Mike McKeller


...Everything you ever wanted out of Extreme Sports Action......with a twist.


...An adrenaline-pumping, humorous, and motivational half-hour of EXTREME sports adventure featuring physically disabled adventurer Michael McKeller testing the limits of his own mental hurdles and physical obstacles in the pursuit of conquering every available challenge in the world. His ultimate mission: to prove that, "If I can do it...Anyone can."

"Learning what scares you and why, is critical in life. Sometimes that fear is unjustified and is preventing you from doing something that could actually be rewarding. I apply this belief to both extreme sports and every day challenges," says Michael. "Baby steps' make all challenges easier. You learn not to let fear control you...how to use it as a tool...as motivation."

Mike should know, his inspirational story is one of a man who has triumphed in the face of overwhelming odds. Born with a disorder which did not allow the muscles in his limbs to develop normally, and stricken with scoliosis in his early teens Michael spent his youth passionately driving through his physical boundaries to keep up with his adventurous older brother. Then, tragically, he was devastated at the age of fifteen by an injury that left him unable to move his arms or legs. Pure grit and determination saw Mike through grueling physical therapy every day until he had once again achieved independence. At 34he's gone way beyond that...to places most people wouldn't dream of going.. .and he's only just begun.

The series captures Michael hurtling toward the earth at 120 miles per hour in a tandem sky-dive, plunging into the turquoise waters off of Cozumel to scuba dive, ultra-light flying over shark-infested waters, racing over the midnight, gator-filled swamps of the Louisiana bayou in an airboat and many planned expeditions which include land sailing, rappelling, hang gliding, snow and water skiing, race car driving, and rock climbing.

Each inspirational, heart-pumping and funny moment of every half-hour episode chronicles Mike's journey from his initial interest to his research into the risks and requirements to the successful completion of a new thrill. Extreme Sports guests and celebrity enthusiasts will often join Mike for the party as they challenge viewers to fulfill their own extreme dreams.

Extreme Mike leaves you believing there's nothing you can't do.


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