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Keynotes, Management Retreats, & Workshops
  Helping organizations and individuals achieve
or exceed highly profitable business goals.


 Absolutely Fabulous Organizational Change™

  • Incredible Teambuilding & Teamwork
  • Hire The Best & Avoid The Rest™
  • Slashing Turnover Costs
  • Secrets of Leaders in Americas Best-Run Companies
  • Turning Your HR Department into a Profit Center™
  • How Winners Do It: High Impact People Skills for Your Career Success™
  • Negotiating, Influencing & Persuading



Your organization gets - with Mike's  presentation and programs:

  • Customized workshops & speeches
  • Practical, ready-to-use techniques
  • "Info-tainment" presentation style
  • Interactive speeches, keynotes & workshops



Author of 5 Books

  • Absolutely Fabulous Organizational ChangeTM
  • Strategies for Success from Americas Best-Run Companies
  • Hire The Best — & Avoid The RestTM
  • How Winners Do It: High Impact People Skills for Your Career SuccessTM
  • Turning Your HR Department into a Profit CenterTM
  • Spontaneous Optimism®: Proven Strategies for Health, Prosperity & Happiness

 Developed 2 Pre-Employment Tests

  • Tests used by companies to assess lob applicants:
  • Abilities ForecasterTM  test
  • Behavior ForecasterTM test

 Media Appearances

Mike is often quoted in the  media, such as Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Fortune. He appears frequently on talk shows, including Fox News,  Leeza and Oprah.


"We were especially impressed with your ability to tailor the workshop to address the very critical  organizational  challenges our Division is presently confronting and to set just the right tone." — C.I.A.

 "The best feature was how you customized the presentation to fit our specific business needs Your style is of superb quality, creativity and high energy."
— Abbott Labs

 "You were the hit of the conference. Everyone who attended your presentation talked about it for days!"
International Management Council

"Our conference audience was thrilled to hear your inspiring and humorous  Keynote Speech... They learned helpful strategies for their job success, plus they heartily appreciated your engaging, 'info-tainment' speaking style."
National Association of Credit Management

 "We have enormously benefited from your customized 'hire the best and avoid the rest' methods ... Your workshops on how to interview applicants were  super-helpful, fun and lively. Our managers and I keep seeing  first-hand that your interviewing methods and ForecasterTM tests work wonders for us."
Bank of America

"The  participants procured plenty of highly useful methods to screen candidates ... You did an outstanding job of showing
 them how to hire the best candidates."
— Three Rivers Manufacturers' Association

"One of the most gratifying results  of you speaking here is that employees contacted me later and thanked me for  bringing you here."
Opportunities, Inc.

 "You were fantastic!"
Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan

"Everyone enjoyed your vivid speaking style, practice exercises, examples of what truly works, research-based advice and, of course, your humor."
Michigan Bankers Association

"Very dynamic speaker — WOW!! Humorous and informative session."
Alabama HR Conference

"Members gained the confidence they will need  when they find  themselves in the 'negotiating ring.
American Subcontractors Association

"The way you combined hands-on exercises, lots of humor  and illuminating anecdotes created powerful learning experiences in all three cities in which we had you speak."
Dairy Mart, Inc.

 "Your unique Teambuilding method helped the group in a variety of ways ... I already have observed these people are collaborating and working together quite well. In  contrast, they did not work as well together prior to  your Teambuilding Sessions."
— Abbott Labs

"Your session was perceptive and customized."
National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

"What you talked about helped  broaden the thinking of our leaders as we move ahead with the significant changes we are making."
Canadian National Defence Headquarters

"Your customization, expertise, case examples, research  and knowledge of what works best was profoundly helpful."
Zero Stantron Compay


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