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Matt Warren has been to the mountain and back in his own health journey. After being forced out of Ohio State Buckeyes football due to a painful neck injury, he found himself 50 pounds overweight, taking 5 ibuprofen each day for his neck pain, suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, and having serious digestive problems. His gifts of passion and creativity, which couldn't be used in athletics anymore, were then turned towards healing his body After getting his degree in nutrition, becoming certified as a fitness trainer, and traveling the world to learn behavior change, Matt is 50 pounds lighter, painfree, and full of energy. His personal experience has given him the knowledge and drive to inspire and uniquely educate groups toward total health. He not only provides essential, impactful systems for health, he touches the heart with laughter, group participation, and hands on learning as well.

Integrating Total Health
Into Your World

Trinity Philosophy

A lean, energetic, pain-free body will allow us to achieve, produce, and create at a greater capacity in both our personal and professional lives.

Conveniently, Matt Warren separates health into 3 components: Mindset, Nutrition, and Fitness - and has created success systems for each component. When we learn and simultaneously integrate the principles of ideal mindset, nutrition, and fitness - we not only reach vibrant health - we own it for good!


      Having a mindset that guides us to the health and body we desire is the first step in lasting health.
      Do you know anyone who has temporarily dieted or purchased fitness equipment that now collects dust? Why do we do this - Our mindset wasn't prepared to take us to the goal and keep us there. We must have; 1) a clear vision of what we want, 2) a purpose that will inspire us, 3) the proper knowledge and resources, 4) an action plan, and 5) a way to ensure consistency. We also must identify and replace patterns, habits, and beliefs which don't serve our health with those that do serve our health. When our brain is on our team, vibrant health becomes inescapable!


      Eating to burn fat. Eating to think more sharply. Eating for disease prevention. Eating for beauty. Eating for energy.
      Matt is an expert in cutting edge nutrition truths which will allow you to experience any or every of the above desired traits. For the groups that don't just want to hear or read what to eat, you can experience it right on the spot with group food preps. "This is so delicious." and "I can eat this to get healthy? No problem!" are the common phrases happily cheered by workshop attendees. Matt sees food as "INFORMATION to our bodies", and he'll share the best information in a crisp and delicious fashion, allowing you to input the "information" that will give you the health you want.


      To be alive is to move. True fitness is developing a consistent balance of strength, endurance, and flexibility.
      Matt makes balanced fitness doable, exciting, and rewarding - especially for those of us who are short on time and have a life outside of the gym. In fact, Matt teaches a system that can be done from your own home or office very inexpensively, in under 45 minutes per day. His philosophy on fitness says "Fitness is something we get to look forward to daily, because it keeps us looking fresh, thinking sharply, and creates and maintains a toned body of symmetry - all of the above allow us to be our best in each of our daily activities. It gives us the fuel to produce more and to laugh harder."

Matt provides keynotes, lunch workshops, and on-going health integration programs.




    "From an H.R. aspect, it has been great to see so many associates increase their energy levels and getting into shape it has really had a domino effect within our organization. Music, laughter, group participation none of which I expected from a health workshop, were finely mixed into a life-transforming experience. I would recommend your program to any organization or individual who is interested in learning the best techniques for total health."
    Maribeth Mace, Director of HR, WD Partners Architects

    "Obviously your initial 1 hour workshop was not enough - your information and especially your delivery were so effective we had to bring you back for an ongoing in-house program. We're seeing such great results as a staff - people are losing weight, feeling better about themselves, and energy levels are higher. Your programs are straightforward and practical, yet the information is fresh and exciting - and the food we prepared was delicious! Needless to say, you get rave reviews from SZD."
    Denise Hanson, Director of Administration, Schottenstein, Zox, and Dunn Law Firm

    "Thank you for coming to Atlanta and delivering! Your cutting edge health programs are still a part of our everyday lives today. You knew when to weave a caring and soft tone, and when to lead with a firm and motivating tone. The hands-on fitness instruction totally re-vamped our perception of working out, which has led ALL of us to tighter, more toned bodies. I've been around the world to hear the best of the best motivators and speakers congrats on being right up top with the elite."
    Tanya Thomas, President, Premier Coaching Group of Georgia


    "Inspired, hopeful, and invigorated! This is what I feel, long after your workshop. It is wonderful to experience the certainty that I can get healthy by eating lean and clean and that it is not difficult, but a decision with many tasty options and instant benefits (which I'm now experiencing!). I've also been working out more efficiently, consistently and effectively ever since that day 6 months ago. Thank you for doing what you do."
    Fredericia Poorman, JD, CEO and President, Tri-Wealth Inc

    "I did not get into your program for the sole purpose to lose a ton of weight quickly -- I took the approach that this is a long term commitment that would net a long term reward. But, in just over one month I have lost 20 pounds!!! I am not starving myself, I am not working out for hours every day, I am just following the system and I feel great. I owe all of that to you and your Trinity Health Program. I'm certain in my long-term health success because you've instilled in me the understanding and commitment to help me get there."
    Matt Nahodil, Systems Manager, Anthem Life


    "I come across many so-called health "experts" during my lectures around the world. You, Matt, are one of my favorite people, because your life story of going from "health rags" to "health riches" inspires me. You are a living picture of health who I've seen conduct some of the finest, most impactful health workshops I've ever seen you give your audience ALL of you and more."
    David Wolfe, Author "Sunfood Success System", "Eating for Beauty"

    "As a health and fitness professional I thought I had a solid knowledge of fitness/nutrition principles and practices. You opened my eyes to some of the most simple, yet powerful, healthy living practices I had ever run into in my 13 years as a fulltime Personal Fitness Trainer. You were instrumental in helping me gain control over my own body-fat levels by introducing me to effective systems for healthier thinking, eating, and working out. I would tell anyone who has the chance to spend some time with you "DO IT!"
    Greg Mack, Chairman, IDEA International Personal Training Committee President, Physicians Fitness

Partial Clients Include:

COSI Columbus
Balletmet Columbus
Highlights for Children
WD Partners
Schottenstein, Zox, and Dunn
Vorys, Sater, Seymour, and Pease
Anthem Life
New Albany Country Club
BMI Federal Credit Union
Owens Corning
Grange Life Insurance
Spa at River Ridge
Eaton Corp
Premier Coaching Group of GA
Ohio State Buckeyes Football
Ohio State Buckeyes Basketball

Matt Facts

  • Deans List Nutrition Graduate of The Ohio State University
  • NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Graduate of Anthony Robbins' Mastery University (life-enhancement, behavior change)
  • Author of the Trinity Health Program



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