Ludlow Porch


“Superb. . . ” “Hilarious. . . ”
“The South’s premier wit...”
“First class entertainment...”

These are just a few of the superlatives used to describe Ludlow Porch in letters from grateful groups
who have utilized his services. A Southern Renaissance Man, he lays claim to a mixed bag of tricks, including being a magician, juggler, fireman, boxer and Marine. Ludlow was named by Sports Illustrated as one of the world’s top five trivia experts.
A radio talk show host since 1970, Ludlow’s particular brand of zaniness and his ability to really “draw out” the more than 200 celebrities he has interviewed has endeared him to a widespread audience.
This genial jester is in constant demand as a humorous speaker for just about every conceivable type of function. According to one delighted program director, “Ludlow Porch is a meeting planner’s dream.”

Praise for Ludlow:

“Ludlow talks like I wish I could write.”
— Lewis Grizzard
Columnist and Author

“Ludlow was the perfect speaker for our kickoff breakfast. He spoke for 30 minutes and our
members talked about him for two days. You had to be there.”
— Dr. Peter Trager
Kickoff Breakfast Chairman
Georgia Dental Association

“I heard him speak for an hour and laughed for a month. Ludlow is what a humorist is supposed
to be — funny!”
— Ron Hudspeth, Editor
The Hudspeth Report

“Not since Mark Twain has the world known the caliber of humor that comes from the mouth
of Ludlow Porch. Ludlow teaches the world to laugh at itself.”
— Bill Sanders, Executive Director
Georgia Association of Broadcasters

“If asked to name my favorite speaker, I would say Ludlow Porch. Final answer? Yes, only
— Bo Whaley
Columnist and Author


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The Cornbread Chronicles
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There’s Nothing Neat About Seeing Your Feet
Can I Just Do It Till I Need Glasses?
The Fat White Guy’s Cookbook
We’re All In This Alone
You’re Sittin’ On Boomey
Lewis and Me and Skipper Makes Three


Ludlow Porch is a talkradio pioneer. He was a vital part of the first all-talk radio station in the South as a Ringmaster on WRNG Atlanta. He later helped transform legendary AM powerhouse WSB Atlanta from a stagnant music format into a talkradio giant.

The FunSeekers Radio Network kicked off on New Year's Day in 1991. Ludlow was then able to deliver his unique program to a wider, more diverse audience across a select group of radio affiliates who recognized that great talkradio is harder to find these days. Most talk programs feature political opinions that reflect half of the populace, while Ludlow centers in on the feelgood aspects of life in the United States and especially, The South.

Ludlow continues to spread his good cheer to the masses each weekday via great radio stations in the southeastern United States as well as on the world wide web. He frequently entertains conventions and other public gatherings with well prepared speeches that leave folks laughing and relieved to know that good humor is still alive and thriving.

Ludlow was honored as the 2007 Inductee into the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame.

Here’s what meeting planners have to say about Ludlow:

“Your talk at our company-wide sales meeting last week was superb! Your wit and humor delighted everyone and certainly got the meeting off to a good start. You put everyone in such a good mood — they maintained it throughout the day! No small task indeed! You are a professional and fantastic talent! We are looking forward to having you back soon.”
— V.P., Director of Marketing
Southern Educators Life Insurance Company

“They say Ludlow Porch is the South’s answer to Will Rogers. I say, Ludlow Porch is the answer to a meeting planner’s dream! Ludlow, your performance before our group at Hilton Head was superb. I circulated among the audience to check reaction. It was not an uncommon sight to see tears in their eyes from laughing so hard. Rest assured that I will call on you and will recommend you to anybody that wants some first class entertainment.”
— Executive Vice President
Building Materials Merchants’ Association of Georgia, Inc.

“Words cannot express my feelings for your presentation at our convention. You were a delight, and the audience reaction can say more than I could ever put into words. I would be delighted to recommend you at any time to address any group looking for outstanding entertainment and the unusual.”
— Executive Vice President
Electric Supply, Inc.

“Mere words, Ludlow, cannot express the feelings and thank yous we owe you. I have already been told by many that our meeting was, by far, the very best ever, and YOU are directly responsible. The tone and tempo for the entire weekend were set by your keynote address
during our opening session. I have been ‘instructed’ by many to have you again at our very
next meeting. To that end, I will be back in touch. In the interim, again, thank you.”
— Chairman, Georgia District North
Civitan International

“You were wonderful...let me thank you again and formally, for speaking at our May luncheon. As was evident from the crowd’s reaction, everyone thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. The group did receive a real ‘treat’ from the South’s premier wit.”
— Vice President, Programs
Georgia Society of Association Executives




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