Matthew DiSero


Comedy Magic with Matthew DiSero

"Take the Boredom Out of the Boardroom"

Primarily performing for large corporations Matthew DiSero is one of the busiest comedians in the corporate market. As well as touring with the Canadian Armed Forces & USO morale boosting shows to Cypress, Bosnia, the United Arab Emirates and the North Pole, Matthew performs on television and radio shows in Canada & in the U.S.A.

Matthew’s Comedy Magic is a big, visual & funny performance where the audience not only gets involved, they BECOME the show !

Everywhere from Trump's Marina Casino in Atlantic City to high end corporate events in Tokyo, talent buyers the world over regularly hire Matthew because he is consistently funny, entertaining and on target with their audiences.

Matthew was a featured comedian at Ohio's first annual "Great Lakes Comedy Festival" with Bobby Collins and Victoria Jackson, star of Saturday Night Live. He is a regular on the television show "Comedy at Club 54" and can be seen performing at exclusive resorts across Canada.

What people say about Matthew DiSero

"You had our group of CSR's in Halifax rolling on the totally nailed the show !.. And you helped them remember some very important information about our new digital channels... beats the heck out of another boring Power Point Presentation!."
# Global Television

“I was concerned about having a comedian at our conference, but by the end of the night Matthew’s show had everyone laughing and the best part was that I looked like a hero for finding such amazing talent”.
# Telus Mobility

"Matthew's corporate sensibilities are highlighted by his ability to meet each and everyone in the room on their own level. This guy has a keen intuitive sense for what makes people laugh. He reads them, understands them, and has them holding their sides as the muscles in their cheeks begin to ache... I'm still laughing !."
# Cabling Infrastructure Management

“ Absolutely terrific ! . You helped create one of the best conferences I’ve attended in years ! I can’t thank - you enough for such an exciting evening. “
# Neilson Canada

"Matthew has a great sense of humor and a quick wit that had our guests doubled over in their seats. A highlight of our evening was having our vice president on stage for some good hearted fun!"
# Daisytek International

Performances for:

- Karisma Resorts – Mexican Riviera
-Feature Decumentary - Business News Network
-Opening Act - Nylons Tour
-Ohio’s Great Lakes Comedy Festival
-Regina Comedy Festival
-Gretzky Heart and Stroke Foundation
-Bell Canadian Open, Glenn Abbey
-Curtis Joseph Golf classic
-Comdex, Las Vegas
- Seoul South Korea – Kumdori Theater – 3 weeks
-Global Television Digital Channel Launch – Canada Tour
- Armed Forces tours to Bosina, The North Pole, United Arab Emirates, and Cypress
-Casinos Windsor, Ottawa, Montreal, Niagara, Sarnia, Regina, & Trumps’s Marnia Casino – Atlantic City
- Bay Mills resort and casino - Michigan
- Island Casino – MI
- Trumps Marina Casino – Atlantic City


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