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BigPicture SmallWorld
The bigger the picture the smaller the world

Globalization has changed everything. And it is going to continue changing our lives, work, companies, opportunities, and country. What does it mean for you? What are the emerging trends that you need to know about? How can you protect yourself, and more importantly, how can you and your company or organization take advantage of the incredible opportunities coming down the globalization highway? It is the BigPicture that connects us to the whole, enables us to see across borders and barriers, turns data to knowledge, and knowledge into effective action. You will come away from this interactive and multimedia presentation with the following information:

  • What globalization really is and how it is impacting you
  • A clearer understanding of the big picture shaping our society
  • Challenges and potholes on the globalization highway
  • New opportunities that globalization is bringing us


Leadership For Your Century

Globalization comes in waves. Don’t miss the next one! How do you position yourself for the next tidal wave of globalization that is coming upon us, our families, companies, organizations and economy? Leaders create, leverage and manage change; leading in a global society demands that we manage global and local changes. Learn the 5 Principles of Global Leadership you need to know to be an effective leader in our now global society. You will come away from this interactive and multimedia presentation with the following information:

  • What the next wave in globalization is all about
  • Leadership techniques needed to cope with globalization
  • Leadership skills for leveraging new opportunities
  • The unprecedented power available to leaders in today’s world
  • The 5 Principles of Global Leadership


Seven Billion Billionaires (or: You’re a Billionaire— You Just Don’t Know It Yet!)

There are 587 billionaires in the world right now. There are over 7 million millionaires. Mr. Gabel’s upcoming book*, Seven Billion Billionaires: Getting the World What It Wants and How to Pay For It shows how we could all be “billionaires” if we were to look at the world’s needs as markets, see the value of the services provided by nature, and take a big picture point of view on profits, products and the value of a healthy human being in a thriving global and local society. You will come away from this interactive and multimedia presentation with the following information:

  • New ways of looking at wealth
  • A new vision of what is possible for the world and for you
  • A pragmatic, optimistic and inspiring vision of what the future holds

*Sierra Club Books/University of California Press is publishing Seven Billion Billionaires in 2005


Global Inc.: Lessons From the World’s Largest Companies

Of the 100 largest economies in the world, 53 are corporations. Based on Mr. Gabel’s latest book, Global Inc.: An Atlas of the Multinational Corporation and his work with corporations around the world, this program focuses on the strategies for success utilized by the world’s largest multinationals. In a world of brutal competition, rapid change, limited resources, and incredible diversity— what did they do to succeed? What can we learn from them? You will come away from this interactive and multimedia presentation with the following information:

  • Who the largest multinationals are and how they got that way
  • The techniques they used to grow globally (and you can use to grow locally and globally)
  • Who went down in flames and why
  • Te relevance of leadership, vision, integrity and perseverance

Can You Here Me Now?

New technology is changing the world faster than ever before. Cell phones are now wearable computers that make us here and now. The instant world where we can get in touch with anyone anywhere right now is revolutionally different from the world of just 10 years ago. What are the future trends and technologies that are already shaping our world? What do the forces of transparency, accountability, democracy, interdependence, emigration, and new technologies such as nanotechnology, genomics and IT mean for your world? You will come away from this interactive and multimedia presentation with the following information:

  • An awareness of cutting edge forces and technologies shaping our world
  • An awareness of the threats to the status quo and the opportunities to the visionary and bold of these revolutionary developments
  • A view of the emerging future and its relevance to your organization, company and family


Half Empty or Half Full?

Do you think the world is ending or is everything is just fine? There are statistics to support both views. This provocative presentation presents both views of the proverbial glass, and then some. It points out that the inability to envision a positive future is, in itself, a threat to survival. The personal and social consequence of seeing the glass as half empty, or half full, is illustrated. You will come away from this interactive and multimedia presentation with the following information:

  • An awareness of the enormous progress that has been made in the world in the last 25 years, as well as the current problems facing the world
  • An understanding of how our view of the future impacts our life
  • The power of a positive vision of the future
  • How to use vision for managing change

What People are Saying:

“Absolutely amazing. Gave me a new, bigger view of the world... and convinced me what I do is important.”
“Easy to visualize everything because it was related to things right in front of us.”
“It related the smallest everyday things to amazing worldly numbers that were incredible. I liked being involved.”
"A wake-up call to the world situation and world improvement; made excellent points without an agenda.”
“It brought a whole world of facts to my attention that I didn't know before. GREAT!”
“It put things it perspective and makes me feel lucky.”
“Made me realize we need to make a difference now.”
“Very amazing and cool.”
“It is amazing how many things can happen in 10 seconds!”
“Really eye-opening… makes you think about the world.”

"I am still in shock. Amazing.”
“I'm very impressed—great content!”
“Truly visionary and inspiring... I am sure that it causes a positive impact. It's wonderful!”


Short Bio: Medard Gabel

Medard Gabel has designed and delivered exciting, involving and interactive programs around the world for GM, IBM, Motorola and over thirty other Fortune 100 companies, as well as the UN, World Bank, U.S. Congress and other governments. He is the author of six highly praised books on global affairs, energy, food, and corporate enterprise. Mr. Gabel is CEO of BigPictureSmallWorld, a company that develops and delivers high impact educational programs on critical topics for event planners, corporations and organizations around the world. His other company, BigPicture Consulting, helps corporations meet real world needs in emerging markets in profitable ways.


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