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His Vision - To deliver world-class planning and implementation strategies to maximize client development, employee teamwork, and profits.

In his book, "Why Leave $100,000 on the Table?", Mark Bonkiewicz dispels the myth of the "natural born sales rep" and provides tangible evidence that any business would thrive if the members on the sales team operated at the Consultant level.

Mark Bonkiewicz specializes in strategic planning, customized client development coaching, executive coaching, and keynote speaking.

Mark Bonkiewicz has earned the business of over 110 companies nationwide spanning 25 different industries.

Put the experience and expertise of Mark to work for your company!

Programs provided by Mark Bonkiewicz

A Vision Statement and Strategic Plan of Action and Department Goals are vital tools for successful companies. A proven strategic planning coach and facilitator who leads you through the chaos of economic and competitive pressures is priceless. Mark Bonkiewicz has earned a reputation as one of America’s premier business coaches for leadership direction and business development enhancement.

Strategic planning work is best accomplished at an off-site setting so that executives can rid their minds of daily responsibilities and concentrate on the establishment of new paradigms or goals. The agenda for our proven strategic planning process consists of many steps:

* Establish objectives for a half-day or full day retreat
* Share key principles from a carefully selected book
* SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats)
* Create measurable goals


This training is based on the critically acclaimed book by Mark Bonkiewicz titled, Why Leave $100,000 on the Table? The principles in this book have been proven effective by hundreds of world-wide sales professionals.

Mark’s book delivers 24 tangible selling tools that can be utilized in any profession or industry. It proves the philosophy that RAINMAKERS ARE NOT BORN – THEY ARE DEVELOPED!

Our client development coaching converts theory into practicality and tangibility in your profession, industry, and “real world circumstances.” Our customization provides honed techniques and tools that your professionals or sales force can use immediately to generate more revenues and profits for your firm.


* Analysis of your firm and individual strengths & areas for improvement
* Outline of the discipline & habits you want your sales team to acquire & utilize
* Professional Needs Analysis technique based on industry-specific questions
* Acquisition of a COMMITMENT before crunching a time-consuming proposal
* Feature- and benefit-based demonstrations using your services or products
* Defining a demonstration book which contains your highest profit items
* Overcoming Objections and customized Closing Skills
* Variable-length training sessions and schedule
* Videotaped and professionally judged sales presentations of each participant


Productivity improvement (PI) for any company must have support beams for its structure:

* Customer Focus
* Key Measurements
* Decisions Based on Fact
* Employee Involvement
* Company Leadership

Senior Leadership must role-model the daily implementation of PI. All employees must receive thorough training to understand how PI principles will be used in their daily work regardless of their job description.


Frequently it is “lonely at the top” of any organization, whether it be for- or not-for-profit. Typically, a large percentage of working hours of Senior Team Leaders of the company must be devoted to actual operations or customer service to generate sales revenue and cash flow to make payroll or pay bills. Time for forward thinking is miniscule, or the people with whom new ideas can be discussed are buried in their work.

Dynamic Consulting provides a wide variety of executive coaching services:

* Retreat environment located in the center of the Omaha metro area
* Intent listening skills to sort out your thoughts logically
* Ability to make you answer the “tough questions”
* Use of unique, “outside-the-box” thinking
* Delivery of counsel and encouragement
* Ability to create realistic time parameters for new projects
* Discussions with only your president or all members of Senior Leadership Team


Business relationships sometimes sour over time. Business relationships are built around
people—human beings who change over time. Dynamic Consulting delivers championship
conflict resolution facilitation.

As individuals who have been on “both sides of the table”, Mark and Paula Bonkiewicz have the skills to resolve conflict problems that may have existed for years within your organization. A wide variety of techniques are utilized depending on the size, scope, and severity of your problem:

* Interviewing all parties individually to gain their perspective
* Recognition that different people have different perspectives
* Perspectives change over time
* Personality profiling (optional tool)
* Create an Agenda for the “Talk-It-Out” session
* Facilitator/Referee of the “Talk-It-Out” session
* Constant focus to resolve the conflict with a win/win solution for all parties


Twenty-eight years of work in business development, executive matters, continuous improvement, and efficiency improvement for Fortune 500 firms and several medium-sized firms provided Mark Bonkiewicz with a solid base of proven skills. Mark and his wife, Paula, established Dynamic Consulting in December 1999.

Over the past seven years, Mark has grown to become one of America’s leading coaches in four different areas of business:

1.Strategic Plan Coaching
2.Vision Coaching
3.Executive Coaching
4.Customized Client Development Coaching

Our client base has grown to over 115 companies and 5 non-profits in our first 7 years of operations. Many of these firms have annual revenues in the $5 to $300 million range. We have earned business in 25 industries. Most of our clients have engaged our services multiple times, including one firm that has utilized our services on over 15 different contracted projects. Demand for Dynamic Consulting executive coaching grows annually.

Mark is an enthusiastic advocate of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and the Nebraska Edgerton Quality Award and utilizes its principles in his strategic planning coaching process. The same quality principles are also cornerstones of his book Why Leave $100,000 on the Table?

Other milestones in Mark’s career include:

* Nebraska Edgerton Quality Award Examiner & Team Leader
* Published productivity improvement articles in national ASQ (American Society for Quality) magazines and FMI (Fails Management Institute) national magazines
*Guest speaker at the FMI (Fails Management Institute) annual national TQM seminar in Tampa, FL.
* Vice President of Marketing & CIP for Ayars & Ayars, Inc.
* Director of Marketing/TQM Coordinator, Eliason & Knuth Companies, Inc.


“Our team received an abundance of tangible sales tools to separate ourselves from competition. The VCR tapes & judging had a tremendous impact on all of us.”
Mike Gawley, President, Hutcheson Engineering

“The increase in confidence from your book and sales training are priceless in my career. I continually add to my Demo Book, which is my most utilized sales tool.”
Jana Friis, Business Development Manager

“In the month since the conclusion of training we have experienced one of the highest booking periods in company history. Feedback from the participants has been overwhelmingly positive. The fact that we are a repeat customer should provide you with the indication of our feelings towards the services you provide. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone desiring to build a new or improve an existing sales team.”
Charles D. Kopocis, Control Services Inc. Vice President

“After 17 years on the Million Dollar Round Table, I was ready to take myself to the next level. You have helped me define my presentation so well that prospects are asking me for a copy! Your guidance & direction has added a dimension to my business that I never knew existed.”
Larry Freie, President, The Exodus Group

These people aren’t leaving $100,000 on the table!

A select list of Mark's Clients

Children's Square Council Bluffs, IA
Christensen Lumber Co. Fremont, NE
Commonwealth Electric Company Lincoln, NE
Concrete Designs Seward, NE
Connor Fine Painting Indianapolis, IN
Hutcheson Engineering Omaha, NE
Institute for Priestly Formation Omaha, NE
Interstates Engineering Sioux Center, IA
Intouch Communications Omaha, NE
ITEX Barter America Omaha, NE
JB Electric Omaha, NE

Marks Clare Richards (Law Firm) Omaha, NE
McLaughlin Painting Salinas, CA
Menard Painting Manchester, NH
Mid Am Computer Blair, NE
Midwest Paving, Inc. Omaha, NE
Moran Telecom Omaha, NE
Tempest Company Omaha, NE
TH Contracting Omaha, NE
The Brush's End Danbury, CT
Tool House Lincoln, NE
Underwood Construction Company, Inc. Seward, NE
WashCo, LLC Omaha, NE
West Back & Neck Center Atlanta, GA
Worldbridge Partners Omaha, NE


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