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Mike McCartney

About Mike McCartney:

A sure-fire speaker who will make you think, laugh and act on what you learn. His hundreds of lively presentations on attitude, leadership and teamwork receive the highest of ratings from audiences.
Mike is enthusiastic, engaging and genuine. His content is based leading research on human behavior, and he shares it with a lot of energy and audience interaction.

Twenty six years of experience as a leader in the corporate world, and a wonderful upbringing in a large family provide Mike with keen insights about people, and practical ways to bring out the best in others.
Mike's career and home life are a wellspring for his refreshingly clean and relevant humor. He's one of nine kids and has seven children of his own. His colorful collection of anecdotes and one-liners make key points memorable, and will raise the levity and energy in any group.

Mike also has an interesting background as professional rodeo athlete.


Keynotes customized and personalized from standard presentations:

C.O.A.C.H. - - Five Factors for High Performing Teams
Communication. Optimism. Appreciation. Courage. Honesty. The changing and challenging role of the leader puts more and more importance on getting things done through people. Learn practical ways to execute these winning principles.

P.L.A.Y. to Win - - Four factors for Success
Purpose. Leadership. Attitude. You. These four factors are keys to success as leaders in business and at home. A leader's job is to bring out the best in others, to help people understand the bigger picture, to express appreciation for members' contribution, to make our places productive and enjoyable, and to model the enthusiasm we hope to see in others.

LEAD with F.I.R.E.

Faith. Integrity. Responsibility. Enthusiasm. The team looks to its leader for confidence and commitment. Leaders influence the emotional intensity of the team. The example set by the leader is everything. If people have faith in the leader they'll follow. Do you have the confidence of your team? Do you walk the talk? Are you passionate about winning? Can the team see, hear, and feel your fire.



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