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Butch takes his audiences on the emotional roller coaster ride of their lives, the Olympic journey. 'Riveting' is used to describe Butch's highly entertaining and unique yet very sincere presentation. Because of his presentation style, a heavy message is delivered with a lasting impact. The memory of holding in their hands tangible evidence of the results of the 'Keys to Success', the Olympic Silver Medal, will last a lifetime and provide lasting inspiration. Butch's presentations are well received by audiences of all types. Butch tailors the presentation based on client requirements. Below are some of the themes of past client presentations:

    State of Mind - The Critical Key to Success
    Discover the secrets to the top performer's winning 'State of Mind'. An individual's 'State of Mind' is the most critical ingredient in determining the level of success that he/she will achieve. Yet being able to attain the proper 'State of Mind' is very difficult for most in society. Participants walk away from his speech feeling that the 'Keys to Success' Butch shares will work for them in reaching that 'State of Mind' and are easy to apply. The personal stories used to illustrate each key are appropriate and unforgettable.

    Everyone has Success Within
    There is no magic bullet: 'no single key to success'. Uncover the tightly intertwined keys to success and apply immediately. Little things add up to success.

    Failures & Successes go Hand-in-Hand
    Learn how to overcome failures to ensure future success. Butch's string of failures at the start of his wrestling career offered no indication of his becoming one the most decorated wrestlers in U.S. History and a Hall of Fame member. He has used that successful road to overcome failures in his professional and personal life. He shares his roadmap that also can work for everyone.

    Maintain a High Level of Excellence
    Lloyd 'Butch' Keaser shares his techniques to overcome the most difficult challenge of a champion: 'Staying on Top'.. Butch was considered to be the top wrestler in the United States during his four year international career. The climb to the top was an exhilarating experience. However, once on top he found it was tougher being the one that his competitors viewed their match with him as being their national championship. Everyone raised his game when competing against him. There was no one for Butch to look to at the top as he was that individual. He employed techniques shared by some of his heroes to maintain a high level of excellence at the world class level and his status as 'the one to beat'. Listen as he shares those same techniques that have worked for his professional life as well.

    Teamwork is Critical to Success
    Experience the importance of teamwork in achieving the highest level of success through memorable and heart-felt stories. Butch participated for years in the team sports of soccer, baseball, and basketball. He was drawn to the sport of wrestling because it is recognized as an individual sport. The thought of being solely accountable for his failure or success was exciting to him. Yet as his wrestling career developed it became increasingly apparent that wrestling was a team sport and that teamwork was critical to his success. That realization has enabled him to experience a high level of success in both individual and teamwork activities beyond his wrestling career. He illustrates this by sharing how he would not have not won a gold medal in the World Cup or World Championship without the help of a young boy and his wife, both unlikely teammates.

    Overcoming Fear
    Learn how to be prepared to perform at each rung of the ladder of success. Most people experience fear when they are put into situations or challenges outside their comfort zone. Butch experienced fear throughout his Hall of Fame career. He shares how he worked through those fears to have a gold medal placed around his neck on the medal platform at the world championship and later in his career a Silver Medal at the Olympics.

    How a Gold Medal Turned to Silver
    Butch earned the Olympic Gold medal , only to discover 45 minutes later its color had changed to silver... What painful lessons learned. Butch walked off the mat thinking he was successful in realizing his dream of being an Olympic Gold Medalist. He learned of his misunderstanding as he was walking to the medal platform. There were lessons learned on teamwork, state of mind, changing what was successful in the past, and remaining true to oneself.

    Experience the Life of an Olympian
    Through slides and vivid word pictures, experience what it feels like to be an Olympian on and off the field of competition. Butch describes the path to the Olympics, making the team, the opening ceromonies, standing on the medal platform, and the celebrations and honors rec eived afterwards. Q & A is an option giving the audience an opportunity to pose questions of interest. Many have described that they felt like they were experiencing the Olympic experience. Touching the medal as it is passed through the audience give many a thrill to behold.

Bio - Lloyd 'Butch' Keaser

    A native of Pumphrey, Maryland, Butch has experienced high levels of success in both team and individual activities. Butch had dreams of completing college, becoming a Marine, winning an Olympic medal, and making a contribution to society. Below are some of the highlights of his multi-faceted career.


      Butch was a trivia question on the one of the national TV game shows. He was the first African-American in the history of amateur wrestling to win a gold medal in a World Wrestling Championship


      He began his journey toward fulfilling those dreams when he received an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy where he earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and was commissioned 2nd Lt. USMC. He later completed an MBA at the University of Baltimore where he graduated with honors.

    Military Service:

      While rising to the rank of captain in the Marine Corps, he also earned the Military Skills award at The Basic School for officers. During five years of active duty with the Marine Corps , he served as an instructor and platoon commander at the Officer Candidate School in Quantico, a weapons platoon commander at Camp LeJeune, and an instructor at the U.S. Naval Academy. Following active duty, he commanded a combat engineer platoon in the reserve unit in Baltimore, MD.


      His collegiate career included three Eastern titles and two All-American seasons. He earned the Academy's top awards for athletics and leadership while serving as team captain and company commander in the brigade of midshipman.

      During five years of active duty with the Marine Corps, Butch won three National titles, captured the bronze and silver medals in the legendary Tbilisi tournament in the Soviet Union. He won gold in the World Cup of '73, the World Military Games (CISM) of '74 and the Pan American Games of '75. His crowning achievements were the Freestyle World Championship in 1973, for which he was voted U.S Amateur Wrestling Man of the Year, and an Olympic silver medal in 1976 at Montreal. He was twice a finalist for the Sullivan Award as the top amateur athlete in the U.S. He was the assistant wrestling coach at Navy for two years where he researched and authored the official history of Navy wrestling for the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

      In 1996 Butch had the humbling experience of being inducted into the National Amateur Wrestling Hall of Fame along with two luminaries, Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps, General Charles C. Krulak and U.S. Congressman Dennis Hastert, who became the U.S. Speaker of the House three years later.


      By joining IBM in 1977, Butch changed his uniform color from the Marine Corps green to IBM blue. Still employed at IBM Butch has had the responsibility of providing technical, marketing and implementation support for a broad range of business solutions for cross-industry customers.

      Butch participated in a joint venture project with IBM, City of Baltimore, Baltimore Urban League, and Westinghouse. The Baltimore Urban League Information Processing Training Center (IPTC) was the product of this venture. IPTC's mission was to move disadvantaged clients from dependency on public assistance to being a skilled and employable employee. On loan from IBM, Butch served as an Instructor Manager, project manager, group advisor and co-authored the Word Processing Curriculum.

      Butch was nominated and selected to serve on the IBM I/T Specialist Certification Selection Board. IBM Hundred Percent Clubs, Golden Circle, System Engineer Symposiums, Service Excellence Awards, Branch and Regional, System Engineer of the Year, Leadership, and Teamwork are some of the awards earned by Butch during his IBM career.


      One of the highlights of his career occurred at an early age of 26 when his hometown honored him when the community center was opened bearing his name, 'The Lloyd W. Keaser Community Center'. This building was his former elementary school that had been closed for years. It represented his contributions as an excellent role model and member of the community. Butch currently serves on the Board of Directors of the center.

      Butch continues to fulfill another dream of helping others realize their dreams via Keynotes in the corporate world since 1986. Presenting to schools and sports camps since 1977 has enabled him to impact the youth of our nation as well.



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