personal motivation and balance in their lives - and apply them to your life. You'll learn: • The 6 Secrets of Success • How to reveal and prevent self-sabotage • 5 simple steps to increase y elf-motivation and promote productivity.

Leadership is an Inside Job: How to Lead So Others Want to Follow.
How do you inspire people lo achieve the results you want? Learning to lead effectively with style and courage directly affects morale and the bottom line. In this dynamic program, you'll discover; • The 12 characteristics of effective leaders • Which communication style will achieve the best results • The 10 commandments of Leadership

Additional keynotes and breakout sessions:
How to Get What You Want More Often: Goal Setting & Getting Men and Women: • How to Communicate with the Other Sex • Power Up - How to Take Charge of Your Life
Mona works extensively to meet her clients needs. All programs are customized and can be presented from a one-hour to a full-day format,



Partial client listing:

American Express
Carnation Corporation
Walt Disney Imaglneering

Cal-State University, Norlhridge
Clovis Unified School District
Rialto Unified School District
Sonoma County Office of Education University of California,, San Diego
Aetna Insurance
Chase Manhattan Personal Financial
First Hawaiian Bank
Ray Chem Federal Credit Union
State Compensation Insurance Fund
Touche Ross

City of Carlsbad
Hickam Air Force Base
Los Angeles County Management Council
Social Security Agency
U.S. Postal Service

Health Care
American Labs
Baxter Pharmaseal
City of Hope
Harbor UCLA Medical Center
Kaiser Permanente

Professional Associations
American Business Women's Association
American Society of Anesthesiologists Association of California School Administrators
National Association of County Officials National Association of Professional Saleswomen

Women's Conferences
Bakersfield Women's Conference
Central California Wornen's Conference Clemson University Women's Conference
San Diego Regional Women's Conference Sharp Hospital Women's Conference

International Clientele
AudioWorld (Ply) Ltd., South Africa CareerTralning Int'l Pte Ltd. Southeast Asia CareerTrack Seminars International Metropolitan Life of Canada
South Africa Postal Service

What clients are saying about Mona....

"'You have a wonderful ability to make the need for good communication seem less painful and, in the process/ actually enjoyable! Your humorous and thoughtful anecdotes made you one of the favored conference speakers!"
- James A. Mulder, Executive Director Association of Minnesota Counties

"The trainer, Mona Moon, was of the highest caliber. Her manner/ style, knowledge and presentation kept the audience at the height of awareness for the full eight hours. Mona's critiques were all rated at the top of the scale. She earned it!
- Elalne D. Ezcll, Manager
National Security Agency

"In my years of business (I'm afraid the number is 13), this was the finest motivational presentation I've witnessed. The content of your presentation perfectly complimented the main points we were trying to drive home during the meeting/'
-Darnel J. Weinfurter, Vice President, Operations Alternative Resources Corporation



Professional Background:

  • President of Motivation Dynamics
  • Phi Beta Kappa Graduate UCLA
  • BA. Speech/English
  • MA. in Education Administration
  • San Diego State University
  • Award-winning Educator
  • Member, National Speakers Association
  • Member, American Society for Training
    and Development
  • Author, The Power of You: An Owner's Manual
  • Listed in Who's Who of American Women
  • Listed in Who's Who of Women Executives


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