Marcy Ellen Perlmutter

Mind-Body Strategies To Inspire Healing & Wellness
and Empower A New Vision For Life


Marcy Perlmutter is a speaker, trainer, facilitator and coach who empowers her audiences by providing behavioral strategies for self-discovery. Her goal is to motivate participants to realize their full potential for health and healing. Marcy inspires adult learning by integrating cognitive-behavioral skills and techniques with motivational concepts, affirmations and quotes.

Marcy provides creative solutions to client needs by delivering a wealth of knowledge based on cutting-edge research in her inspiring interactive seminar programs. Marcy specializes in developing customized course manuals for each educational seminar and coaching program she delivers to Fortune 500 corporations, healthcare organizations and professional associations.

Educational Seminars

  • Time Out! For Anger Management
  • The Stress Detective "Stress Arrest" System
  • Why Not Me? How To Accept Illness & Develop Strength
  • Rejuvenation Techniques For Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Breaking Up Is Easy To Do: Let Go & Love Again
  • Moving Beyond Mourning: Healing From Loss
  • Time Management: How To Capture Your Time Thief
  • Goal Setting: Recreate Your Life & Live Your Dreams

Coaching Programs

  • CanSurvive & Thrive With Cancer: Achieving Life Balance
  • The Love Sage: Relationship Advice With A Spiritual Twist

Selected Client List

  • Johnson & Johnson 
  • Exxon Corporation
  • AT&T Corporation
  • Warner-Lambert Company
  • Hoechst-Celanese Research
  • McNeil Consumer Products
  • UC Mental Health Department
  • UC Mental Health Association
  • UC Department of Social Services
  • Development Center for Business
  • The Kingston Hospital
  • Ellenville Community Hospital
  • DAVA Professional Conference
  • NJ Holistic AIDS Conference

Client Testimonials

    "Marcy's thought-provoking seminars cut to the core of important issues and motivate our colleagues to affect positive changes in their lives." -- Warner-Lambert Company

    "Marcy is an extremely capable instructor as well as researcher. Her background in behavioral science provides her with the critical talent of captivating her audience and making them want to learn the subject at hand." -- Development Center For Business

    "Marcy is an excellent presenter who communicates enthusiasm, sincerity, motivation and she inspires all who are present."  --  Magellan Behavioral Health 

    "You don't just teach the message, you are the message--one of the many sparkling evaluations Marcy received from participants in her dynamic seminars."  --  The Kingston Hospital

Professional Services  and Qualifications

  • Educational Seminars and Training

      Marcy delivers training solutions based on the specific requirements of an organization. As business     owner of Marcy Perlmutter Seminars, she develops training programs with customized workbooks  for each educational seminar she presents. Marcy also provides breakout sessions at conferences.

  • Train-The-Trainer Programs

      Marcy educates corporate trainers or clinicians to deliver Marcy Perlmutter Seminars. As a Customer     Training Manager for a behavioral healthcare subsidiary of Aetna Inc., Marcy offered train-the-trainer programs to a national speakers network of masters and doctoral level clinicians.  

  • Meeting Facilitation

      Marcy presents training programs designed by organizations. As a Program Leader for Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Systems, Marcy delivered "live for life" employee health promotion programs at corporate meetings and events for Fortune 500 customers of Johnson & Johnson.

  • Group Facilitation

      Marcy provides leadership, support and organization for ongoing groups. As Professional Facilitator for the American Cancer Society's women's support group , Marcy creates a supportive atmosphere for women with cancer to share the challenges of dealing with their disease.

    Coaching for Groups or Individuals

      Marcy empowers groups and individuals to accomplish life goals and achieve wellness in mind, body and spirit. As an "Ask the Experts" Coach for an internet dating service,, Marcy offers sage love advice that inspires her clients to develop new insights into dating and relationships.

    Spokesperson Services

      Marcy promotes key products and services of organizations to prospective customers and new staff. As a Product Spokesperson, Marcy represented Heart Rate Inc. at Club Industry Trade Shows and a variety of health-oriented organizations at conventions, trade shows and cable TV shows.

Customized Educational Seminars

    Time Out! For Anger Management 

      Determine major hot spots that trigger your anger cycle. Reveal the mask of anger. Stop powerful emotions with "time out" strategies. Transform anger into a powerful source of energy in your life.

    The Stress Detective "Stress Arrest" System 

      Arrest your stress! Detect how stress affects your health and productivity. Determine your specific stress style: mind, body or mixed. Diminish stress with techniques tailored to your unique style.

    Why Not Me? How To Accept Illness & Develop Strength 

      No matter what the diagnosis, you can heal your life. Explore strategies to empower acceptance of your illness. Integrate life priority goals for managing your challenges. Restore balance and harmony. 

    Rejuvenation Techniques For Mind, Body & Spirit

      Customize a rejuvenation lifestyle program to revitalize your energy. Beware of the signs of delight deficiency. Discover techniques that inspire you to relax and recharge. Achieve balance in your life.

    Breaking Up Is Easy To Do: Let Go & Love Again 

      Recognize the stages of healing from loss. Explore the relationship review to learn key lessons. Release unproductive emotions. Free your heart with forgiveness. Create a new vision for your life.

    Moving Beyond Mourning: Healing From Loss 

      Learn coping strategies for the primary stages and tasks of grieving. Integrate gentle and effective approaches that promote a healthy expression of loss. Regain your sense of balance and serenity.

    Time Management: How To Capture Your Time Thief 

      Discover how left-brain and right-brain types organize and manage time. Reveal each time thief and determine strategies to reclaim your life. Achieve more of your priorities in less of your valuable time.

    Goal Setting: Recreate Your Life & Live Your Dreams 

      Realize your power to manifest dreams. Create a clear vision. Bring S.M.A.R.T. goals into focus. Align your vision and your purpose. Maximize your energy by clearing clutter. Chart each successful step.    



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