Manny Nowak


Visualization Creates Reality

If you can create it in your mind –you can create it in reality

"My responsibility is to share with your Audience how they can create a personal reality based on their goals, desires and dreams. How they can create in reality what they first create in their minds."


Manny Nowak

Manny Nowak Associates is dedicated to providing the entrepreneur with the tools needed to be successful.  From start-ups to third generation businesses, we supply you with that edge that will help you exceed your expectations.  Manny is author of The “Manny” Ways of Customer Service and All People Who Work For Me Are Selling.

Manny Nowak has spent over 25 years in building successful companies in the software, information systems and tradeshow industries. An ex-marine and former top-notch computer programmer. Manny has an extensive background in building the attitudes that create great success, attitudes that take you to the extreme levels of success.

Success means getting the right things done


Time Management
Greater Results Out of the Time You Have

Everyone needs more time, but no one can have more.
It is a fixed quantity.
You get 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no more, no less.
How you use and allocate that time, however, can make a great difference in your life.

Attitude IS A Choice
Get Your Attitude Right and Nothing Can Stop You

Are you a winner?
Are you successful?
Are you happy?
Have you attained total success?
Do you believe you can?

Vision + Attitude + Action = Success

I will ask your audience five simple questions:

  • Do they have a vision for their life/business?
  • Is that vision in writing?
  • Do their people/family know what it is?
  • Do their people/family buy into it, are they aboard?
  • Does that vision excite them and all the people around them, do they walk, talk, breath, live and share it.

Success means doing what most people won’t.

Teaching you how to:

  • Adjust your income to your life style
  • Believe in your dreams
  • Stop Accepting and start questioning
  • Take action and stop Complaining, stop whining
  • Lead rather than follow
  • Make decisions, stop putting things off
  • At the forks in life, take the tough road, the higher road

See What People Are Saying About Manny Nowak!

"Manny's engaging personality has helped to make our seminars a success.  He injects humor into his presentations to keep his topics fresh and interesting.  His energy is definitely contagious!"
Gail Marino
Director of Business Development
"Thank you for a great presentation. You kept our interest and gave us a lot to think about. Feel free to use us as a referral."

David Wilson, Pres.
President -South Jersey Water Conditioning Service
Vice President / Program Chairman Bridgeton Rotary Club
"Manny's presentation was very enlightening and I will be working to implement several of the items he outlined."

Todd Hesbacher, Impact Office Products.

"I am the speaker for you"
Manny Nowak


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