Lou Ann Smith

Lou Ann Smith works with individuals and groups who want to sharpen decision making skills, minimize wasted. effort, maximize profit and have fun while doing it all!
"My goal," Lou Ann states, "is to equip clients with powerful, profitable, practical skills they can apply immediately to enhance business and impact the people they serve."
Lou Ann's presentations are dynamic, content rich, humorous and to the point. She is known as a great storyteller with the ability to captivate audiences.
On dozens of radio and television talk shows across the nation Lou Ann Smith is introduced as a Choice Management Expert" because she believes the most important change you can make in your life for a better future is to "become more decisive!" Her book "BE DECISIVE!" won international acclaim in numerous journals including Communication Briefings, a publication of "Financial Times and World Review."
Lou Ann is a professionals member of the National Speakers association and has entertained audiences as far away as the Marshall Islands and Alberta, Canada. She was born and raised in the Allegheney Mountains of Pennsylvania and worked in USDA Washington, D.C.

Program Topics

Be Decisive! Six Secrets for Making Unbeatable Decisions

This session is a humorous and very practical look at the decision making process. Most people want to kill the nasty habit of second-guessing. Most people want to live in balance. Live without regret. Stop getting stuck in the paper product aisle at the super market. Make choices that are profitable and productive. The "feel good" keynote or workshop will get your people laughing and thinking, and will also produce immediate,. positive results.

Here are some topics covered:

  • Learn to act on information quickly and correctly
  • Stop second-guessing yourself forever
  • Live in balance without regrets
  • Use the "Mack Truck Factor" to your advantage in decision-making
  • Why the motto "Eat right, exercise, die anyway" will keep you healthy,
  • What to do when others hate your decisions
  • Make better use of your time every time (or "Time flies but you are the navigator.")
  • How to meet every deadline by changing the ones you should and hitting the ones you must
  • Make more money, have more fun, find more time, experience less stress and love your job. Yes, you can!
  • Where to get permission to do what you know you ought to do
  • How to conquer information overload, massive preoccupation and compassion fatigue all at once

Choosing the Amusing: Learn to Be Lite Because "Lite is Might"

"He deserves paradise who makes his brother laugh." Proverb from the Koran. Medical research now confirms that life is tough. Serious stress-related illness sends one in seven Americans to the hospital and sometimes even the morgue every year. Yet, something as simple as a grin or a chuckle can dilute tense situations and strengthen immune systems. Appropriate humor gains respect for managers, increases productivity and profits in the marketplace, empowers relationships and just plain makes you feel good.

Topics covered in this message:

  • What shall I do with my face?
  • Appropriate humor: To laugh or not to laugh? THAT is the question.
  • How to stop worrying, start smiling and start living
  • How to speak and write with humor when you aren't even funny
  • Five humorous devices you can learn right now complete with hilarious examples we can giggle at
  • A quiz to rate your humorous aptitude
  • Diffusing tense situations with an attitude of gratitude
  • Two clean miracle words to use when someone criticizes you (These are guaranteed to work every time)
  • The end is not near, You must learn to cope. Awe shucks.
  • And, anyway, suppressed laughter spreads out in my hips

Presentation Skills: Your Ticket to the Success Express

Deciding to explore your "up front potential" could be one of your best decisions. Communication is the master key that will unlock doors to self-confidence, better opportunities, excellent job ratings, marketing success and much more,

This fast moving presentation will cover four steps to becoming a great presenter:

  • Be Brief
  • Be Clear
  • Be Positive
  • Be You


It has been said that all the necessary qualities of a dynamic leader, a successful business owner, or a great salesman can be summed up in one word: Decisiveness! CEOs from cutting edge, billion dollar companies concern themselves with two topics: strategy and execution. Those words sum up the process of successful decision making. This session explores how decisive leaders cultivate clear focus and sure action, What is the result? Businesses become magnets for wealth.

Presentation Topics Include:

  • Strategy equals focus. Execution equals action.
  • Decision minus action equals delusion
  • Three questions a leader must ask and answer every day
  • How to delegate successfully for multiple streams of effort
  • Selling outcomes for maximum results
  • Buying precious and priceless commodities: Time, information and credibility
  • Current futurist predictions and how they effect your business and life
  • Managing change by building on great decisions
  • Turning every decision into a profitable one
  • Leaders are. born to reproduce. How to BE a leader and CREATE leaders


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