Mildred D. Muhammad


"You don't have to have physical scars to be a victim or survivor of domestic violence."

Mildred Muhammad is a domestic violence survivor with a story to tell the world.  Many know her first and foremost by her former husband, John Allen Muhammad – the convicted DC sniper who terrorized the Washington DC metro region in late 2002. However, many are not aware that the reasons for the horrific attacks on innocent women, children and men in the DC Metro area, originated from John Allen Muhammad’s stalking and the control tactics he used on Mildred, his former wife, whom he sought to find and kill before, during and after the divorce.  After almost five years of silence, Mildred speaks openly about her day-to-day experiences as a victim and a survivor of domestic violence and how it affected her three children.

*Addressing the victimization of being a victim of domestic violence without the physical scars to prove this criminal act
*Recognizing the signs of domestic violence
*Dating Violence for all ages
*How children are affected by domestic violence
*How to help children who have been kidnapped by a parent and return home broken
*Raising children during and after a high profile criminal case
*Empowering, motivating yourself from victim to survivor


Mildred Muhammad is a domestic violence survivor with a story to tell the world. It is not just "a" story – it is "one of the many" stories built on the experiences of domestic violence and the depths of its terror. After her children were kidnapped and her inability to go on living without them, she began the silent struggle of looking for them, knowing that if she exposed herself, John Allen Muhammad would locate her and kill her. She was triumphant in her struggle to get through those 18 months of not knowing where her children were and re-gained full custody of them. She fled from her estranged husband and moved to Maryland with the children. She was frightened during the horrific sniper shootings, sat through court proceedings during the trial, and last but not least, began re-gaining her strength to start a non-profit organization to assist survivors of domestic violence.

Keeping her promise within herself to help other survivors and with her own personal funds, Mildred began After The Trauma, Inc., as the Founder/Executive Director. She is striving to enlighten more people that you don’t have to have physical scars to be a victim/survivor of domestic violence while working with victims/survivors that come to the organization for assistance. She speaks publicly as a means to get the information out to the public on ways to help survivors after their domestic violence experiences. She is not only speaking to survivors directly, but helps them through their individual situations. She is always available for those who need her most, because she understands, first hand. She publishes and archives her monthly newsletter.

She was interviewed on Good Morning America with Charlie Gibson, appeared on BET and other TV interviews. She has also been interviewed by various newspapers and magazine, to include the Washington Post and Newsweek. She has spoken on various syndicated radio shows. CNN has aired the documentary titled, “The Minds of the Sniper”. She was interviewed by Soledad O’Brien for the documentary. TruTV has aired the documentary “The DC Sniper’s Wife” by award winning film producer Barbara Kopple’. Both documentaries re-air in different locations at different times of the year.

She is a consultant with the Office for Victims of Crime and is a board member of different domestic violence organizations. She recently received the 2008 Circle of Grace Award for her work in domestic violence from the Executive Director of Sisters 4 Sisters, Carolyn Washington. She was honored with a Special Commendation Award from the Department of Justice; Office on Violence Against Women presented by Director, Cindy Dyer for her work in domestic violence and was also honored with the 2008 Shirley Chisholm Woman of Courage Award by Executive Director, Roslyn Bacon of Jonah Village, Inc in Brooklyn, NY. She was honored again by Chuck Paris of No Jurisdictional Boundaries with the Leadership Courage Award for her work in domestic violence and After The Trauma.

What they say about Mildred Muhammad:

Mildred’s presentations touched all who heard her speak. While she spoke, you could feel her fears, understand her disappointments, empathize with her children, relate to her frustrations and marvel at her strength to move beyond the abuse and help others. Mildred has turned her tragic circumstances into an opportunity to help other victims of emotional and verbal abuse, a topic long overlooked.
Jeanne Yeager, Executive Director
Mid-Shore Council on Family Violence

This year marks my fifteen year of having the honor to serve as the Conference Director for this incredible gathering of experienced professionals. I have never in the entire fifteen years I have worked with the National College and this conference received as many written and verbal words of sincere gratitude from our attendees. Many first time attendees stated that this was the first time they felt so wonderful, or had experienced an environment quite like the one at this conference. Many attendees at the conference site took me up on my offer during the opening to just come and get a hug! Not only were they able to gain valuable knowledge, share in an atmosphere conducive to brainstorming and networking with peers and established experts, but also feel as though they were part of a family that cares about survivors and about them! For this I owe all faculty members my sincerest thanks. What a compliment to your hard work, dedication and sharing spirit which made this all possible.
Candace M. Mosley
Director of Programs, National College


Mildred has spoken for these groups and many more:

Louisiana District Attorneys Association
The Zonta Club of Loudoun County, VA
The New York State Sheriffs’ Association Institute, Inc
Mosaic Family Services
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
National Association of VOCA
Assistance Administrators
National Association of
Crime Victim Compensation Boards
Arlington VA Project Peace

National College of District Attorneys
SOS of Zac's Ridge
Jonah Village Nonprofit Organization
Sisters 4 Sisters Nonprofit Organization
TAVA (Teens against Assault,Violence and Abuse)
Battered Women, Abused Children, and Child Custody
St Paul's College ~ Project Now!
Marymount College
Office of the Sheriff Prince Georges County, Maryland
Elam Mental Health Center @Meharry Medical College
Missouri Victim Assistance Network
State of Kentucky Office of Attorney General
Victims' Advocacy Division



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