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Providing modern people the tools they need to live positive, joyous, and ethical lives in an often violent and confusing world.

About Mike:

Michael Nikolaus is the founder and president of God's Goodies Heavenly Dessert Company and God's New Vision Ministries. He has been ordained as a clergyperson with Metropolitan Community Churches since 1987 and has pastored congregations in both Miami and Boca Raton, FL, Atlanta OA, Portland, OR and both West Hollywood and North Hollywood. CA. He is a certified Competent Toastmaster and serves on the Board of Directors of the San Fernando Valley (CA) chapter of Americans United For Separation of Church and State. His book Tugs of War (using the spiritual wisdom of the ages to get centered when life is pulling us apart) may be purchased at www.god3goodies.com or through any of the major on-line booksellers.

Mike says "There is a ravenous spiritual hunger in our society. Millions are discovering that technology and money alone are not our salvation and are seeking a deeper, more fulfilling meaning in their lives. Yet, traditional "religious" bodies are dying. And why? They continue to speak in antiquated thought forms and language that do not address people's real needs. In spiritual but not "religious or "churchy" terms, and with a lot of humor, I try to provide modern people the tools they need to live positive, joyous, and ethical lives in an often violent and confusing world."

Mike's personal passion is feeding the hungry. 10% of the purchase price of each God's Goodies item sold, as well as 10% of all speaker's fees are donated to feed hungry people. When booking Mike as a speaker, the client may choose the particular organization or cause to which the money will be donated.


“I have known Rev. Mike Nikolaus for over 20 years, and I can assure you he is a powerful and eloquent speaker” Rev Troy Perry, Founder, Metropolitan Community Churches

“Michael Nikolaus is, quite simply, the best speaker 1 have ever heard.” Nancy Kissan, President Plug Productions, Los Angeles.

“Mike is a wonderful speaker. He skillfully threads humor, pathos, and human psychology which makes his message relevant. As my 16 year old son says in the vernacular of his generation "Mike's the bomb!" Louis Ramirez, Founder/Director PRYSM, Los Angeles

“Rev. Nikolaus is articulate, passionate about his subject, and engaging.” — Rev. Anne Felton Hines, Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church, Canoga Park, CA

“Mike's message is mixed with a poignant humor and passionate intelligence that leaves a lasting impression upon people.” John McCrtite, Geffen Playhouse LA.

Sample Talks
(all talks can be modified for any occasion and can last from 15-45 minutes)

The U-Haul and the Hearse
We live in a material world and we each have material needs. Every human being requires food, shelter, clothing, and a sense of security. Yet, our world seems strangely out of balance. Our values often seem to be most driven by greed and "me firstism" with all the attendant destructive results/ This talk examines the ways in which we can live abundantly AND ethically while respecting the needs of others and caring for the earth.

The Pudding and The Proof
If you were trying to market your new pudding, you could hire an expensive marketing firm, print slick brochures, and develop a website in order to promote your product. However, nothing will sell your pudding as quickly as a taste of it. If it really is good, people will buy it' if not, no amount of advertising dollars will help. It's the same way with our lives. No testimonial is as powerful as the example of the lives we actually lead. This talk looks at the ways in which we can live genuinely and without pretense or hypocrisy.

Sweat The Small Stuff
As Americans, we tend to like things big! The average square footage of a house in this country is more than twice what it was 30 years ago. However, "big" does not always equate to "better" Many times, it's the small things in life that are the most crucial. It is the little detail, the small courtesy, the encouraging word spoken in a difficult moment that often make a huge difference in the lives of those we touch. This talk reminds us of the importance of those small but still monumental things.

Stopping Stinking Thinking
It is amazing how so many people go from job to job, place to place, and relationship to relationship. They imagine that things will somehow be better at the next juncture, but they simply recreate the same old mess again and again. They never seem to realize that it is their own rotten attitude which is the problem! This talk looks at the reasons that so many of us are the victims of our own "stinking thinking" and suggests ways we can overcome it.

Murder You Wrote
Few of us ever stop to seriously think about the power of the words we habitually choose to speak. There is a tremendous power in words. Words can build people up; words can tear people down Destructive, malicious gossip can destroy an innocent person's character. A careless, critical word of cynicism spoken at a vulnerable moment can quite literally kill a person's spirit;
On the other hand, a word of hope and encouragement spoken at a bleak moment can quite literally save a life. This talks examines the tremendous power inherent in the words we choose to speak.


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