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Knowledge-based, enthusiastic entertainment.. .that's the Marchev style of presenting useful "how-to" information. Mike  is one of  just a handful of accomplished communicators skilled enough to deliver thought-provoking messages that are quickly internalized, easily remembered, and realistically implemented. He effectively captivates his audiences  with a quick sense of humor and a nonlinear, fast-paced approach when delivering timely "wake-up calls" to professionals from all walks of life.

Mike Marchev is a down-to-earth motivational speaker who has a talent to connect with audiences of all ages, backgrounds, and  experiences. He simply communicates by "telling it like it is" and by avoiding superfluous fluff and non-productive hype.

A sought after convention keynote speaker, corporate facilitator, and personal business coach, Mike has been asked to share  his  views and interpretations with audiences in 17 countries on five continents. All of Mike's programs are designed to rekindle your group's enthusiasm by highlighting untapped opportunities and by challenging individuals  to focus on what is relevant, important, and meaningful.

A University of Massachusetts graduate with a Masters Degree in Marketing, Mike has taught business courses at the university  level. As a former national sales manager of a large international organization and as a self-employed entrepreneur, he knows how to prepare professionals for the joys attached to victory and agonies associated with  defeat.

Speech Topics


Never Worry Again About Finding New Clients Moving


From Lip Service to Customer Service


Why Don't You Take the Pebble Out of Your Shoe?


TGIT Thank Goodness It's Today


Alamo Rent A Car
American Association of Nurses
American Express
America West Airlines
Anderson Tire Company
American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA)
Automatic Data Processing (ADP)
Business Office Managers Association
Choice Hotels
Concoa Corporation

Dayton Hudson Department Stores
  Fairleigh Dickinson University
GMH Realty
Greater Washington Society of Association
Gunstock Ski Resort
Institute Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI)
Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
LKARP Manufacturing
Marshall Fields Department Store
Merck and Co.
National Business Travel Association
NJ Association of Colleges and Employers

New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG)
  Quality New Mexico's Annual Conference
Resolute Systems, Inc.
Ricoh Copiers
Savin Copiers
St. Ambrose University
Sunsail Yacht Charters
The Raymond Corporation
The New York Business Association

Clients are Saying...

"As usual, you brought us a powerful message  and left us with the positive attitude to make the most of each day."

"The enthusiasm and energy you bring to a room is infectious."

Robert L. Clifton, President
Tennessee Business Travel Association

Steven M. Krauser, President
  Network Associates, Inc.

"Our seasoned sales professionals, 'who have seen and heard it all,' gave you rave reviews."

"Your presentation style is  engaging and you did an excellent job tailoring your comments towards the property management industry"

James I. Sikora, VP Marketing
  East Penn Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Lawrence P. Arbore, RPA

Closing out the event with your excellent ability to provide people examples of how to 'make things  happen' was the ending  that we needed. What a gift you gave to the conference attendees.

"By making the message simple and based on common sense.. .you make the (audience) realize that they cannot perform in  any way other than professionally, and it is possible to do this right."

Lee Butler, Conference Project Leader
 Honeywell, Inc.

Scot P. West
Sunsail Yacht Charters

"The effect you had on me, and on the entire group, will last a long, long time."

"Your blend of storytelling and teaching kept the entire group interested and on their toes all day. Any  organization  looking to re-energize their workforce will benefit greatly from what you have to say."

John Gaudioso
Alamo Rent A Car

Greg Goddard,General Manager
 Gunstock Ski Resort

"Mike has a unique ability to connect with his audience. I learned some creative new approaches,  which will help me grow my  business, prioritize my work, and effectively relate my ideas to my employees."

"In the past seven years, we have hired over a dozen outside speakers for our annual and mid-year retreats. You received  the highest rating for any speaker we used over this time period. Out of 141 evaluations, all but three were a perfect '10'

William C. Lawton, President
  Geraci Travel

Alan Hale, CEO
  Adventure Travel Company.


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