Michael J. Dunphy, Ph.D.


Helping People Choose to be Champions!

Through his unique interactive keynotes & training sessions, Dr. Dunphy inspires people to overcome obstacles, reset expectations and engage opportunity to optimize themselves for success in business and in life.

About Dr. Dunphy:

Dr. Dunphy is a truly remarkable speaker. His enthusiasm, energy, expertise and incredible ability to communicate with any audience make him one of the most sought after speakers in the country. Able to do customized keynotes for national or regional conventions, topic-specific POA training sessions, specialized in-house corporate training of managers or sales professionals and a myriad of programs for the university setting, Dr. Dunphy’s programs have received rave reviews nationwide in the United States and Canada. With a satisfied client list in the hundreds, Pfizer, Genentech, Sanofi-Aventis, Mead-Johnson, University of Texas at Dallas, The University of Central Florida, Cephalon Corporation, Procter & Gamble Canada, Fournier Pharma, and many, many others use Dr. Dunphy’s services regularly to motivate and educate professionals and emerging professionals for success.


Motivational Programs

Dr. Dunphy does two kinds of motivation programs. One type is a customized motivational keynote designed to inspire, tune-up and energize any audience during national, regional or local conventions. These customized keynotes are carefully crafted with pre-program research to contain company or client-specific lingo, cultural aspects and other images and sound-bites to connect directly with the audience. Packaged or canned presentations are avoided. A combination of humor, powerful visuals, sound and Dr. Dunphy’s unique interactive presentation style will get any audience immediately engaged, participating and mentally and emotionally activated. Titles and topics are always created in discussion with clients. Some samples from past programs:

Living and Leading as Champions!
Optimizing for Success!
Creating the Future in Every Choice!
Success is Created in Every Choice!
Being Champions in Life!
The Warrior Way: Nothing Wasted…Nothing Withheld!

For a fantastic keynote, contact …. Now! We will put you in touch with Dr. Dunphy to discuss the details of your needs, and he will create an awesome program just for you!

Effective Conflict Management

Keeping conflict productive is one of the key skills of effective leaders. In this unique and interactive presentation, Michael Dunphy will work with your group to engage a “Conflict Mapping Tool” through interactive discussion and facilitation. On a more personal level, each member will also complete and analyze the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict modes tool. These brief and interesting tools will be used to collect useful data to enable members to create action plans for focused improvements in conflict minimization and management in their corporate cultures.

Key Points to Be Covered:

“Good” conflict & “Bad” conflict
Internal vs. external conflict sources
The 5 Thomas-Kilmann conflict modes & what they mean
Evolving your “reflexive” conflict responses
Maximizing productive outcomes in conflict: tools of the trade

Rooted in modern psychology, biochemistry and timeless principles from the martial sciences, this program contains information that can substantially enhance effective and productive resolution of conflict in the business setting while simultaneously helping leaders minimize energy-draining and unproductive conflict. Dr. Dunphy focuses the program to enable participants to create several immediately applicable take-aways for personal or transferable use.

Value to your group
The information and activities from this program will enable participants to regularly and more clearly identify potential sources of unproductive conflict in themselves, their employees and their policies. Each member will have identified his/her reflexive conflict management mode(s) and will have a much better understanding of how to be more strategic in using all five TK modes in application. In addition, the knowledge from this program will enable each member to serve as a better conflict management role model for other company leaders, resulting in better communication and a more harmonious work culture with productive conflict being seen as “normal”.


