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• Gain a Fresh Perspective,
• Generate New Ideas,
• Sharpen the Focus, and
• Create More Business

Mark Sincevich is the chief perspective officer of his company, Leading with Focus. He works with organizations to develop leaders with more focus and creativity. Mark does this through a unique photography angle in his speaking programs and writing. As a result of Mark’s programs, his customers gain a fresh perspective, generate new ideas, sharpen the focus and create more business.

Leading with Focus begins with great personal leadership. There are three key components or legs like a solid tripod that support Leading with Focus. The first leg is creativity, the second is powerful communication and the third, or stabilizing leg, is life balance. And all great tripods have a hook underneath the center column. This is typically for a camera bag or a heavy weight, so the tripod doesn't get blown over by a strong wind. Mark calls this weight a Perspective Pad.

An organization or leader needs to have an idea, has to communicate it effectively and needs a balanced life to see the idea implemented and to enjoy the process. And when you keep a Perspective Pad, you will further realize what your accomplishments mean to you and your organization. Leading with Focus is also a self-perpetuating cycle. The more space that is given to the life balance leg, the greater the opportunity for creativity to emerge. This allows the cycle to repeat itself and also strengthens your leadership potential!

Mark usually has his Perspective Pad and a camera with him wherever he goes, and he loves to speak about his experiences. This led him to develop the Staash Perspective System (SPS). The SPS takes its inspiration from photography and teaches that simplicity leads to more powerful communication and leadership. Powerful communication is the second leg of the Leading with Focus tripod. Mark is also an active member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), the founder of Staash Press, the Executive Director of the Digital Photography Institute and a member of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP).

Mark travels widely around the world and is comfortable working with people and organizations from various cultures. He is also the author of three books, including The Leadership Lens, is frequently quoted in the media and his photography and articles have been published all over the United States. In between assignments, Mark can be found spending time with his family in the Washington, DC area or writing in cafés with character.



• The Art of Seeing
learn how to generate new ideas for yourself and your organization

How do you add more value to your organization? Some of the best ways are through new ideas. Everything you see around you once started as an idea, but how can you come up with new ideas if you aren’t seeing or practicing creativity? Creativity is the first leg of the Leading with Focus tripod. The Art of Seeing program blends photography metaphors with the creative and innovative behaviors utilized by top organizations. In this extremely interesting program you will learn the connection between ideas and organizational survival. You will also understand that the more you simplify a photograph or an idea, the more power you bring to it. What if you took this concept of simplicity and applied it to your organization? The results of having simple ideas could transform your organization through new directions, procedures and products! At the end of the program you will learn how to become more creative and to see the world from a different perspective.

• The Perspective Pad
simple journal planning techniques to create powerful & lasting change

Do you have a hard time maintaining your focus? Do you have great ideas but fail to act on them? Are you searching for a deeper meaning for your organization and your life? The Perspective Pad program is the hook under the center column of the Leading with Focus tripod. All great tripods have a hook underneath the center column for a camera bag or a heavy weight, so the tripod doesn't get blown over by a strong wind. Also, this weight helps further stabilize the tripod. Come learn simple and extremely powerful planning techniques that can create lasting change for yourself and your organization. Give new life to your goals and your dreams by effectively writing them down. In this challenging program, participants will learn various types of journaling techniques as well as be exposed to the Perspective Pad system in order to get more done. You will leave with increased insight and awareness as to what is really important!


• Perspective is Everything
the quest for work life balance

Are you being the most effective in your leadership or executive role? Do you want more time to exercise and to eat healthy, to build relationships and to understand your work and your life better? In the quest for work life balance, you will learn about getting and then maintaining a proper perspective. Photographers have a tool called a perspective control lens to achieve a balanced photograph. Having a balanced life is critical to seeing your ideas implemented and for enjoying the process. The Perspective is Everything program is the third and stabilizing leg of the Leading with Focus tripod. When your life has stability, you can achieve more in the form of new ideas and effective communication. You will also understand the connection between your leadership potential and the life balance journey. In this program, you will learn how to focus your energy into the three key areas of a balanced life, find constructive ways to reduce stress, and begin achieving work/life balance right away!


• Leading with Focus
connecting your time and energy to the things that matter

As a leader, executive or manager, are you being stretched in too many different directions? How do you know where to invest your time and energy on the things that matter the most? Today's managers, senior executives and leaders are showing up burned out, are too tired to come up with new ideas, and are not able to communicate effectively. To be an effective leader, you must be exercising great personal leadership. You will learn the three key components, or legs like a solid tripod, which support Leading with Focus. They are creativity, powerful communication and life balance. All of these legs help you to perform at your very best. Plus all great tripods have a hook underneath the center column. You will also discover the importance of this hook or Perspective Pad. When you lead with focus, you will accomplish more of the right things and have a much more effective platform or tripod to lead yourself and your organization!

• Powerful Communications
achieving resonance through solid content and effective delivery

Do you know how to effectively communicate a great idea or new initiative to your peers, employees or customers? Are you at the top of your organization and still have a challenge being understood or achieving resonance? Resonance means connecting with as many people in your audience as possible in order to achieve the changes you want. This could mean getting your project approved or having a greater chance of getting the sale. Powerful Communications is the second leg of the Leading with Focus tripod. In this insightful program, you will learn about the Staash Perspective System and key photography principles. Learn how to apply these principles to create powerful messages and memorable stories. Become inspired to create a culture of communications excellence by understanding the importance of solid content, effective delivery, practicing Q&A and communications logistics. You will leave the program with specific strategies on how to eliminate unwanted and embarrassing habits in order to increase your communication power.

Speaking Program Testimonials:

"You are a magnetic speaker, and have a wonderful presence with a group."
Mark LeBlanc, President, National Speakers Association

“Good review of the components of leadership. You reminded me that it's important to establish a company vision. Good overall program, well paced and structured. Very motivating. Thanks."
Tom Buckley, President, Data Driven Decisions, LLC

"Your mastery in blending your creative photographs and unique accomplishments as a professional photographer, your travel experiences throughout the world and your insights into the critical behaviors associated with leadership success and maintaining a work/life balance, made for a very educational, interesting and entertaining event.
Following your presentations I heard several participants mention how much they enjoyed your seminar. They totally concurred with the need for leadership to demonstrate passion in the workplace, support risk taking, treat people with respect and for the importance of self-reflection. The participants also spoke about their desire to refocus their own lives, in order to create a better balance between their work and their personal lives."

Garry Monjo
Chair, South Carolina State Government Improvement Network

Clients - Partial list:

Mark has spoken for people from these groups and many more:

· ALS Association
· American University
· Arthritis Foundation
· AT&T Federal Systems
· Bank of America
· Barnes & Noble Books
· Best Buy Corporation
·, Inc.
· Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH)
· Border's Bookstore
· Brookings Institution
· Bureau of Reclamation - Dept. of Interior
· Canyon Ranch & Spa
· City Scape Books
· Child Welfare League of America (CWLA)
· Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB)
· Cure Alzheimers Fund
· DC Society of Young Professionals
· Deutsche Bank
· DLT Solutions, Inc.
· Doubletree Hotel
· Dyncorp International
· Eagle Bank
· EBW Group, Inc.
· Fannie Mae Foundation
· FC Business Systems
· Fidelity Investments
· First Class, Inc.
· FOX Architects
· Franke Architects
· General Dynamics
· General Mills
· George Mason University
· Geppetto Catering
· Golden Door Spa
· Greater Washington Initiative
· Hewlett Packard
· Hickok Cole Architects
· Honda Motor Corporation - North America
· Iceland Air


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