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Ms. Watson has over twenty-five years of Quality and Manufacturing management experience in the Aerospace, Automotive, and Consumer Product Industries. She has held positions as Quality Engineering Manager, Product Reliability Manager, Focus Factory Plant Manager, and Training and Development Manager in various Fortune 500 companies.

Ms. Watson has implemented many of the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) techniques and experienced their value first hand. She co-authored a book designed to help others with this process called Implementing World Class Manufacturing A Bridge to Your Manufacturing Survival.

She has conducted over 100 improvement workshops in the WCM tools. These sessions incorporated both classroom training and hands-on work in on-site manufacturing departments. Dramatic results such as 25-40% lead time reductions, up to 90% inventory reductions, and 30-50% productivity increases were not uncommon. Chrysler, General Motors, Lucent Technologies, and Allied Signal employees have attended these sessions.

During these workshops focused on manufacturing improvements, the need for improved leadership, problem solving, communication, and goal setting skills on the part of the participants became apparent. Lack of these skills often resulted in a failure to sustain the improvements gained during the workshops. Ms. Watson has developed numerous programs designed to help the client's workforce overcome these obstacles.


    The following Organizational Development topics are offered as one-hour presentations:

    • The Formula for Success
    • Recognizing Your Leadership Potential
    • Improving Productivity by Increasing Communication

    These topics are offered as workshops (length as noted):

    • An Overview of World Class Manufacturing (2 hours)
    • Developing Your Personal Success Plan (4 hours)
    • Communicating Effectively (4 hours)
    • Leading Change (8 hours)
    • Problem Solving (16 hours)

    These programs are offered as personnel development opportunities consisting of several three-hour sessions distributed over a series of weeks:

    • Developing Effective Leadership Skills (8 weeks and 4 follow-up sessions)
    • The Successful Supervisor (8 weeks and 4 follow-up sessions)
    • Dynamics of Management (8 weeks and 4 follow-up sessions)
    • Providing Dynamite Customer Service (5 weeks and 'I follow-up session)
    • Cycle Time Reduction (tailored to needs of client)
    • Strategic Thinking and Business Planning (24 hours minimum structured to the needs of the client)

    The following programs (utilizing Implementing World Class Manufacturing as the text) may be presented as a one to two hour overview or in on-site workshops of three to five days:

    • 5S (Cleanliness and Organization)
    • Team Building Unleashing the Power of Your Workforce
    • Total Productive Maintenance
    • Manufacturing Cells (One Piece Flow and Empowerment)
    • Setup Reduction
    • Inventory Kanbans

    A one-day overview of all the World Class Manufacturing tools is also available.

Implementing World Class Manufacturing - A Bridge to Your Manufacturing Surivival available for sale call for rates


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