Marty Brounstein

Marty Brounstein Marty Brounstein is the Principal of The Practical Solutions Group, a training and consulting firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Practical solutions is the emphasis Marty and his firm provide for clients in the areas of management and organizational effectiveness. Since 1991, Marty has served a variety of organizations from hi-tech to government, for-profit to nonprofit. He has a B.A. in Education and History and an M.S. in Industrial Relations plus over 20 years of experience in management and training roles, including a couple of years as a human resources executive.

Marty specializes in client service. He works as a partner to deliver effective programs and solutions to meet client needs. His consulting and seminar work has addressed such issues as the following:

o Interpersonal communications
o Customer service
o Career development
o Employee retention
o Change management
o Leadership development
o Performance management
o Coaching and mentoring
o Team development

Marty's consulting work includes frequent one-on-one coaching with managers and executives, helping them develop the skills to be effective leaders and team builders. In addition, Marty has worked with clients to develop their groups to become productive and cohesive teams. His organizational development work has also included providing guidance and direction to businesses in the implementation of strategies aimed at increasing organizational effectiveness and employee retention-- including results-based performance review systems.

Marty has written five management books:

* Effective Recruiting Strategies: A Marketing Approach
* Handling The Difficult Employee: Solving Performance Problems
* Coaching and Mentoring For Dummies
* Communicating Effectively For Dummies
* Managing Teams For Dummies

Over the past year, Marty has also served as an adjunct faculty member in the Executive MBA Program for Saint Mary's College in Moraga, California.



"Marty is a total content expert. He has very good presence, in terms of knowing his audience and remembering elements about them. He keeps the audience involved and is in tune with their needs and strengths."
--Farhat Ali, COO, Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation

"Marty helped our management team learn common ways of communicating, using the same techniques and helped our managers develop confidence in their skills. He provided our new managers the tools for managing well, and also created a common vocabulary to manage in the same way. We have seen very positive results from his sessions."
--Farhat Ali, COO, Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation

"All managers think their situations are unique and therefore particularly challenging. Marty's depth of experience with organizations of all types and sizes helps you realize that the principals of management are universal, regardless of your field of business. Like a great doctor, he can make a diagnosis with just a short symptomatic description and then knowingly provides you all the tools to chart the course to wellness."
--Nicki Dugan, Senior Director of Corporate Communications. Yahoo!, Inc.

"Marty approaches his clients with a mix of empathy, humor and pragmatism. In his workshops, he consistently engages every participant through collaborative exercises and role playing and turns even the skeptics into believers. "

--Nicki Dugan, Senior Director of Corporate Communications, Yahoo!, Inc.

"I am a corporate trainer and conduct management workshops. I recently picked up "Communicating Effectively for Dummies" and found it is the best book on communication that I have ever read. I just finished a 3 day management workshop and highly recommended this book. I like how it is so practical, easy to understand, and gives step by step instructions. I appreciate Marty Brounstein's wisdom and insight."
--Del Gilbert, Director, Education and Training,
St. Joseph Healthcare, Nashua, NH

"I think Marty Brounstein's book is one of the very best "Dummies" books out there. It is also the first book on effective communication I have read that lays out a strategy in easy to follow terms. I especially hate all the nebulous leadership stuff that many "Gurus" put out -- I found Brounstein's book very down to earth and practical."
-- Jagadeesh Venugopal, Senior Project Manager, Boston-based web consulting firm

"Marty's presentation style is energetic, dynamic and interactive. He uses humor and energy to keep participants engaged. He is also an excellent facilitator and does a great job tying the group process together with the content of the presentation. He gives people practical tools they can apply immediately to their organizations."
--Tamra Aguinaldo, Director, Professional Development, NCHRA
(Northern California Human Resources Association)

"Marty has the ability to take complex issues and communicate them in a clear, simple, and practical manner."
- Gerry Meany, Personnel Director, City of Fremont


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