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Our Lord has used Lorna Lisk in the healing ministry for the past 14 years to extend His healing love to His people. He has been taking her and her husband, Thom, who ministers with her, to many large cities in the USA, Europe, Asia, Latin America and Canada. Through her, God has made the blind see, the deaf hear and the lame walk. He has instantly healed hundreds of people of pain in various parts of their bodies. Hundreds with vision and hearing defects were able to instantly see clearly and hear normally. He has healed people of heart disease, cancer, arthritis, numbness, lumps, diabetes, cataract, bursitis, high blood pressure, allergy, vertigo, insomnia and other diseases. Spiritual and emotional healing of hatred, unforgiveness, pride, fear, addictions, depression, envy, etc. also has taken place.

Lorna has ministered to thousands in the USA, Europe, Asia and Latin and North America, including many diocesan Catholic Charismatic Renewal groups in the cities of London, Dublin, Rome and Belize. She has conducted healing services for parishioners after Masses for Charismatic, Rosary and Cursillo groups.

Lorna is the author of Boost Your Prayer Power. She and her husband give talks on this topic also. She is the founder-president of 10 year old Worldwide United Prayer for Christ, a worldwide prayer network with millions of prayer partners which has been promoted in 50 countries on 6 continents. She was named Catholic Woman of the Year for 2002 in the diocese of Columbus, Ohio. Having been in the Catholic charismatic renewal for the past 21 years, she also is founder-coordinator of several Rosary groups in a few states and is a member of Cursillo.

Having been listed in the World Who’s Who of Women, she has degrees in B.S. Chemical Engineering and M.S. Chemistry. Pope John Paul II gave her his apostolic blessings. Their healing and evangelism ministry and Worldwide United Prayer for Christ are among ministries listed in latest National Catholic Charismatic Renewal Leadership Directory.

Lorna and Thom had been radio religious hosts in the Philippines for six months. Thom is the founder of the diocesan Catholic Men’s Fellowship of Central Ohio and the former Christian Business Management Association in Columbus, Ohio. He leads a Bible Study and is a member of charismatic renewal, Rosary group and Cursillo. He is the owner/CEO of Professional Speakers Bureau International and is a professional speaker (seminar leader) and author of 3 books including “Noble Leadership.” Last year he was recipient of the Norman Vincent Peale Award.

Brief Testimonies


"I took my sister (to Trinity prayer group healing service a month ago) because she is blind for two years. This nice lady, Lorna Lisk, came and healed a lot of people through the power of God. I myself lost my left eye due to diabetes – had 2 surgeries, had implants – still could not see. My left eye opened and can see well now…My sister claims she can see now. She fixed her own supper that night."

– D. Meza, Texas


“I have been deaf in the right ear for over 15 years and I was able to hear when you (Lorna Lisk) prayed with me. It has been more than three years now and I can still hear. This is a miracle. Praise and thanks to God!”

– S. Mayo, Florida


"In 1998, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. A second opinion concurred with the diagnosis of the first oncologist. In about a month, Lorna Lisk conducted a healing service…Six months after first diagnosed with cancer…the first oncologist found no cancer…I will not have surgery anymore. I never had cancer treatment…I attribute the reversal of my colon cancer for almost four years to the power of the Holy Spirit in whom I give honor and glory.”

– Rev. Dr. Z. Jadloc, California and Philippines

More references including letters from her Bishop and Pastor, along with other credentials are available upon request... phone below.


For Healing Services and Talks:

Lorna M. Lisk, MS
Contact Lorna though either the following email but preferably for a quick response at the phone number at the bottom of this page.
e-mail: worldpray@columbus.rr.com

(Free will offering and/or travel expenses only is required)

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