• Helps Leaders Rebuild Internal Strength
•Provides Practical Solutions to Real Problems
•Enables Leaders to Take a Fresh Look at Their Options

Team building

•Focuses Attention to the Many Values of Teamwork
•Provides Practical Tools to Help Team Leaders Improve
•Helps Team Members Increase Productivity and Team Commitment


• Provides Practical Resiliency Tools to Professionals
•Takes Stress Management to a New Level of Application
•Focuses Attention to Habits & Choices in Effectiveness


• Creates a Perspective Focused on Optimizing Not Compromising
• Helps People Triangulate Attitude, Behaviors & Skills to Focus on Performance
• Enables Professionals to Create Effective Work-Life Dynamics


Abbreviated Biography

Dr. Michael Dunphy is a professional speaker and veteran educator. Currently President and CEO of Cutting Edge Resources Group and Mike Dunphy Enterprises, Dr. Dunphy travels throughout the United States and Canada presenting motivational keynote speeches for business clients and organizations, and he is contracted for corporate training programs in leadership, management development, team building, coaching and optimizing performance. Current clients include companies like Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, Sanofi-Aventis, Watson, Mead-Johnson, Purdue-Pharma, and many others, large and small. Dr. Dunphy has also designed and delivered hundreds of specialized learning experiences in leadership and personal & professional development for university students and faculty, fraternities and sororities, as well as federal TRIO program participants. Dr. Dunphy is inter-nationally recognized for his creative and interactive presentations and for the high quality of learning he facilitates.

In addition to his extensive experience as a speaker and facilitator, Dr. Dunphy is also Professor of Biochemistry at Walsh University in Canton, Ohio, and he has over 20 years of experience as a university-level educator. He has taught courses in Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Pharmacology, and others, and he has published research in peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Dunphy served as Chairman of the Division of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science at Walsh University from 1991-2000, and he currently holds a tenured full-professorship, teaching courses in Chemistry and working with the University’s Leadership Institute.

Dr. Dunphy is also a highly skilled and diversely trained classical martial artist. With over 34 years of training and teaching in Karate, Ju-Jutsu and weaponry, Dr. Dunphy has earned advanced grades in various areas of authentic martial sciences within Sogobudo, a comprehensive and integrated approach to classical martial study focused on realistic applications of skill and strategic implementation of tactics. He owns and is director of the Shinbukan Center for the Martial Arts on Whipple Road in Canton, Ohio where hundreds of children, teens and adults study with him and his staff weekly. His book, “The Kid’s Karate Book” (Workman Publishers, NY 1999) and various specialized martial manuals he has written are still in strong demand. Dr. Dunphy’s national and inter-national relationships in the martial arts through his high-level involvement with major associations and federations enable him access to specialized information, technologies and certifications not commonly available in the United States. He continues to teach and train daily.

With professional training in the natural sciences, business, speaking/presenting and classical martial arts, and with his extensive experiences from traveling, facilitating and consulting, Dr. Dunphy brings a wealth of ideas and perspective to each of his programs. His ability to creatively combine his various talents into practical, multi-sensory and interactive learning experiences focused on attitude enhancement and skill development has made him one of the most sought-after speakers in the country. When he is not speaking and working, Dr. Dunphy is at home in Stow, Ohio with his wife of 23 years, Gail, and his two children Lindsay (17) and Christopher (14).


Some Recent Very Satisfied Corporate Clients:

• Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
• Bank of America
• Proctor & Gamble, Canada
• Edward Jones Financial
• Kyphon Corporation
• Pharmacia Pharmaceuticals
• Canada Post
• Watson Pharmaceuticals
• Biogen Corporation
• Nilodor Corporation
• Forest Laboratories
• Aventis Pharmaceuticals
• United Glass Corporation
• Purdue Pharma
• Sirak Financial Group and the Guardian Life
• Berlex Pharmaceuticals
• Mead Johnson Nutritionals
• Biovail Canada
University Clients:
• The University of Notre Dame
• University of Pennsylvania at Philadelphia
• The Ohio State University
• Florida State University
• Penn State, Altoona
• The University of Akron
• University of N. Alabama
• Baldwin Wallace College
• University of Portland - Oregon<
• The University of Houston - Downtown
• University of Cincinnati
• Slippery Rock State University
• University of Evansville
• University of Central Florida


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