Dr. Marvin Marshall


Dr. Marvin Marshall is the international expert on promoting responsibility and learning. His "Discipline without Stress® - How to Handle Every Discipline Problem" is used around the world. He has presented in 43 of the United States and in 14 countries on five continents. His monthly newsletter has over 14,000 subscribers.


His approach is the only system that is proactive (Covey's 1st habit), totally noncoercive, yet not permissive (William Glasser) and does not use external manipulatives (W. Edwards Deming). He INDUCES students to WANT to act responsibly and WANT to put forth effort to learn.

A prime reason that the approach is the fastest growing discipline and learning system in the country and is taught in so many universities is that it teaches students to understand differences between internal and external motivation. A second reason is that the focus is on promoting responsibility; obedience then follows as a natural by-product. A third reason is that the system separates the deed from the doer, the act from the actor, a good kid from irresponsible behavior, thereby eliminating the natural tendency for a student to self-defend.

People who use his approach find it life-changing.

Those who have heard Dr. Marshall have said:

"Your excellent presentation, so eloquently delivered, added to our school leaders' arsenals for helping teachers look freshly upon a major issue."
Patricia A. Romandetto, Superintendent - Community District 3
City of New York Board of Education

"Since we have employed your system our students not only exhibit an immense turnaround in how they act in school, they also work with others at their respective peer level to create a positive learning environment."
Clair R. Garrick, Superintendent
Elgin School District, Elgin, OR

"This is the best year I have had in the 25 years of being a principal. Behavior has not been a problem this year. Our students are learning to solve their problems in a positive way. We find that with the proper instruction, students can monitor their own behavior and make responsible choices without the use of punishment and rewards."
Phelps Wilkins, Principal
Eisenhower Elementary School, Mesa, AZ

"You laid the foundation for the best year by far ever since the demographic shift of the 80's. We followed up with some soul searching discussions and came away from our charge with unity of how discipline should be handled."
Raymond Hill, Principal
Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Indio, CA

"For the first time in many years, we had advice we could walk back into the classroom and actually use the next day. We now realize the importance of using discipline as a learning tool rather than as a punitive measure, and that true change in behavior comes from within."
Gretchen J. Fleming, Ph.D., Principal
Pattonville High School, Maryland Heights, MO

"You have integrated all the 'best practices' into one comprehensive reform model."
Elaine Haglund, Professor, Educational Psychology, Administration, and Counseling - California State University, Long Beach,CA

"From time to time one comes across a program which impacts on the area in which we live. Such is the case with Dr. Marvin Marshall who creates a win/win strategy. I found his ideas relevant to our business where we must deal with improper actions on the part of employees."
Jim Speer, Director, Rotary International
Covina, CA

"Marvin Marshall has created a program that challenges many current assumptions and practices used with today's young people. He clearly and concisely demonstrates how the external approaches of relying on rules, imposing consequences, rewarding students for appropriate behavior, and punishing students to make them obey are all counterproductive."
Harry Wong. Author
"How To Be An Effective Teacher - The First Days of School"

A Sampling of Speaking Topics:
  • Discipline without Stress, Punishments, or Rewards
  • Simple Strategies for Dealing with Difficult Students
  • Character Development through Intrinsic Motivation
  • Three Practices for Less Stress and Greater Results


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