Dr. Maurice A. Ramirez, DO


You Can Survive Anything, Anywhere, Every Time!

The CEO was just arrested for embezzlement… The company just recalled 23 million products…
Corporate Compliance reports are dismal…

Management wants quicker decisions, new ideas… Headquarters wants damage control…
The Press wants a statement… The Public wants answers!!!

As an entrepreneur struggling to cope... What do you most need to know?

Who can prepare you for "The Unthinkable"? Dr. Maurice A. Ramirez prepares you to manage

Mistakes, Missteps & Mishaps
Crisis, Disaster & Catastrophe!

For over two decades, Dr. Ramirez has honed the skills you need in demanding times. His experience and education, including being part of the medical team that responded to Katrina, brings the power of preparedness to your office and your life. With Dr. Ramirez at your side, You Can Survive Anything, Anywhere, Every Time!

Keynotes and Seminars:

You Can Survive Anything, Anywhere, Every Time!

Dr. Maurice A. Ramirez provides programs for audiences including corporations, associations and communities. His combination of expertise, experience and eloquence ensure that when you want a Keynote, Breakout or All Day Seminar, Dr. Ramirez will energize, enlighten and enthrall as he applies the hard won Leadership Lessons from the Disaster Field Office to your organization changing strategies from the top down and culture from the bottom up.

Lesson 1: One Size Fits None™
One Size Fits None™ is the final answer to “Off the Rack” business models. In the Disaster Field Office, the ability to create custom built solutions to meet the individual needs of disaster survivors earned Dr. Ramirez the call sign “Gadget.” Now he brings the “Gadget Mind” to your organization.

Lesson 2: Surge! Orchestrating Overwhelming Opportunity
Surge! brings the power of the Disaster Field Office to your office and the spirit of the Disaster Response Team to your team instilling the motto:

Lesson 3: InstaDecision™ - The Secret System for Split Second Solutions
InstaDecision™ is the ultimate decision making system for very busy people. Dr. Ramirez imparts the three skills that will turn you into a focused achiever.

Lesson 4: Business Triage™: Knowing What is Most Important then Doing It!
Business Triage™ enables you to identify and prioritize your key processes and properly allocate resources to maximize your outcomes. Dr. Ramirez will teach you to prioritize key processes and maintain outcome.

Lesson 5: Epidemic Enthusiasm™
Epidemic Enthusiasm™ is not about curing mediocrity and burnout! In fact, Dr. Ramirez breaks the Hippocratic Oath as he infects you, your customers and your employees with Enthusiasm to be Everyday Heroes.

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Dr. Maurice A. Ramirez DO, Ph.D., BCEM, CNS, CMRO, is the founder and president of the consulting firm High Alert, LLC., dedicated to raising the awareness, application and adoption of disaster preparedness, planning and education by individuals, families, businesses, healthcare and communities nationally. He has served on expert panels for pandemic preparedness and healthcare surge planning with Congressional and Cabinet Members. Board certified in multiple specialties, Dr. Ramirez is Founding Chairperson of the American Board of Disaster Medicine and the first physician in the world to receive certification as a Disaster Medicine Specialist. With over a quarter century experience in field disaster response and two decades of active medical practice he serves the nation as a Senior Physician-Federal Medical Officer in the National Disaster Medical System. Dr. Ramirez has also been invited by the British Royal Society of Physicians and the London Apothecary to assist in the development of the specialty of Disaster Medicine in the United Kingdom as well as the first medical school textbook on medical disaster preparedness, planning, response and recovery.

Dr. Ramirez is the first Central Florida physician to complete the National Disaster Life Support (NDLS®) Instructor Training and Train the Trainer programs, FEMA/VA Mass Decon for Healthcare First Receiver Train the Trainer program, FEMA Mass Fatality Management Train the Trainer program, NYIT Psychological Impact of Disaster Train the Trainer program. Dr. Ramirez is a major contributor to the Surge, Sort, Support and Psychological First Aid for Hospital Professionals programs and sits on the American Medical Association’s Basic Disaster Life Support and Core Disaster Life Support Curriculum Development Committees. He is the creator of the C5RITICAL Immersion Simulation™ training method, the Rinse, Lather, Repeat kindergarten preparedness curriculum and the Continuous Integrated Triage™ model used at the Louis Armstrong International Airport following hurricane Katrina.

Recognized as a polymath, Dr. Ramirez has made a career of finding the correlations and connections missed by others creating new prospective's and processes so profound as to constitute new knowledge. The first individual to combine of disaster and emergency medicine principles with process enhancement and business continuity practices for wholesale application as a model for business management and corporate leadership, Dr. Ramirez originated such business models and practices as Business Triage™, InstaDecision™, Economus Paradus, and Epidemic Enthusiasm™.

Dr. Ramirez is a graduate of the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine, with a degree in Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. In addition to a research doctorate in Human Clinical Nutrition, he is completing a second doctorate in Disaster Medicine Studies. He is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine by American Association of Physician Specialists Board of Emergency Medicine; Board Certified in Disaster Medicine by the American Board of Disaster Medicine; Board Certified in Family Practice, Sports Medicine and Geriatric Medicine by the American Board of Osteopathic Family Practitioners; Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition by the American Board of Nutrition; Board Certified in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine by the American Board of Osteopathic Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and a Certified Medical Review Officer.

Dr. Ramirez is an internationally recognized professional speaker and member of both the National Speakers Association (NSA) and the International Federation for Professional Speakers (IFFP). He has published numerous articles in professional and scientific journals as well as maintaining a newsstand circulation of 755,000 readers per month. Dr. Ramirez has been has been cited in over 24 medical textbooks, authored chapters in three business books and his own book You Can Survive Anything, Anywhere, Every Time will reach bookstore shelves in early 2008.

Clients say:

"...an amusement park ride that ends with both knowledge that 'sticks' and a new appreciation for the topic and enjoyable ways it can be presented."
-- Kevin Parsons, President, NCBS

"Dr. Ramirez is truly a 'renaissance man,' a masterful speaker and teacher, a savvy businessman, a caring father and husband, and a leading physician. I admire him and encourage you to learn from him."
-- Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE


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